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    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's... I know of 3. Any others I should be keeping an eye out for?

    Thanks for the explanation - this makes a great deal of sense. Perhaps I also can hope for a 37“ display in the future; that certainly would be a sweet spot for me.
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    Cool! Good to know that on launch week I'll be able to get my hands on one of these cards relatively easily. I'll tell the folks at Best Buy that FrgMstr told me it's going to be pretty awesome cause HE'S PLUGGED IN! (Seriously: I am hoping you are right. But I have zero qualms about having...
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    The fanboy inference is ironic considering I'm really hoping to get one of these cards, with no RTX in sight in my area. But in any case, my statement is no more baseless than yours so I guess we'll see which of our asinine opinions are right. Actually we won't since that would require...
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    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's... I know of 3. Any others I should be keeping an eye out for?

    At this point it feels downright weird the lack of options between 32" and 40" - it's like you go straight from 27" to 48" and heaven forbid you're better served by something in the middle. I too have been disappointed at the lack of options. It's as though there's a rulebook out there that...
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    Unfortunately the very existence of this statement from AMD indicates that they have a supply problem and know it. The only difference: they are being proactive about shifting blame to their distributors *before* launch. Here in the Bay Area, our local chain--Central Computers--is holding...
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    PS5 Teardown: An inside look at our most transformative console yet

    Not sure what you all are talking about but it's clearly not about the PS5 teardown. Finally got around to watching this... very impressive. The heat sink is a thing of beauty. Enormous attention to detail when it comes to serviceability; one could imagine an experienced tech doing nearly any...
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    Microsoft Internal Documents - Permanent Work From Home

    To some degree this is an artifact of the current generation. People in western countries tend to take for granted how much they learn outside of school. Some years ago I had to train a team in China on some automotive engineering topics. It was a young team but, on paper, all well educated -...
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    In my eyes the only robust mitigation is having healthy supply on launch and being transparent about the ramp, thereby undercutting the flipper's motivation. That responsibility falls on AMD's and nVidia's shoulders. They both are trying to make this a reseller / distributor issue to avoid...
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    X79 storage server processor rec?

    Overall the 4930k is now running a 90TB home server quite nicely. It's Windows, Drivepool and Plex predominantly, so it's somewhat overkill for this application. I was able to under-volt the CPU a decent amount (would need to reboot and check BIOS to see exactly where I landed) and the net...
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    iPhone XS Max vs 12 Max pro screen

    The peak brightness certainly seems interesting to me but I am hoping to learn more about peak sustained brightness at 100% screen coverage. When it comes to outdoor legibility, that is more important than being blinded by 7% of the screen for 5 seconds--the type of use case that generates...
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    Apple Event Reveals iPhone 12

    I surprisingly have not found it to be as compelling a feature as it is in my living room. I flip between OLED iPhones and iPad Pros that lack it all the time and don't perceive a huge hit to visual fidelity. I've been wondering why this is, given how stunning an improvement it is in the...
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    Of course they aren't. You're volunteering to wax poetic to my 80-year old in-laws about the long term stability of LTO? :)
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    I love this grand new era of music on demand. My only wish is for a mechanism to purchase persistence. For example, let's say I had my $10/month unlimited music streaming subscription. (Spotify, Apple, etc.) If for say $0.05 I could tag a song to stay with me for x devices in perpetuity, as...
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    NVIDIA Releases Firmware Update For Displayport 1.3 and 1.4

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but this fix solved a lot of glitchy behavior (blank screens, VGA adapter errors in POST, multi display sync issues) on my TR3 system with a 1080 ever since I added a high refresh rate Asus display. I had not even been aware of this and stumbled across it...
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    Razer is launching a prepaid credit card

    well it’s still a credit card; it’s just you providing the line of credit to Razer.
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    How much would you pay over MSRP for a 3080/3090?

    About $50 to $100 or so. My logic: paying over the common retail price for a card is equivalent to a short term rental of the card for the duration that I otherwise would be unlikely to get it. Now if someone were to let me use their RTX 3080 for a 3 month period, and ask me how much I was...
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    Should I upgrade my 65" Samsung KS8000?

    I also have the KS8000 and frankly speaking, Every few months I look at possible upgrade options and nothing other than an OLED impresses me enough to make it worth the effort. Recently we are starting to see some HDR 1000 displays that are capable of brightness levels well beyond the KS8000...
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    nVidia can’t be said to take this seriously. They have the most obtrusive captcha for GeForce Experience and that is not a bot prevention measure in the slightest—we are doing free annotations to train their ML perception networks for autonomous mobility. That’s the reason it’s there. So, if...
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    **buyers only** Were you able to secure a 3080?

    I was able to purchase a couple of 3080s.
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    Just want to extend a big fat middle finger to every major hardware review site/channel out there

    well in all seriousness, it’s true that the most popular, well heeled and tenured online / YouTube tech reviewers are approaching an evaluation skill set on par with what a test engineering intern at one of these GPU companies would develop after a few months. So, kudos to them but I think the...
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    The lovely thing about this is that we all win by having more time to evaluate the options. Well except for those who sold their cards last night, with no older card to fall back on, confident in availability this morning. this also seems par for the course. We’ve been through Intel and AMD CPU...
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    Multiple Microcenters have precisely 12 each? Hmm.
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I will try for a 3080 tomorrow. It is a tremendous upgrade from my 1080 and there is nothing I am playing in the near future that will have problems with 10GB. A few months from now my wife will upgrade her PC and generally does not want an expensive card. If in a couple of months the AMD option...
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    Just want to extend a big fat middle finger to every major hardware review site/channel out there

    I don't disagree with the OP that this is an important thing to know - historically, support for new display comms standards has been exceptionally hit-or-miss and I am worried that there is a gotcha or catch with the RTX 3000-series. I also believe that while not an entirely mainstream...
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    RTX 3080 Founder's Edition Review by Gamer's Nexus.

    read it. It did not establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that the game is VRAM limited since that would have required a back to back test with another card with more VRAM showing good performance, for example a titan card. The article at best can only hypothesize that VRAM limitation *may* be...
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    Private data gone public: Razer leaks 100,000+ gamers’ personal info

    as of a couple of weeks ago anyway, geforce experience still required a login to use. Fortunately it’s quite easy to download drivers direct from their website, so no major issues there, though I am not clear how many value add and nVidia services depend on GeForce experience rather than the...
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    Softbank selling ARM to Nvidia, finally after year of speculation...

    great post & insights. another speculation: nVidia’s primary competition (AMD, Apple, Intel) all have General purpose CPU and GPU initiatives and products and are diversified to protect against possible long term convergence. NVidia was not, until now. As CPUs become Increasingly parallel while...
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    I don’t mind said decline too much, nor subscription services. It’s a great equalizer. physical Media, for its pros, also created a keeping up with the joneses situation that I’m glad is behind us, at least with music and increasingly movies. Can’t wait until games are part of the same picture...
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    Softbank selling ARM to Nvidia, finally after year of speculation...

    The thing about appliances is that everyone loves them, but "tech enthusiasts" of most stripes hate admitting it. They'll happily expect their washing machine to be just that, but heaven forbid someone wants to regard a small pocketable communication device in the same way. In reality, most...
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    Soooooo, anyone now considering an 8K TV after the 3090 DLSS demo?

    I’m not opposed but would need to see native 8k content on an 8k display first. I have not seen it to date and don’t feel I’m in a position to judge. That said i would prefer brightness, HDR and wide color support over beyond-4K resolution. I also would prefer to scale up to ~200Hz refresh rate...
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    Potential RTX 3000 buyers...what monitors will you be driving?

    3080 for me I believe... 3090 value proposition seems low given price vs. advantages, and the two functional differences (nvlink and 24Gb) are unlikely to be used by me. I will stick with my Samsung 40” 4K/60Hz display and secondary ASUS 27” 1440p/175Hz Monitor until I can get a 40” 4K/120Hz...
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    NVIDIA RTX IO Detailed: GPU-assisted Storage Stack Here to Stay Until CPU Core-counts Rise

    Hmm. I’d love to see this brought to Windows Explorer / the NTFS file system. Copying large complex folders with 100k+ files is just painful these days.
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    Used GPU Market Crash of 2020

    Let’s say you can get $600 today and $375 two months from now. That’s $3.75 per day it costs you to use that card. How much do you game and what’s that worth to you? That’s the logic I would use.
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    AMD's best Big Navi GPU may only be a match for Nvidia Ampere's second tier

    I think they are worried about consoles.
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    CRT monitors with a small dot pitch

    I owned a Q015 for a couple of years, purchasing it maybe ~2012 and selling it ~2014. I recall it cost roughly $1,000 at the time - the few owners of these sets were more than happy to get rid of them by that point. Lovely picture and a work of art, but so large and a 2-3 person crew to move...
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    ASUS Announces ROG Strix, TUF Gaming and Dual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs

    Not sure I can support a card assembled with Auto-Extreme technology.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    RTX I/O
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    How much does the game asset decompression support mitigate GPU RAM? At first I was uncertain about the 3080’s 10 GB buffer and was wondering whether to rationalize the 3090’s far higher price and correspondingly fractional performance increase. But, it seems to me that if the assets can be...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    looks like the 3090 also adds nvlink support.