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  1. Cold Dark Shadow

    Thoughts/suggestions for new build

    Well its been a minute since Ive been around and if this is in the wrong section, My apologies. First build in a whiiile, havent really kept up on things but lookin to build a mild gaming rig, below is what im thinking and was just curious on thoughts and suggestions before ordering stuff...
  2. Cold Dark Shadow

    Need help with a Samsung GXE1395

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not to post this but ill give it a shot and if it needs to be moved, please do :) Alright i got one of these GXEs and the right speaker is out, failed connection from the opening and closing of the thing. I cant for the life of me find how to get the thing...
  3. Cold Dark Shadow

    Could a Dell Wyse run emulators?

    i picked up a Acer 22" monitor that came with what the guy said was a router well, turned out to be a Wyse thin client (V10LE) from a local auction. Not really sure what to do with it but i was thinking if i upgraded the ram to 1GB (currently has 512mb) and the flash drive to something bigger...
  4. Cold Dark Shadow

    Metro 2033 Free humble store Free til 11/8 10 am PST
  5. Cold Dark Shadow

    Need advice on system crashing

    as of late my comp crashes when i do any kind of gaming (mostly while playing Loadout) complete crash, the annoying loud RRRRRRR and either a black screen or more so a red or an orange screen. Streaming web stuff watching video ect its all good, only happens when gaming and at varying times...
  6. Cold Dark Shadow

    Windows hangs at starting windows screen only boots...

    ... With default vid card drives. Was working fine til the other day when it just shut down and rebooted then hung at the starting up screen. Every once in a while itll boot into windows normally but only for a few minutes then shuts down and reboots. Cleaned the drivers out updated to the...
  7. Cold Dark Shadow

    Defiance, does anyone play?

    I havent played it in a while (since around the drop of the first DLC) just launched it and goin thru updates to check it out again for the hell of it and thought id see if any still plays it?
  8. Cold Dark Shadow

    So was this set up worth 180$

    Picked this up yesterday, traded a ps3 bundle i only had 180 into for it, worth it? XION Supernova 600W Modular Power Supply LIAN LI PC-A70 black DVDRW drive BIOSTAR TA870U3+ AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 B55 BE 3.2GHz Corsair sealed liquid cpu...
  9. Cold Dark Shadow

    black stripe in screen

    can it be fixed
  10. Cold Dark Shadow

    anyone know how to remove hinge cover on a Asus n90sv-a2?

    i need to remove one and dont want to bust anything/
  11. Cold Dark Shadow

    need thoughts on this older PC

    Might be picking this up in a local trade and need some thoughts on it guess value wise and itll be mainly used for a WoW rig. i havent really been into the PC thing for a while now (last i was the nvidia 9800 came out) so any thoughts/input about it would be appreciated gigabyte ga-ep43-ud3l...
  12. Cold Dark Shadow

    need some feedback on a COBY Kyros Internet Tablet MID8125 4 GB

    possibly might pick one up in a trade and just wondering if anyones got any feedback on this tablet the trade aint really gunna be for much (3 silver dollars) but still thought id ask
  13. Cold Dark Shadow

    laptop harddrive, i need a new one, advice needed

    the hdd went out in my laptop and i gotta get a new one so lookin for suggestions looking at 1TB sata, with a good warranty that can take lots of data transfers and running basically 24/7 what are some good performers? what should i check out? if it helps any its goin in to a Toshiba p505-S8980
  14. Cold Dark Shadow

    Need help removing annoying redirect

    some how the other day i got this annoying redirct on my laptop that if i say just type youtube in the address bar it would normally just go to youtube but now its redirecting to a somoto search engine. Ive tried lookin in the add/remove programs and nothings in there and also in firefoxes add...
  15. Cold Dark Shadow

    replacing a busted lcd

    i gotta replace the LCD in my laptop, gravity decided to break it... its a toshiba p505-s8980, i can seem to find a manual or anyhting to help me remove the brezel and whatnot, waitin on the new LCD to arrive but want to atleast figure out how to get it apart before it does
  16. Cold Dark Shadow

    media remote options?

    picked up a laptop finally and would really like to find a remote for it so when i got he hdmi hooked up to my tv i dont always have to get up to change pause, ect when watching like a movie any suggestions?
  17. Cold Dark Shadow

    need suggestions for a new laptop

    ok im startin to look for a new laptop that will be replacing my desktop but need some suggetions. It wont be used much for gaming and needs to be under a grand if i can get away with it. What im lookin for it to have: 17"+ screen 2+GB of ram tv tuner card with remote (or atleast the ability...
  18. Cold Dark Shadow

    embedding wmp script that actually works in firefox?

    tried a fewivefound on google but they just dont seem to work right, anyone have one that does?
  19. Cold Dark Shadow

    issue system linking COD4 x360

    tryin to system link my brothers and mine 360 to play COD4, but cant seem to connect to each other, create a game and he tries to join but nothing shows up in the lobby for games. goin thru a router, same router ive used before with the orig. xbox for system linking with no issues. any help...
  20. Cold Dark Shadow

    is it possable to share my laptop dvdrom over the network to my ps3?

    title pretty much says it, if this is in the wrong spot please move it :) tried right clicking the driver but the "share" buttons greyed out (vista os)
  21. Cold Dark Shadow

    Thinking about buyin this combo...

    Give me a reason not too lol itll be used for gaming w/ a 9800GTX and 4GB RAM (for now) Price doesnt seem to bad either that combo or this one...
  22. Cold Dark Shadow

    Need motherboard suggestions

    UPDATE 12.16.08 ok decided that instead of just a new motherboard, a proc. might not be a bad idea either if a good deal is floating around. If you got just motherboard suggestions ill listen to those too Id like to reuse the RAM and everything AMD/intel doesnt matter anymore wont OC...
  23. Cold Dark Shadow

    What would cause this....

    Update 11.20.08 Update 2: Stucka new corsair PSU in it to see if that was the issue and nothings changed This is 2nd card i got from eVGA for an RMA, this one i got the 17th of this month. the last one (2nd pic) lasted a week maybe Temps are all down 50C or below under load (fan turned...
  24. Cold Dark Shadow MIR times

    Just curious if anyones dealt with Buy.coms MIR stuff. I bought a PSU back in the begining of Aug. and have yet to see the rebate for it, its only 20 bucks but still im curious if ill ever get it back lol
  25. Cold Dark Shadow

    issues already with 9800GTX

    Just got this card in the other day from an RMA, installed it yesterday and within the first id say hour of playing WoW it started to artifact like crazy, didnt think much of it, so i closed it out, restarted the game and all was ok. Now a day later its doing it every hour/couple hours, and if i...
  26. Cold Dark Shadow

    Need Anti-Virus suggestions

    Been running norton 360, subscription just expired and i dont want to go back to it. Suggestions on a good AV?
  27. Cold Dark Shadow

    Lookin for a card to replace my 8800GTX

    Cant seem to have any luck with nVidia so im goin back to ATi i think Lookin for something arounda couple hundred bucks. Any suggestions
  28. Cold Dark Shadow

    Need help with 800GTX locking up

    RMA Update: 11.4.08 Just got my RMA back and they didnt send me a replacement 8800GTX 768mb, i got a 9800GTX 512mb for a replacement. eVGA 8800GTX Tired updating the drivers thru safe mode w/ full unistall and installing the new driver hoping that would cure it but no go. I still get...
  29. Cold Dark Shadow

    WoW freezing up

    When playin WoW my comp freezes up, blue screen of death with a vid card driver error, ive updated, rolled back ect and it still happens like once a day now. It only happens when playing WoW. In the past it was 2-4 a week but lately its daily. Any ideas? The cards a 8800GTX maybe 6 months...
  30. Cold Dark Shadow

    WOTLK collector pre order?

    THAT SHOULD BE A "W" not an "R" Wrath of the Lich King well decided to pre order it but i have a feeling there all spoken for. Anyone know of a place that still takes pre order fro the collectors edition?
  31. Cold Dark Shadow

    Vid card or monitor issue?

    Lines from left to right, pic below (sorry about the size) Werent always there. just noticed them in the screensaverbut have noticed them in game for like the past month id say Monitor is a 2007WFP Vid car 8800GTX
  32. Cold Dark Shadow

    Better deal on a 520HX?

    Benn lookin ofr a good deal on a 520HX at as one for $85 shipped AR, Is that pretty much the best deal on these right now?
  33. Cold Dark Shadow

    Best price on a 520HX?

    My coolerMaster 650 is dieign already well the fan anyways so once i find how to RMA the thing Im just goin to dump it in my second box but i want to replace my main rig with a 520HX I think Whats a good price for one?
  34. Cold Dark Shadow

    Anyway to get the full 4GB of ram out of XP Pro?

    Is there anyway to get above the 3.25GB ram limit with XP pro? I know upgrading to XP64 doesnt ahve that limit but dont want to spend the cash on a new OS and have to do another install so soon. Running 4GB 800 (2x2GB)
  35. Cold Dark Shadow

    inexpensive Widescreen 20:"+ LCD?

    Looking for another LCD for the secodn setup im throwin together and dont want to pay for another 20007WFP. lookin in the 20-24" range Ideas what to look into? Price ranged 150-250ish, rather keep it on the lower end of the budget.
  36. Cold Dark Shadow

    Corsair VX550 for a SFF

    Its like 65 bucks at Need something inexpencive for my SFF (ultra microfly case) arent these modular?
  37. Cold Dark Shadow

    Budget Gaming rig, Thoughts

    Ok heres what im thinking Cooler Master CMStacker case AMD 5000+ BE CPU CM650 Xtreme PSU 8800GTX 36GB Raptor boot 160GB SATA Storage NEC DVDRW 4GB Reaper OCZ 800 RAM GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H AM2 AMD 690G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard (i like the onboard HDMI and i have this board for...
  38. Cold Dark Shadow

    CPU swap question

    Will i need to re-install windows for a CPU swap? I dont remember if you do or not and if theres a way around it if you do.
  39. Cold Dark Shadow

    xp rpo to XP 64 upgrade question

    Running XP pro, if i get XP 64bit to upgrade to will that wipe everything out i have installed or will it just replace XP 32bit and leave everyhting intact? I dont remember lol
  40. Cold Dark Shadow

    It Arrived!!

    Last piece (i think) to the puzzle that is my Ultra Mirco rig: