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    Inexpensive, solid pre-MSFS2020 flight simulator?

    Looking to get back into flight sims after a decade+ away from them, in anticipation of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 only a couple of weeks away! I purchased a new HOTAS setup but realize I have no owned games to get comfortable with. I'm looking for an option that's (a) quite...
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    X79 storage server processor rec?

    I've been turning my old X79 system (Asus X79 Deluxe, Intel i7-4930k) into a file sharing & Plex server. It's replacing a ~dual core Intel 5th gen that was quite sluggish so the 4930k is a nice boost. I'm also moving to teamed 10GbE so the X79 platform provides some nice I/O breathing room. I...
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    Asus VG27AQL1A - thoughts? (27" 170Hz IPS 1440p)

    I've been looking for a 27" high refresh rate display to try the experience (never done gaming past 60 Hz) while having a good gamut and viewing angles in case it doesn't work out and my wife wants to use it as a work display. This display just showed up in quantity at a local store and I was...
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    Homepod Calibration

    Hi all, does anyone know a way to either (a) force re-calibration or (b) be certain a calibration has taken place? (First, for the people about to reply "you just lift it up, then put it back down" because you read that in the Internet... I know that too so no need to replicate every other...
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    DC drives & dampening mounts - OK?

    I have some DC drives I'm putting into a home storage server (mix of Exos x16 and WD HC530). The chassis I'm using uses trays with rubber grommets for drive isolation. I am perfectly fine using them, however I was not certain whether modern datacenter drives are happy with dampened mounts. My...
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    Home storage server OS (Windows)

    I need to build a new home storage server on relatively modern hardware, for example Intel 9th or 10th generation or AMD Ryzen 3000 series. Over the last several years I have had great success running Stablebit products on Windows Server 2012. The operating system was stable and robust, the...
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    Enterprise HDs - not so noisy nowadays? (Exos X16 opinion)

    I found an Exos X16 selling for $400 locally, right in line with the $200 8TB shucked WD deals that were considered pretty good just a year or two ago. Since I need to put together a new storage system sometime in the next 6 months, I bought it thinking it'll be an interesting thing to...
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    Golden oldie - modern monitor with svideo, component and PIP?

    I’ve been using an old Dell 2405wfp for a capture station... think x58 machine that I use to preview and capture from various SD sources. Often it’s handy to connect directly from the source to the display to look at material or troubleshoot pre-capture. I don’t mind some light gaming, watching...
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    Remote control? W10

    For some years I used logmein (subscription) as a remote control for my desktop PC. It’s been a long while since I needed this capability but that time has come again. Suggestions for late 2019? Priorities are credibility and security. I don’t mind a commercial product if it’s better. I’m not...
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    Signal refresh to minimize bit rot?

    On modern drives, particularly with SMR, is there any guidance on how often to refresh the surface to deal with bit rot et. al. ?
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    Storage server case with good HDD capacity + center of gravity

    I’m looking to transition my storage server to a new system. The previous few iterations bounced between 4u racks (Norco and the like) and super tower cases with gobs of bays up front (think Antec 1200). A few years ago I “downsized” to a Fractal Node 804 which though limited to 8 bays, was...
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    Golden oldie question - PCI gigabit Ethernet suggestions for XP

    I guess the title sums it up. I have a triplet of PPro/P2/P3 vintage PCs for various gaming and other kick-the-tires purposes that are all equipped with PCI-based 10/100 “fast Ethernet” adapters. I’m fairly confident the P3 (1.26Ghz, XP/W7 dual boot) is held back by the 10/100 adapter. The P2...
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    Multi-PC cases

    I have a number of computers including some vintage systems that I enjoy keeping around and playing with from time to time e.g. retro gaming, including a 286, a P90 and a P3/1.4. Then the modern PCs. Most everything is in its own case and scattered all around the place. I've been rebuilding...
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    When will we see HDMI 2.1?

    I’d like my next purchase (from a GTX 1080) to be HDMI 2.1 capable for 4K 120Hz 4:4:4 desktop use. Have either AMD or nVidia indicated when they expect their cards to support high refresh rate UHD?
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    What do you do with your old 1TB/2TB drives?

    I imagine that others, like me, have accumulated a pile of lower capacity drives from past NAS/home servers. Has anyone found a meaningful use for these? (Meaningful meaning that either they are used for some functional purpose, or disposed in a way that allows some recovery of value.) I...
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    Performance drops when OC'ing

    Asus X79, 4930k, EVGA GTX1080 I notice that leaving base clock, multiplier, etc. all alone/stock, performance is stable, not too bad. As I overclock this PC, in general operation things start to slow down or frequently pause. This is very evident with benchmarks... 3DMark scores drop to a...
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    Drivepool - move disks to different controller?

    I've set up a storage pool using Spinrite Drivepool on Server 2012 R2. The drives are hanging off a Z170 motherboard's onboard SATA ports. I'd like to simply move the drives over to a LSI controller. Is Drivepool smart enough to automatically see the same drives, part of the same pool...
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    Looking for NAS micro-atx mobo (Skylake i5 build)

    Subject says its all. Building my next NAS PC, using a Fractal Node 804. At least 8 drives to start; I'd prefer sufficient on-board SATA to handle this but have some M1015 cards if I need more storage. I'm looking for something that supports a Skylake i5 CPU. Suggestions?
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    Looking for a NAS case - specific requirements

    I am building a PC-based NAS and looking for a case. Specific requirements: Must be a desktop class case - tower/mini-tower preferred. This will be in a visible area of our home so aesthetics matter. Rack mount not an option; Norco-like cases not up for consideration. Hot-swap bays are a...
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    Reliable source for authentic iPad smart covers?

    My old iPad 3 (LTE, 64GB) really has been a superb device that doesn't feel aged at all. (Since I avoided iOS 8.) It's handled quite a bit of rough handling w/o issues except for the original smart cover, bought on launch day, that has been subjected to 2-3 years of yanking by little kids...
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    TLER matters for SW RAID? SW Duplication?

    I'm making heavy use of Stablebit Drivepool - it's perfect for me as a way to pool storage, ensure file-level redundancy without the worry of RAID controller failure, volume reconstruction, etc. For SW solutions such as these, does TLER matter? Context: I have around 50TB in aggregate...
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    4K HDMI 2.0 and DP1.2?

    Are there any 4K displays currently out on the market that support both HDMI 2.0 for 4k60 (with working 4:4:4) AND also have a DP1.2 connector? I'm aware of a few 4K screens in recent weeks with working HDMI 2.0 supporting 4:4:4 chroma on at least one port, but (as I understand it) this only...
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    Aluminum iMac longevity - tips

    I've owned a 2009 27" iMac since purchase shortly at launch and while I use my use my watercooled X79 build more than the Mac (and my wife uses her Z87 build more than it as well) we both agree that the iMac has been, in aggregate, the single most well built, long-lived and robust PC we've ever...
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    Best HW/SW for biometrics collection?

    I see a lot of bracelets and other sensors on the market that report heart rate to some IOS/Android app. For someone who wants to collect the most biometric data possible (highest sample rate, largest number of accurate sensors) and isn't particularly locked into IOS/Android/Windows Phone/etc...
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    SW Tools to manage 4K / large displays?

    For Windows, Linux, etc. - what are recommended tools for improved window management & productivity with large format displays? For example, I find with 4K displays that without a quick way to tag and tile critical windows or snap them to a quarter or a sixth of the display, I spend a lot more...
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    Stablebit Drivepool downsides?

    I am starting to build up a new storage server. This is my "gen 4" box and I want to stay with a Windows OS for server side app reasons. I've been testing Drive pool the last couple of weeks and so far no issues. Removing drives, adding drives, testing redundancy, rebalancing all work. The...
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    SATA express and backplanes

    Just to confirm, since I'm currently shopping for a tower case: Should I view cases with a SATA backplane has a potential negative for long-term (3-5 years) ownership, given the coming SATA express standard?
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    X79 in late 2013

    My i7-920 is nearing the end of its long and weary life. I share all the consternation over Ivy-E being so late, Haswell being so good, X79 being so old... but I'm doing an enormous amount of video encoding and threaded simulation these days, and I want the six cores... hence, 4930K and X79...
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    UPS choices in 2013?

    I was wondering what people are using for UPS in recent months? I have three Cyberpower CP1500PFCLCDs ( that have served me quite well over the last ~ 2 years. One powers an i7-920 (OC) with...
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    Odd one - unformat of old floppy disks?

    Here's a stumper (for me) that I hope someone can help out with. I've found a bunch of old 5.25" disks that I'm currently imaging. After buying an old Teac drive off eBay plus the FC5025 USB-5.25 controller (highly recommended, works great) I'm able to image disks with abandon, and for the...
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    Speaker selection for SB Zxr?

    I bought a Soundblaster ZXR during the recent sale and so far am quite enjoying it. I wanted it for two main purposes: something in-chassis to power my headphones, and something with high-quality line-in ADC to archive old analog material. I'm very pleased on both counts. However, I'm...
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    Large, open computer desk?

    A bit off-topic from the actual hardware, but does anyone have suggestions on a large, wide, open computer desk? Being tall and klutzy, I prefer open spaces and flat surfaces, and often have used simple banquet tables as computer desks. I'm looking for something like that: four legs and a...
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    Reliable 27" 2560x1440p?

    I have a U2711 (and have bought several others) and while they get some flak for the AG coating, etc., each has come with no particular backlight bleed, dead pixel clusters and so forth. My 2711 is moving to another PC and I would like to get two new 27" displays but my first priority is...
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    Triple setup - 27" center + smaller flanks?

    My ideal setup would be a 27" center with a couple of 4:3 displays left and right, with height matching the center. Unfortunately I don't think I can do that anymore. But, could anyone recommend a smaller 16:10 that rotates portrait (or works with a mount that allows for it) that in portrait...
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    Where to go for speaker comparative reviews?

    Rather than asking for recommendations... Where does one look these days for comparative reviews, discussion, opinions, information on speakers? All the sites I knew e.g. Avsforum all seem to be a collection of discrete "owners threads" without a lot of comparative context. I am looking and see...
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    Audio to DAC through Airplay?

    I have a Benchmark DAC that I love to use with my Senn headphones, but its not the most portable setup. Mine is the older pre-USB model so i have to get audio to it via coax or toslink. I was thinking, I do have an Apple TV3 and some iOS devices. If I get my music into iTunes (manageable) and...
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    SLI after a couple of years - anyone?

    I want to know if anyone here has added a second card to their existing one, for SLI, a couple of years after the initial purchase, and what your experiences are. Whenever a new card shows up, I think there always is a "I can always SLI later if I need more performance" mindset but I wonder...
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    GTX 780 with 4GB RAM?

    Strictly out of curiosity, is there any reason to expect (or not expect) 780s with 4GB VRAM? I know that the GTX 680 came in this configuration, and it looks like 770s also are showing up with the same. I was wondering whether the 780s will be fixed at 3GB only/exactly.
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    L connector for ATX 24-pin?

    Does anyone know if such a thing exists on the egg, Amazon, etc.? I've been searching but my google-fu is clearly pretty weak. I'm trying to dress things up and a L connector for the ATX 24-pin power supply connector would go a long way in my particular case...
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    HD4600 1680x1050 max resolution?

    (I'm not quite sure where to post this.) I have a Z87 Haswell PC with a 4770k that I am setting up. Display is a U2711, connecting over dual-link DVI. For some reason, max resolution (Windows 8) is limited to 1680x1050 using the in-chip HD Graphics 4600 core. It will not allow higher...