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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    Do the people that want more e-peen accept the survey more often than those that just don't care about it?
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    90 degree usb 2.0(Where To Find) [SOLVED]

    Not the motherboard headers. Different number of pins and the pin pitch and shape of the header is also different between 2.0 and 3.0 / 3.1.
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    90 degree usb 2.0(Where To Find) [SOLVED]

    Probably because everything is USB 3.0 or newer now. I couldn't find any either.
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    Need USB C power and data splitter to charge device with accessories connected.

    See here:
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    Pc shutting off when playing games

    Pics of your system, the inside of your system, and what power supply you have.
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    What's with PSU's almost all being at the bottom? Bad idea for water cooling, no?

    I like the PSU at the bottom. That being said... almost all cases available these days and in the past have some horrible design flaw that should have been caught by anybody at all that actually builds computers. It is as if the people who design cases have never even built their own computer.
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    My IT department software locked up my SSD

    Waiting for the reply that says the drive got locked out again...
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    Basic question about speed

    What power adapter are you using? Is the laptop detecting it properly? If the laptop detects too small of a power adapter OR doesn't detect the power adapter properly, it WILL cause the system to clock really low. I've never bothered looking at how low it clocks when that happens. I've never...
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    Need help. I'm not a networking guy. Thanks in advance

    Your modem is a modem that also has the ability to do VOIP for phones. 1. Reset your router to factory settings (There is a reset button on the back). 2. Make sure your router has the latest firmware available installed. If neither of those fixes it then get a new router because there is...
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    Researcher Discusses How Time Travel Could Prevent a Pandemic like Covid

    If you say so... I remember the dreams I have quite well. I remember dreams I had around 30 years ago. So if it is impossible to see something I haven't seen before then how do artists draw/paint whatever this is fictional if they haven't seen it for real before?
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    What is the best thermal paste under 10 dollars

    I've been using Arctic Silver Ceramique 2. May not be the top performer but it works great for anything that the last 1-2C doesn't matter. Never had a problem with it separating. It cleans up way easier than stuff like IC Diamond and Arctic Silver 5.
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    Researcher Discusses How Time Travel Could Prevent a Pandemic like Covid

    What about when you dream something and then the same exact thing happens when you are awake? Or you dream about seeing somebody you have never seen before and then actually see them?
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    Researcher Discusses How Time Travel Could Prevent a Pandemic like Covid

    What if you time / dimension travel while sleeping?
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    Ducked a Bullet with 3090?

    HAHAHAHA. That's great. Anyway, the mod I referenced was released by the developers.
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    Ducked a Bullet with 3090?

    Some games have come out with free high resolution texture packs after they were released. Video cards at the time of the release would not have been able to handle these higher res texture packs. For example - Fallout 4 - regular required system specs: System Requirements Requires a 64-bit...
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    Ducked a Bullet with 3090?

    Well, what happens to the 10GB of RAM on the 3080 when games start coming out with even higher resolution textures? I have a feeling that some games will end up being able to use more than 10GB RAM in the not too distant future.
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    How to wipe large drive over 3TB?

    CCleaner has multiple wipe options. I usually use the 3-pass one if I am wiping a drive to get rid of.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    x58 board. Purchased from Newegg. It died and I sent it in for RMA. They sent me a physically damaged board that completely died after 1 week. I let them know about the damage when I got the replacement board and they didn't respond. Then when I told them it died, they put "CLOSE!" in the RMA...
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    If you don't mind getting buying a card from a company that has pretty much 0 real warranty support in the USA.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    I haven't looked, but how is the CPU usage in those tests? I'm wondering if we are seeing CPU bottlenecks with this gen. I haven't upgraded my CPU in quite a while and the 2080 I had was definitely CPU limited when I disabled v-sync / G-sync.
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I'm not sure at this point. I sold my 2080 and stuck my 1080 back in my computer. I haven't had time to game much at all lately so no biggie. I am also wanting to get a new DSLR which costs around $1,700 just for the body so I may just put off getting a new graphics card for a while. I may get...
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    GPU Market Gets Flooded With Used GeForce RTX 2080 Ti’s

    Well... if the miners buy all the new cards, then they will dump the "old" 2 series cards and the prices will probably plummet on them. If that is the case and 3 series cards are not available then maybe I will just get a 2080Ti. No, I don't care if it has been mined on. Family member still...
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    3D printing a motherboard cover.

    And you trust ASUS why? They can't even be bothered to implement a non-scammy warranty facility in the USA.
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    GPU Market Gets Flooded With Used GeForce RTX 2080 Ti’s

    I sold my 2080 and put my 1080 back in my computer. Don't have a ton of time to game anyway. I am on the fence about saving for the 3080 or saving for a new DSLR camera I have been drooling over for a while.
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    Former IT director gets jail time for selling government's Cisco gear on eBay

    Cisco stuff is super expensive. That being said, used Cisco switches can be a great deal for small offices. Dell even sells switches now. I recently picked up a 48-port Gb switch with 4x 10Gb fiber ports for a whopping $75.
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    What did you think of the NVidia 3000 Series Launch?

    I tried to skip last gen. Had a 1080... then I found a 1080Ti for sale for cheap on a local marketplace. Bought it and it ended up being DOA but it was still under warranty. Sent it in and EVGA replaced it with a 2080 XC ULTRA GAMING.
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    Even if the ad says no returns, you can return or get a refund if it isn't as described. Not difficult at all to get a refund if it isn't as described. I sell and buy a lot on eBay.
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    NV30 GPU flashed to GeForce FX 5800 Ultra AGP videocard (binned)

    Stupid high price. I'll take my ~$50 FX5950 Ultra that had bad fans so I put an aftermarket way better cooler on card. And to top it off, you can get an equivalent Quadro card and just run it higher clocks than stock to get to 5800 Ultra performance. (Quadro FX 2000). Or for the 5950 U, get a...
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    Windows 10 update could be damaging your SSD

    Probably not. Crappy SSD = crappy SSD. That being said, I have seen way more nvme SSDs die than SATA SSDs. My pretty well thought out theory is because the way the nvme drives and sockets are designed, the socket puts some upwards pressure on the drive which is fastened down on the other end...
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    Pc feels sluggish

    Maybe the CPU is sticking at a lower multiplier when it comes out of sleep sometimes. Do you have the latest BIOS for your motherboard? You can try adjusting the power settings to tell the CPU to run at 100% clock speed all the time... won't help if it is a BIOS issue though.
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    Deadliest PC Demon I've Faced

    Sounds to me like the shops you took it to shouldn't ever be allowed near a computer... I have seen a CPU kill a motherboard and the other way around as well though. I have also seen: shorted fans that cause a no-power on bad HDDs and other drives that cause a no power on cases that have a...
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    PSU Kicking Off Circuit Breaker - Replace PSU?

    Uggghhh.. So glad I haven't found any Aluminium wire in this house besides where the A/C used to be. It is too old. This house has been added onto multiple times. Main breaker box is in outside utility room. Fuse box in room inside house. Then there was also a sub-panel in the far end of the...
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    How long does XFX RMA tend to take these days?

    You could always contact XFX and see what they expect the turnaround time to be. Personally I wouldn't bother with a "workaround" since the card is having issues at stock settings.
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    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    In that regard, yes...... movies at the regular 24fps are not smooth at all. If I try, I can see the separate frames. I have to make myself not think about it when I am in a movie theater or even sometimes when just watching a movie on TV or else it drives me crazy. Nobody I have said this to...
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    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    Glad you are not one of those who like slimy HFCS over real sugar :-) The smoothness of one GPU vs another GPU can be scientifically proven... You do a frametime benchmark. Doing a Frame runt benchmark is not so easy. This was a huge thing a few years ago before AMD fixed the framtime issues...
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    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    I'm just ready to see benches. Really don't care about upgrading at this point. The 2080 I have is plenty fast... still at 1080p. I really need to upgrade the rest of my system before I upgrade to a fancy new video card.
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    PSU Kicking Off Circuit Breaker - Replace PSU?

    Heh.... stupid GFCI / AFCI. I am not surprised one bit that it was tripping. And yeah, as they age they start tripping easier and easier. Sometimes they just die completely and won't reset at all. I have the luxury of owning my own home... still a fixer upper. The wiring was absolutely a...
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    N11 Universal 3D Glasses by Quantum 3D, Rechargeable Active Shutter, NEVER USED!

    How accurate is the timing on something like that?