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    Looking for a good 27" 1080p monitor for mom

    My mom recently tasked me to get her a monitor that is better for her eyes. She works full-time from home as a system administrator for a small company, the monitor she uses puts a strain on her eyes for her 8 hour work days. She wants to upgrade. So I'm looking for suggestion on the monitor...
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    X99 with the least amount of issues?

    I've been through the Gigabyte Gaming G1, and the ASUS X99 deluxe. Now I'm looking for a trouble free X99 board. This most recent Gigabyte board has issues with RAM running over 2400 and having USB 3.0 slots plugged in during booting up to Windows 8.1 it's been giving me a fit. Updated to...
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    Looking for a Z77 with 16x/16x pci-express

    So i'm looking for a motherboard that will run crossfire OR sli with two video cards at 16x each. It would be awesome if its a decent overclocker as well. What's the best option?
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    dpc latency with nVidia drivers...

    Summary: I've been getting random spikes of DPC latency while playing L4D2 or other computer games. I disabled the audio and my wireless on my computer, no dice. I still get mad dpc. It's been a huge buzz kill so I tried to isolate it on xperf So it's nvlddmkm.sys, looks like a video driver...
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    Looking for a new case

    Ok, i have an old Praeton case made by coolermaster, I realize its a little too small and a bit beat up. Originally got this for taking to LANs, but since I outgrew that phase looking for bigger ATX case. I don't really need server case but I would like it to be decent sized. Cliffs 1. Need...
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    e6400 with VSTA775 crashing in games

    im running: windows xp sp2 intel e6400 at default speed, with stock cooler ASRock vsta775 1GIG DDR3200, (mismatched 512's could this be a problem?) creative soundblaster 2 soundcard geforce agp 6800gt at default i just replaced my older P4 northwood and a 478 motherboard, with the...
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    ASRock 775Vsta work with Xeon 3040?

    ASRock 775Vsta work with Xeon 3040? It doesnt list it on their site, my guess is yes since its essentially the same. But i need confirmation before i pull the trigger.
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    Need case for a water cooling rig

    I need something light weight as possible, but its not a big deal. It needs to have enough space for watercooling stuffz, buying a friend's danger den kit im not sure whether a mid tower is going to cut it. Has to be black, cuz my drives are all black, id perfer a side window since i have a...
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    Am I crazy? Northwood 3 running at 3.9ghz

    I have a Northwood 3.0ghz on a MSI Neo2 865G, with a Zalman CNPS700B-cu. I overclocked it to 3.9(15x260) with Voltage of 1.65. The CPU on idle it averages 40c and 55c on load, the system temp is steady at around 32c. I'm just not sure I feel comfortable with an voltage that high, but its the...