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    Bit-Tech article: "How I Got My Job at Nvidia"
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    NVIDIA works with devs to add CUDA ocean sim and graphics effects to Just Cause 2

    Not sure if this was posted here yet or not..
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    How fast do you believe Fermi will be relative to 5870?

    Of course there's no way to know this for sure, but I'm interested in what people are expecting from the GTX 480 :D Vote in the poll above, and comment on why you feel that way in the thread! No flaming/trolling please.. this is for fun. It will be interesting to see the vote distribution.
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    Anyone play LOTRO in DX10 and get crashes?

    If so I'm curious if you could give me some details about your crashing. I'm mostly interested in how often it happens and where it happens. Is there any consistent point which triggers this type of crash for you? Also, what video card and driver version do you use?