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    sh Shell Script Questions

    Thanks. I had a chance to test this, and it does work as you described, so I can proceed with my script as is. Might come up with some better solutions as I learn more, but for now I have what I need.
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    sh Shell Script Questions

    I've gotten a working solution for now. I'm using 'cut' instead of 'awk' (same output result) and piping it through 'head' and 'tail' I can set the variable like this: drive1=$(smartctl --scan | cut -w -f 1 | head -n 1 | tail -n 1) drive2=$(smartctl --scan | cut -w -f 1 | head -n 2 | tail -n 1)...
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    sh Shell Script Questions

    I've been working with this, but not making any headway. The output with the loop is the same as just running the command, and I have found no documentation that allows me to extract the individual values from the loop. So I'm still stuck.
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    sh Shell Script Questions

    That gives me something to work with. Thanks.
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    The age of engineering life begins

    Just thinking of the law of unintended consequences. I imagine the first few live trials (most likely on animals) will have an unacceptably high rate of aggressive cancers. That may be enough to shutter the whole research field for decades, even if the researchers are close to a resolution.
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    The age of engineering life begins

    Can someone say Cancer?
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    sh Shell Script Questions

    So I want to build a useful shell script, using sh, that will provide a menu to run SMART tests on a hard drive. The intent is to have this on a bootable USB drive and run it on various computers. Since the exact computer disk configuration will be unknown, I will need a way to scan for the...
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    Has Anyone Ever De-RGB'd RAM?

    Have you bought the RGB RAM yet? I've never gone wrong with Crucial or Kingston's compatibility list, even if it isn't on the official QVL.
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    What is JBOD?

    A common application I see for JBOD is in storage applications using ZFS, where you have a drive controller with many drives attached. Instead of using the controller's RAID functions, you set the controller to JBOD. You then use Z-RAID for redundancy, whether it be mirroring, striping, or...
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    Cubey has screwed the pooch. Need some suggestions

    Eventually something is going to break. Do you want to wipe your system and re-install every time it does? I suggest then using a distro, like Arch, that will force you to learn some inner workings so that you can handle things when they break. Of course this advise is coming from someone...
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    Update 1903 to 2004?

    People don't want it. People want this instead. Seriously, if you think about it, it's like Microsoft setup a world-wide corporate server, and you can share and access profiles and preferences (anyone remember roaming profiles from properly configured AD networks?) across devices. Some people...
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    If the lockdown wasn't bad enough Windows 10 continues to screw life up

    What sound card do you have? Onboard or add-on? What are you outputting to? Maybe with some actual information, someone might be able to help you.
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    Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today!!!

    I remember someone writing a parody of "Who's on First" describing the Windows 95 experience, especially focusing on clicking "Start" to shut down the computer. I've tried finding it again, but to no avail. I did find this little cringe-worthy gem though!
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    IBM Reveals Next-Generation IBM POWER10 Processor

    hmm. 60 cores at the same power envelope as 24? Not bad, not bad at all. Still trying to figure out a good use case for these in a workstation outside of very niche markets. For big servers, sure, for workstations, not sure.
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    NSA and FBI warn that new Linux malware threatens national security

    It's simple. If you can't get security updates for your old devices that run your network, and you care anything about security, you get new devices. And don't buy hardware that will lock you into versions of software. Simple things that get ignored all in the sake of "budget" until that...
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    NSA and FBI warn that new Linux malware threatens national security

    But, but, but, I thought Linux was impervious to malware? More seriously, I'm starting to read through the NSA's document, and their recommendation is to update to kernel 3.7 or later. Seriously? Isn't Linux up to kernel version 5.x by now? This is how most malware gets spread - by running...
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    Aya Neo handheld gaming PC with Ryzen 5 4500U reaches the prototype phase

    I can only imagine how hot this could get, or how loud it would be for the fan to keep up. I know the 4500U is supposed to be efficient, but it's designed for laptops.
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    Help or guidance with Subnetting and Routing on FreeBSD/BSDRP for home network.

    You might get a little more response in the Networking sub. I pretty much just use FreeBSD as desktop/server, but have used pfSense for a router. Never got into configuring vLans, just aLans. I've thought about working to setup a base FreeBSD box for routing, but haven't had time yet.
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    NVME Noise?

    I finally got around to upgrading my computer, and as part of that, I purchased a pair of WD SN750 NVME SSDs. I initially put on in my laptop to test, and noticed that whenever I was doing anything with drive transfers, there would be a rather noticeable hissing sound coming from the SSD...
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    Anyone waiting for a B550 board besides me?

    Got tired of waiting. The "best" board for my purposes (and budget) that I could find listed was the AsRock Extreme4, but it doesn't appear to have made its way to retail yet. I went ahead and bought an ASUS Tuf x570. Got tired of waiting for the 3300X as well, and went ahead and ordered the...
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    Mythbusters host Grant Imahara Dies at 49

    Sad stuff. I saw that he had died, and as I started to read the article, really hoped it was some spectacular accident with one of his experiments or special effects. That way he would have gone out doing what he loved. But no, the sudden brain aneurysm . Death is no respecter of persons.
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    Microsoft Teams for Linux. Is it any good?

    A few sysops types and development guys use it. We have one guy in our department that uses it. I'd say institutionally, we're about 95% Windows, 4.99% Mac, and .01% Linux for desktop/laptop usage.
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    Anyone waiting for a B550 board besides me?

    Been waiting for a while. If I order now though, it'll arrive just before I take a 2-week vacation. I'd rather not be sitting on unused new hardware that long. Right now, price/features it looks like the AsRock Extreme for me. Just wish it was closer to $150, instead of $185.
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    AMD B550 Chipset Motherboards Listed, Available from June 16

    I do not like the prices, but at least things are available. Might be picking up either the AsRock 550 Pro4 or the AsRock 550 Extreme4. Main thing I am looking at is that it appears I can use the full x4 functionality of the PCIe 3.0 x16 slot even when using the 2nd M.2 slot or one of the x1...
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    B550 Vision - a really clean board

    I like the x4 slot at the bottom. Several add-in cards I could use that are x4, and I'd hate to throttle my GPU just to insert one of those. I have no use for Wi-fi in a desktop, but if it doesn't add that much to the price of the board, I'd live with it (likely try to see if I could upgrade...
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    Can i put 2 severs/websites on 1 static ip?

    What are the services you are serving? Not considering the security issues which have been addressed, if it is web servers, Apache allows virtual servers so that multiple sites can be hosted on one IP address. Other web servers probably have the same feature.
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    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    Add to this that Intel really doesn't care, at least from a product perspective, about the enthusiast market. That makes up such a small percentage of their overall sales, that if "enthusiasts" never bought Intel again, the OEM and corporate sales would still keep them very profitable. So what...
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    Zen 3 CPUs - 500 Series or Newer Chipsets Only

    It is 2020. The new processors and motherboards are AM4. I fail to see the joke.
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    Developer Attempts 'Doom' Clone for the Amiga 500

    I knew Amiga's were around a while back, but renaissance era? Wow! :D
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    Replacing old Mirrored Drive

    After 7 years of use, it appears that one of my mirrored hard drives in my home server has failed. Thankfully, the second drive is working fine, so no data loss, and I have backups. The mirror was created using Windows software RAID. I want to rebuild the mirror, but was a little uncertain...
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    AMD Reportedly Launching B550 Motherboards Come June 16th

    Give me one that has Intel Ethernet, 1200/1220 audio codec, and a USB 3.2 Gen2 front header, for less than $150, and I'll buy. Otherwise will wait to see what 600 series has to offer.
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    AMD Ryzen 4000 Compatibility With 400-Series Motherboards Confirmed by Laptop Vendor

    I'm still waiting for the 550 chipset motherboards. I won't hold out hope for a 650 unless they are released at the same time as the 670.
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    NomadBSD - A Quick Review

    So just a quick update: I've had some time today to play around. Following this tutorial, I easily got the suspend to work when I close the lid. I tried simply loading the AMD graphics driver, and it loaded without issue, so if I want to use the discrete graphics, it should be trivial. Right...
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    NomadBSD - A Quick Review

    I just picked up a Dell Latitude e5570 with good specs (i7 6820HQ, 16GB RAM, 512GB ssd, 1080 screen, Radeon discreet graphics), and thought I'd give NomadBSD a try. NomadBSD is a spin of FreeBSD, essentially being the base OS with pre-installed applications and configurations. The "twist" so...
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    Help me Find a Motherboard

    That could be doable. I'd want to look at one of the motherboard that has 2 USB 3.0 headers, so I wouldn't also lose those front ports. Thanks for the link! Funny thing is, that page showed a "comparable" product from Silverstone, an internal card adding a Gen2 internal header! But at it's...
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    Help me Find a Motherboard

    The ROG Strix B450 was what I had been looking at until I noticed the X470 Pro (and the generous tax return made the extra $20 for the MB not an issue). It lacks the USB 3.2 Gen2 front port connector. If I weren't looking for that, there are lots of MBs that would fit the bill. If there was...
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    Help me Find a Motherboard

    I had planned to upgrade my desktop to a Ryzen 3600 with my tax return money. I had planned on purchasing the ASUS Prime X470 Pro, as it had all the features I wanted at a price I could live with. I get my tax return today, and low and behold, no body has stock of the motherboard I want...
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    Easiest Distro to use for File sharing

    You don't want easy, you want good. If easy was all you were going for, you could just setup a Windows Pro installation and use Windows shares. I second the vote for FreeNAS. It's purpose-built for file sharing, so you won't run into any "gotchas" from a full-fledged desktop OS.
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    FreeBSD 12.1 and AMD RX590 Setup

    I just had opportunity to try something that was posted on the FreeBSD forums with my AMD Radeon RX590. Previously, using the default drm-kmod drivers, the screen would go blank and the fans would spin up to full speed. A user on the FreeBSD forums posted a link to a development version that...
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    Windows 10: Why can't I disable Windows Defender?

    We switched from Sophos to Defender in my Enterprise environment about a year ago. We have had a significant decrease in instances of malware infections on our Windows computers. Been seeing a bit of a rise on the Macs though.