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    New Threadripper Build Ordered

    With the Amazon sales going on with TR's and mobo's decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on a TR build I've been holding off now for a while. Newegg has no sales tax but I wanted Amazons more solid customer support and return policies. 1) AMD TR 1950X - $799 2) Zenith Extreme Mobo - $499...
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    Microsoft setups Surface RT blowout sale for schools
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    Quick feedback on Sabretooth X79

    Bought a new setup recently. 3930K 64GB Ram X79 Sabretooth Corsair H80 Corsair 800D case Corsair 850 modular PS (love modular!!!) Wanted to give some quick feedback on this mobo. I have windows 7 installed, but haven't done Overclocking or burn in testing or anything. That will come this...
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    HD Radeon Drivers on Server 2003-64bit?

    Any way to do this? Ive got a spare box that I want to stick a 6950 in and when I had windows 7 on there I had hardware issues. Its sort of a VM server/storage box that I want to use for some distributing computing stuffs. Would the XP64bit drivers work on server 2003-64bit? I could put...
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    Server 2003 time issues

    So, question about windows time service. Server 2003 Active directory. Large number of servers. Both domain controllers have the proper time. For this example lets say 9:00AM. Other servers in the domain (also server 2003) - are all showing 9:06AM which breaks Kerberos among other...
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    i7 overclock experience

    Just wanted to share my i7 overclock experience. (Microcenter $200 i7-920) I used my old h20 system from my qx6700 thats about 2.5 years old but still working good. 120-2 radiator, Fuzion block, if I remember right. 12GB of GSKILL 1600 RAM, Asus GENE II mobo. With about 1.4V, I got the CPU...
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    Dell weekend monitor deals

    I just picked up a : "Dell S2309W 23 inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor" for 173.90 shipped, alot of weekend monitor deals going on. @ directly, sorry
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    Purchase check / review

    About to spend some cheddarz on a new laptop. Looking for some feedback, suggestions, etc. Main requirements are battery life, reliability. Only high horsepower requirements are running excel spreadsheets with maximum rows (64K) crunching numbers from logged data. Maybe an occasional old...
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    Moving Steam from XP32 to Vista 64

    So after a less than pleasant experience with Vista when it first came out, now that SP1 is out and I have 8GB its time to play with Vista 64 again. I have dual boot for now, and my steam installation is on a separate/shared drive apart from the OS drive. It was obviously installed under XP32...
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    TF2 easter egg?

    delete this plz, only on one server, n/m
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    Mapped Network Drive

    So after discovering mapped network drives go away when a user logs off a server, is there a way to create a system-usable mapped drive that can be accessed by automatic agents on the server? Map a drive such as say \\\sharename = drive letter Z then the agent just accesses...
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    Vista file permissions

    So ive been using Vista Ultimate 64 for a month or so now, overall I like it. One of the things I find *hugely* annoying is the way UAC works, the annoyance factor is huge. But I digress. Anyways, the thing I want to ask about is File Permissions...every time I try to rename or move a folder...