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    Mass Effect 1 noob texture help, please

    I've searched all over the Web and nothing I've tried has helped. I recently installed the Steam version of ME1 on the PC in my sig and even though I have altered plenty of .ini file settings - which made the game look even better - and tried the original, on the planet Ferros after exiting the...
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    The "Official" 3930 OC thread.

    I'm just a little guy who likes to do stupid things with electricity, but maybe those who own a 3930 or better CPU can submit their OCing accomplishments. I will readily admit that most of mine have resulted in absolute failure. But maybe some other worthy warriors will fight on and publish the...
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    This may be a problem for the records:

    I received a Viewsonic CD3225 for X-mas and it's behaving oddly on my computer - specs in the sig. When I use Firefox 8.0.1 pages do not display as they should. On some pages, chat or simply links are cut off, such as on On, for instance, my login info is removed from the right...
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    Recommend a good DX11 game?

    Since I just installed two nifty 580s I'd like to see if DX11 offers anything new and exciting compared to 10 and am looking for a game that not only looks good but is worth buying and spending time playing. I've got Arkham City, but with all the bugs reported I'm not sure that's the best...
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    SLI not working, please help

    I installed a second EVGA GTX 580 on my system, but it won't allow me to configure SLI. I have the connector installed, which I've reseated already, but to no avail. I've tried removing and reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers multiple times, nada. There's no option to enable SLI in the NVIDIA...
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    Weird temp issue, please advise.

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this issue, but it's about cooling in some way, so here goes: I woke up today to find my computer, which had been DLing something all night and doing nothing else in a room in the mid 60s F, but Hardware Monitor and ASUS Thermal Radar both...
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    Corsaird Vengeance 1600 runs at 1333?

    My new computer is working mostly great so far, but the RAM defaults to 1333 and when I adjust it in the bios it won't run at 1600. I'm new to ASUS boards, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I just set it to run at 1600 in the bios - should I make further adjustments to the settings, or will it...
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    Problem with Mozbackup restore

    I just put together my new comp - see my sig - and I can't get MozBackup to restore my FF information. When I try to restore I get an error at 004c2c9e and FFFFFFFF. Any ideas what's going on? On my old computer I had no problem backing up FF 8.whatever, but now I get the error message. Any...
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    Stupid question, re: ASUS P9X79

    The board comes with 6 SATA cables. Which ones are the SATA 3 cables, and which ones the SATA 2? 2 are all black, and 4 are black with white stripes. I thought I read some documentation somewhere that stated which are which, but I can't find any in the manual or other locations. Thanks
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    HAFx, HELP removing the top.

    I'm not a total idiot, I know how it's supposed to be done. It's just that I can't push those plastic clips back far enough to actually remove the top. I think it may be the cold temp of my place, in the high 60s currently. I'm gonna try turning it up to the mid 70s to see if that helps. Any...
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    My first SSD, tips please.

    It's a Samsung 256GB SATA 3, just to get that out of the way. I'm trying to decide what to install on it, and what to put on the HDD. SSD definite: Windows, Photoshop suite, DX10 games or later - and I assume I'll have to put Steam here to play new stuff, even if the old is there as well -...
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    Reinstall 7 with 32GB RAM?

    Some day soon I hope to buy a 3930K to go with the massive amount of stuff I've already bought. Anyway, I have 32GB of Corsair Vengeance mem, and you need 7 Pro or higher to use it. I have the 7 Home disc with a Pro upgrade code. Should I install the Home version with just 16GB, then install...
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    I hate you all

    No sooner than I receive an auto-notify that Egg has 3930K chips do I find that they're already sold out. Some of us have lives you know. And parts waiting for some CPU lovin'. Grrrr. Next time I'll beat you all. All I say!
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    You're waiting for Kepler and have to buy a new card, what would it be?

    I don't know whether to stick with my ancient 4870 x2 or buy a cheap 5xx series GTX. A 3 GB GTX 580 or 2 seems really nice, but what if the new model blows that away? Especially with its PCx 3.0 system, possibly? There's a bit of a difference between waiting a few weeks and waiting a few months.
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    ASUS X79 Sabertooth vs. Pro

    Any thoughts on the differences? I like that the Saber leaves a PCx x1 slot free no matter how many vidcards I install, and has lots of fans everywhere. The x79 Pro seems to have some other features, but are they that worthwhile? Please feel free to debate and argue below.
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    Any way to watch .wmv on an Acer Iconia?

    For some unknown reason, Acer decided not to support .wmv files on the Iconia, even though they support .wma. Is there was an app to allow me to watch them so I don't have to buy software to crack iTunes mp4 DRM? Also, can anyone recommend a good enterprise email app, which also was left out...
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    Help me, Coursair memory guy

    I'm sorry I don't remember your name, but I have some bad RAM that's < a year old. What do I need to do to get it replaced? Please give me a link, or any other info that will help resolve this problem.
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    My first laptop

    I'll finally be acquiring my first laptop after decades of desktop use (and tinkering), and I'm a bit weary of firewall protection on it. I've become quite lethargic after all these years behind a nice, safe(ish) hardware firewall. Now, however, I'm going to be venturing into the world of wifi...
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    7 gives my system a score of 5.9?

    RC1 gives my system a score of 5.9 based on the primary hard drive (I assume this is the one on which the OS is installed). If that's true, it's a Velociraptor, which seems to me should get a higher score. Is it possible it's set to SATA 1 mode instead of SATA 2? Or is 7 just really hard on...
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    Feedback on Win7 RC?

    I've looked thought his subforum quite a bit and only seen paranoid delusions and out of date info about how you can't get the RC (I did without a problem, but don't have the time to install it yet). So what are actual users seeing from this release? How does it compare to the 7000 build? What...
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    Which external drive would you buy?

    I'm currently leaning towards one of the following: Fantom 1 TB Cavalry 1 TB Any thoughts or concerns about the two? Newegg gives them better scores than a WD external (at least with eSATA).
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    OCing a Sapphire 4870x2?

    I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it to OC my vidcard. Under CCC, my max GPU clock is 778, up from 750, and the Mem Clock is 980, up from 900. Will I actually benefit from using CCC to overclock my vid? If so, what sort of effect will I notice on my temp? On the other hand, is there a...
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    My 4870x2 owns all yours.

    Why you may ask? Because after I put my comp to sleep it dropped to -2,147,483,648 C according to Hardware Monitor. Yeah, that's right. My graphics card is so awesome that it spits in the face of the laws of science. It's apparently made Absolute Zero its bitch. And what's more, I'm alive...
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    Corsair Dominator Question/Problem?

    I've got 4x2 1066 Corsair Dominator DDR2 in my system (see sig) that is supposed to run at 2.1V at 5-5-5-15-2T. So I set my BIOS to run at these settings, specifying 2.1V, even though it's pink in my BIOS settings. I assume this is just my MB's way of saying that this setting could be bad for...
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    Win7, RC1 - new validation key?

    When RC1 comes out will we need to register for a new key, or can we use our beta ones? It's not really that big of a deal, but I'd like to plan ahead.
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    Crysis 64 and ATI custom filtering AA?

    When I run Crysis in 64-bit mode it has an AA error that require a restart. I've restarted and still gotten the error. This is with 4x and 8x edge-detect selected. Is there anything I can do, or is it solely a 32-bit function at this point? Note - this is with Win7-64. Maybe that's the problem?
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    External eSATA powered by comp?

    My Antec 1200 has a molex connector on the eSATA add-in card, along with a splitter that ends in 2 SATA plugs. Are there any external HD holders that allow for this kind of hook up? It would be great if I wouldn't have to worry about manually turning the external disk on and off, so I'm really...
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    Help OC'ing e8500

    ****Updated with current values**** I had a previous thread here but I thought I should start fresh with a new one and more info. My comp is the one in my sig, and here is how I set everything up in Gigabyte's Intelligent Tweaker: Robust Graphics Booster [Auto] CPU multiplier 9.5 Host...
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    Replacing 4870x2 thermal paste?

    I read in a thread here which I now cannot find that it's very helpful for this monster's heat to replace the thermal paste. Anyone know how difficult this is? Is it fairly simple to remove the cooling unit, i.e. just a few screws and pull or slide it off to get to the guts, or is it a lengthy...
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    C1/2/4E, what's the deal?

    I understand the basic idea behind speed stepping, but I don't know what the different options offer. My MB (see sig) has all three of these, but the manual basically boils down to "allows this to work" which isn't really helpful. Searching this forum and with Google or Wiki has either sent me...
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    Win7: odd restarting problem

    I've had some weird issues with 7 lately: Twice I've put my comp to sleep before going to bed, once with Hibernate, the other with Suspend. On both occasions the comp went to sleep and powered down properly. Then I've awoken to find that the computer is back on and running normally. On the...
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    E8500 OC results

    I've just started successfully OCing, so I thought I'd share my results and seek out some tips. I'm using the system in my sig (CPU stepping A, Revision E0) along with a Scythe Zipang cooler. Currently I have it set to: 400 MHz FSB 1.325 V vcore (showing 1.296V in CPU-Z and 1.30 V in...
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    9.1 64 bit Beta 7 vs 9.2 Vista drivers?

    Anybody made any comparisons between the two? I'm curious whether it's worth it to use the 9.2 drivers or wait for a beta for 7. Everything runs fine now, so I'm leaning towards waiting and enjoying what works.
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    Recommendations for 4870x2 cards?

    Ignore my previous threads if anyone has seen them, since I'm buying a new comp. I decided to dive right in and buy the best bang for the buck and go with a 4870x2. Right now I'm looking at the Sapphire version since it's the cheapest. Anybody have any problems/issues with that? Reviews have...
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    Help me find the board for me

    I'm looking for a board with the following options: Intel C2 Quad DDR2 1066 min, or DDR3 eSATA rear and on board eSATA Preferably under $200 You'd think this would be easy, but I'm having a tough time finding one.
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    AGP is running as PCI

    My comp, with a Gigabyte k8u-939 (yes, it's old) no longer recognizes my video card as an AGP. I've tried both an nVidia 7800GS and an ATI HD3850, and both default to PCI mode instead of AGP. I've looked in the bios and tried various drivers, but nothing has worked. Anyone have any ideas? My...
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    new to ATI: CCC defaults to 0x AGP

    No matter what I do, CCC lists my AGP acceleration as 0x. I've tried multiple times to set it to 8x, but nothing seems to work. I've tried to change it in the BIOS, but there is no option. I just installed a Sapphire HD3850 with the 8.12 drivers. Is there anything I can do? As an aside, I...
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    Help with new ATI card

    I'm going to install my first ever ATI card, and want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly since they can be a little more hassle than nVidia. It's and HD3850 that will be replacing my 7800GS, both AGP of course. I've got DriverCleanerPro and the latest drivers from Sapphire, but do...
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    Using DDR2+ on a DDR board?

    I have an older board that only supports DDR memory. I've read here that using better memory, i.e. DDR2, will help with OCing, so I'm considering investing in some. So my question is will my board even be able to use DDR2+ RAM? It's a Gigabyte K8U-939, if that helps. I know that I won't be...
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    DVI or VGA for my LCD?