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    any non cube style cases that can internal fit double 2x120

    my water cooling system has two 2x120 loops, and i also have an 3 disk raid array i need to fit in addition to two 2x120's, or potentially bigger? i intend to additionally get two ssd's so some room for those two would be nice. case i got now is kind of acceptable, but im bored of it and i need...
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    looking for thermocouple amplifiers

    preferably one that has internal linearization and cold junction compensation working on designing/building a fan controller, and been looking at DS18B20's for commodity sensors to place wherever, but i would like to measure water fluid temperature too, and thermocouples would be the most...
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    anyone tried undervolting io/system agent yet?

    finished my overclock, and to follow my general procedure its time to start slowly backing off my system bus voltages. just curious what people are obtaining for undervolts can probably take a step or two off the cpu overvolt too
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    how do you keep your vregs cool

    i've for a few years now been just using a 5v modded 92mm fan held up by my water tubing propped at a angle towards my vid card to cool its regulator and my sound card channels the air flow down over the ram. years ago i'd use 80mm fans over cpu regs while doing extreme overclocking (for...
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    Have I found the elusive "fast enough?"

    I upgraded to wolfdale that I'm running at 533 bus 4.5 ghz long ago, i7 came out and I found no gaming reason to upgrade with my 5870 graphics card. Now sandy bridge is out and still no game doesn't let me play maxed out at 1920x1080 at good frame rate. This mobo/cpu is quickly approaching about...
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    5.1 channel tube audio amplifier project

    I just finished my project after a few months of planning/assembly but mostly waiting for parts to arrive in mail. Decided to share. Design: The amplifier has five 807 pentodes running in single-ended fixed bias with Edcor GXSE10-8-5k output transformers. the pentodes are driven by 12AT7's...
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    Fan controllers/temperature monitors

    What do you people look for when shopping for a fan controller and temperature monitoring device? Any good ones out there with automatic speed controls and lots of channels? I'm also interested in monitoring assorted temperatures.
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    lapping job

    a little while back my friend showed me a image of what a person on these forums thought was a 'professional' lapping job... this is for whoever that was;) is the image he linked me in his email.. terrible
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    NAKED LGA775 prescott

    prescott.. meet northwood
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    lapped 570J ES

    feel free to leave comments/ask questions
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    random H sighting

    not sure if this is the right location for one.. but i was looking over photos of my laptop... and found this!! look above the hdd
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    Ryuji has been at it again... more extreme lapping

    yep... hes at it again... more photos if you guys want...
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    got about $1000 budget for cpu... what should i get

    i can get a fx-57 for damn cheap through a friend... but is there a better choice? i dont care about who makes it... i care about in the end performance... a oc'd fx-57 would prob inch past a 3 ghz dothan.. since i could expect 3.2 ghz or so on water cooling yes... ~$1k for just the cpu
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    guess how i got these temps

    lets see how long it takes someone to figure out how i got these temps
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    is this flow rate normal?

    took video through my case's top window, this is the front most corner of the res oppocite of the cap on the typhoon res, the one with four barbs look now since its coming straight off my pc cant guarentee how long i can leave it there and bear it my friend said...
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    whats better bh-5 or tccd

    going to use it in my dothan system im setting up, just wondering if i have lost my mind to want to trade my 300 mhz fsb+ ram for 2x512 mb bh-5 and probaby later on getting another set of 2x512 to get 2 gb total, i have yet to see a dothan go much if at all past 250 fsb, and bh-5 is more likely...
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    aparently my video card is too hot

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    never had my pc running so cool before..look at temps

    this is with 58F ambient... all i can say is wow... :eek: my rooms usualy 80F because i like it warm.. but wow....
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    do sata hdds still effect fsb overclocking?

    my friends bent on the fact that sata hdds=less oc, but i think this is not true anymore ever since athlon-xp mobo's died out i have found plenty of ppl on intel and amd side who have high fsb, is this a issue nowdays, he insists that all extreme overclockers use pata hdds, but from my...
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    dothans for a gaming rig

    why dont more ppl run dothans, im gonna wc a dothan for my next setup, aim for 2.8 ghz with a 730J, going to use the ct-478 adapter and a asus mobo of course, p4 mobo and cpu are going back to the original owner for repair(caps poped) water coolings going to be a bit extreme for a dothan...
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    how would 3800 X2 compare to 4 ghz prescott

    title says it all
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    Ryuji & ScHpAnKy's Bondo Aventure (pics)!

    Pictures and captions were by ScHpAnKy... he's a dinky head (and currently logged on to ryuji's account! And totally writing out this post... mwahaha) On top, YAY! From the side, looks like a heard of geese took a shit on it. See it? (Nice car on the bondo can, eh? ;)) The sinister...
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    asking for bezel help

    im at a loss on what im going to do with the part of the bezel i squaired off, i originaly planned on bondoing it flat but i think that would be too boring... i just hope someones got a neat idea that isnt a lcd i can tell what im doing with bottom half but i dont think thats needed and im...
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    custom 6800gt ram/voltage regulator cooler(not your average cooler)

    pictures say it all, please leave comments, im interested on what people think of it
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    i think i tightened my GPU block tight enough

    note the nvidia logo and text, also shows how smooth/flat i tend to sand things :D
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    lapping a 478 prescott

    im planning on lapping my prescott to get temps lower then they are now, the water temp isnt heating up proportional to the cpu temp and the copper on the water block isnt heating up so i can only assume its inefficiencies in the heat transfer, i lapp heat sinks left and right any considerations...
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    does clipping the wires to the leds work on led fans?

    just wondering if i can disable the leds on my thermaltake smart fans once i get them, i wanted them for the cfm and speed control and the fact that there clear but i may not want the leds this fan
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    whens the last time your computer bsod'd that isnt because of user or software error

    i have a theory for why i am satisfied with windows-xp nowdays compared to when i had my athlon-xp, no flame war intended, i just want to collect data i dont remember the last time a program crashed or windows bsod'd i originaly thought it was because of service packs, but i just realised i...
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    idea for custom 5v/7v/12v fan controller comments?

    i am not sure if there is a way to do it so each switch has its own independant 5/7/12 maybe sombody knows a way
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    OMG my vid card is melting... pics :p

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    xp-120 lapping revisited

    gave my old lapped xp-120 to my friend and took his, for everyone wanting to know the temps of the previous one, temps didnt change... it HAD arctic silver 5... now it has generic white goo that prob gets like 5-7 degs hotter then as5 this picture was taken from the opposite side of my...
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    xp-120 lapping

    *finished, look farther down* i think i got the as5 off ;) :p done with the 600 grit... :D
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    how heavy is your pc

    this is AFTER cutting off about 12 lbs worth of steel for windows and cable managment, and removing the drive cages to make room for water cooling if you have somthing real light or real heavy, prove it with a photo
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    any case straps that will carry 80 lbs?

    the thermaltake straps only carry 66 lbs, after water cooling i estimate my case will be 80 lbs
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    linksys WRT54G extreme cooling mods

    photos are father down i got more photos if anyone is interested, but i doubt i need to say more other then the heat sink still gets warm to touch :eek: but perhaps that is expected since i have the power output at 8 times the normal output :D
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    question about venice core

    i was looking at athlon-64s to see what prices were, and i noticed that venice comes stock at 1 ghz htt, does this mean that overclocking will be even more chipset limited then it already is?
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    any examples on hiding a water pump in a chieftec dragon

    im planning on having an 2x120 in the front of the case, and consitering water cooling, but i do not want to put the water pump in plain sight also, any examples of people doing a real clean hose setup with the RBX?
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    interested in going into water cooling s478 and geforce 6 series

    im going to have a 3.2e that does 4.2 ghz on water cooling, but i verry much so think 4 ghz is pushing air cooling, and im buying a 6800 NU to replace my 5950 ill have about $275-400 left over from selling stuff laying around and im interested in the wide tubing, i have a chieftec...