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  1. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Is this a good deal or can I build it cheaper

    This is a Alienware system $1600 and $200 Promo Visa® Prepaid Card Included* 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 9700K (8-Core, 12MB Cache, OC up to 4.6GHz across all cores) Windows 10 Home 64bit English NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB GDDR6 (OC Ready) Alienware 850 Watt Power Supply with High...
  2. Hikaru IchijoSL

    New phone under $600

    I would like 6gb ram 128gb of memory (64gb is it has a microsd slot) minimal bloatware 6" screen at least 1080p I am very tempted by the oneplus 6t. Must have bands 12/66/71 (not necessary but I would like to have it.) I am on tmobile.
  3. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Need a new phone under $400

    I am on T-Mobile My lg g4 has a bootloop error so I am afraid to turn it off because it might never go back on. I want a 5.5" screen a little larger is ok. 18:9 because it is hard to find 1440p phones anymore. I want a android 1 phone, I hate bloatware. (this is no a requirement but I prefer...
  4. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Building a new pc

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming some video editing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 1250-1400 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. Phoenix AZ 4) What exact parts do...
  5. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Video Subtitles

    Is there a program that will let me determine what font is being used. Thanks.
  6. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Surface 3 Problem

    I have a surface 3 and a recently purchased dock for it. I bought a longer mini dp to hdmi cable to plug in the tablet since I leave the dock setup all day. Suddenly the longer cable does not work with dock anymore. So I plug the cable into the surface directly and it works. I plug my...
  7. Hikaru IchijoSL

    External Blu-ray reader

    I am looking for a good quality one for my surface 3 and my next pc. Does not have to burn unless the price difference is minuscule. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Help with laptop choice for my brother

    He wants a 17" 1080p i7-6700hq 8gb ddr4 ram he wants a 500gb+ m2 ssd nvme 1tb hard drive he would settle for no ssd if he can find a laptop that it is easy to add an ssd into. his budget is $1000 with ssd $850 without Good warranty and easy returns with no restocking fee.
  9. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Replacement for Samsung tab pro 8.4

    The screen does not respond for minutes on end and restoring did nothing to alleviate the problem. Also it will open things on its own. I would like to fix it if possible. If not I would want to spend $300-$400 needs to have a microsd slot. At least 1080p screen. 8-10 inch screen 32gb...
  10. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Sata cable question for HGST 4tb HD

    I have an sata cable that came with my asus p4c800-e mobo can I use this or do I need to buy a new one. Is it too old,
  11. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Need a tablet, help choose

    8 inch with 1 or 2gb ram 16gb hd, microsd slot with 64gb capacity. screen resolution 1280*800 or better. $200-$250 Needs to be able to play 1080p mp4 video Light gaming and web surfing. or the Asus tf701t at $300 (is this one any good)
  12. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Need Opinions on what Android tablet to get.

    The main use is for vacations. I am coming from a netbook which is slower then heck. I usually watch movies, play games and listen to music. I also do web browsing and email. Want to spend $250-300 maybe $350 if I get exactly what I need. 16gb memory with a micro sd slot. At least 8" (tried a...
  13. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Mkv metadata editor

    where can I get one I try to do it in vlc but it does not stick.
  14. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Help me decide between a notebook or a tablet

    I want to spend less than $400. I use it mostly for web surfing and watching movies. Some light gaming and itunes (I know if I get a tablet no using itunes). I need at least a 6hr battery life (8 hr is ideal). On the notebook I do not want it to be too big 13" or less. Do not need any sort of...
  15. Hikaru IchijoSL

    having a problem with my surround sound.

    I can test all my 5.1 speakers in the windows 7 realtek hd audio manager. But when I go to play a dvd I only 2.1 sound even if I set the software to 6 speakers (powerdvd 9.5) and I have to set the sound level on my computer and speakers very high to hear anything.
  16. Hikaru IchijoSL

    mp4 to avi

    what is the best program to do this. I need avi to burn to a dvd to let someone watch something.
  17. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Need PC Speakers

    My Klipsch ultra 5.1 sub died. I need a replacement. I would like to use the speakers from that set. My budget is about $150. I am using a set of altec lansing and they hiss like mad and they are just very weak speakers.
  18. Hikaru IchijoSL

    which ipod touch to buy

    4th gen 64gb refurb 5th gen 32gb new
  19. Hikaru IchijoSL

    I need to buy a new cell

    I am on consumer cellular but the video playing on the phone is horrible. I need a phone that will be much faster than a moto bravo (crappy phone). Funny part is 1080p mkv works in moboplayer it stutters allot but does work, but the same video in 720p mkv or 720p avi and mp4 do not work at all...
  20. Hikaru IchijoSL

    looking for scrabble for windows 7

    it is for somebody who plays single player only.
  21. Hikaru IchijoSL

    canon sx40hs $299.99 at Fry's Electronics

    I saved the trip by a J&R price match. The deal is until thursday.
  22. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Pick a new mouse for me.

    My logitech g7 mouse button double clicks on it own (when I want to click once). I would like something similar it does not have to be wireless. I am a gamer mostly FPS.
  23. Hikaru IchijoSL

    PS3 Joysitck

    I have $50-70 for a ps3 joystick what is the best way to go. It will be used for Street Fighter 4.
  24. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Help please with file transfer

    I bought a new computer recently and need to get data from a ide and sata hd but the boot drive on the old computer is corrupt. what is the easiest and cheapest way to get the info off the hd. I will only need to do this once.
  25. Hikaru IchijoSL

    are these good speakers my promedia ultra 5.1 sub is buzzing and I am looking for a replacement speakers. I will be hooking them up using the hdmi to my video card a ati 6770.
  26. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Need new pc speakers

    My promedia ultra 5.1s are buzzing. I hate to see them go. What should I get that would even come close to matching the quality.
  27. Hikaru IchijoSL

    $1100 gaming computer

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming first person shooters and diablo 3, photography GIMP, Web browsing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1100 is my upper limit less would be better. This is with tax and shipping and...
  28. Hikaru IchijoSL

    I need a new HD

    I am running windows 2000, I lost my job so I do not have the money to build a new computer right now. One of my HD is clicking and I need a replacement. I want to get a minimum of 1tb (1.5tb would be better) and spend less then $80 for it. It will be a backup drive. But I would prefer a...
  29. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Help with windows 2k to 7 upgrade

    I have 2k on my current computer I am purchasing a larger hard drive tomorrow and getting a w7 home premium upgrade. How do I put the 7 on the new hard drive do I have to install 2000 first or is there a way to go straight to 7 saving time. Thanks for the help.
  30. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Help with 5.1 music

    I bought the Harry Potter 6 cd and downloaded the 5.1 music, how do I play it in WMP 9.0
  31. Hikaru IchijoSL

    touchpad and mouse

    My brother bought a dell laptop and microsoft wireless notebook mouse 3000 and when he changes the speed it effect bought items (touchpad and mouse) just not the mouse. How does he fix this.
  32. Hikaru IchijoSL

    I need a new Mp3 player

    My Ipod 3g 15gb is about to die the battery life is 2 hrs max and every time I run it skips like crazy. I need in a new player close to 20hr of battery life for music about $150 8gb but 16gb is better good screen for watching movies one that can work with windows 2000 (not a big...
  33. Hikaru IchijoSL


    This crash every time I use my computer I just updated my natural keyboard 4000 and laser mouse 5000 drivers what else can I do. Thanks for the help
  34. Hikaru IchijoSL


    what is the name or number of the cmos battery for this motherboard. Mine is dead would not boot up this morning unless I set the bios again.
  35. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Dell e248wfp owners

    Owners of the dell e248wpf what color, brightness, contrast setting do you use
  36. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Dell e228wfp

    any thoughts on this monitor might get one.
  37. Hikaru IchijoSL

    What lcd size is the best for this card

    it is a AGP radeon x800pro 256mb
  38. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Help choosing an mp3 player

    my 15gb ipod is going down the tubes and I need to get a replacement. I am looking for: 1. 4+ gig 2. color screen 3. cheap 4. must be windows 2k compatible using the included software I know the ipod nano 4gb is perfect but it is so expensive.
  39. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Help with mp3 players

    my grandfather got the new creative zen 2gb but it does not work with windows 2000(has xp in NY). any way to get the driver for it. I can use a different program to put on music in its place Help
  40. Hikaru IchijoSL

    Best cooler for q6600

    My brother just bought a q6600 and needs a good and cheap cpu fan.