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    RDR2 $48 @ EGS

    I don't really want to pick it up from the epic game store, anyone know if it'll be this price / less from elsewhere next week? also are the different editions worth it? don't think i'll play online much.
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    Someone trying to hijack steam account

    I got a notification from steam saying someone is trying to log into my account with the correct password. I changed it this morning. I just got another email saying the same thing... I don't have any viruses (eset + malwarebytes + not a dummy) not sure what to do at this point.
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    Sata 4

    Where is it boys? Sata 3 been out for 10 years.
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    4:4:4, HDR, 60hz possible @ lower resolution HDMI 2.0?

    As the title says, is it possible for me to lower the resolution on my OLED TV so that I can enable HDR (10bit?), 4:4:4 @ 60hz? What resolution would it need to be? How can I do that? Trying to have all of those @ 4k is not possible due to HDMI 2.0. I have a B7A, GTX 1080.
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    $360 2TB MX500 SSD

    only comes with the ssd + bracket. kept debating whether I should get one, eventually did. only 5 left. new ones are going for ~$480
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    tiny GTX 1080 $640 how is it so tiny?!
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    is my new OLED broken?

    I got a new 4k OLED 65B7A TV a week ago and in some instances I see some weird stuff on my TV, horizontal thick lines where one is bright and the other is darker. It's very hard to take a picture of, but you can see it in the first one where its supposed to be a solid red/brown, but has these...
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    Best cheap plan?

    Hey guys, im looking for a cheap plan for 1-2 people. Unlimited would be nice, but I can live with 1GB data. I really don't know what is the best way to go, there are so many carriers/MVNOs/etc nowadays with so many plans. Don't need the actual phones, just a plan. edit: I should mention im...
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    2017 LG OLED TVs 55" $1350 65" $1999

    55 65
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    Does headmaster have native oculus support on steam?

    Or should I get it from the oculus store? It's on sale on steam and looked interesting. I found a "native list" on reddit and didnt see it there or in any of my searches.
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    steam black friday sale til 28th

    Some good deals, but some are cheaper elsewhere such as superhot, superhot VR, and even the two bundled together. Thumper is tied for it's lowest, so is Space pirate trainer. I'm looking forward to picking up more VR titles. The store is still updating, so there is some weirdness.
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    acer i7 6700 8gb ddr4 RX 480 4GB $680

    also 1TB HDD, win10, (full PC)
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    Ryzen R5 RX 580 8GB ram 1TB HDD PC $650 Pretty good for the price i think. esp now with the high...
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    Oculus Bundle: Rift + Touch + 7 Games + $100 Store Credit $600 taken from SD
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    dead space 3 saves reset by an hour?

    I started playing dead space 3 for the first time. I saved the game and exited once and started pretty close to where I was. but yesterday I played for ~5 hours, I did an whole hour long sidemission in the spaceship Greely and today I continued only to find out that it erased all of that...
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    Keep getting bad HDDs?

    I bought a 6TB WD black a week ago, when i first booted it up it made a lot of bad noises, and when i got to the desktop it made these tocks or ticks every 5 seconds that i could hear and feel if i put my finger ontop of the hdd. It also wasn't detected in windows, i restarted and tried...
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    where are the 2017 samsungs?

    The 2016 thread started on march 1st 2016, we're in mid April. I found the QLED TVs recently announced, but they start at $2500, whereas the 2016s almost maxxed out at that price. and on the...
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    Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1?

    Gonna buy one tonight/tomorrow morning. I'm probably going to end up buying the other sometime down the road. This is what im thinking: BF4 was $20 a few weeks after release, on black friday. (or maybe they priced it so because the launch was bad?) (also can wait for premium edition) so maybe...
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    $1500 PC 6800k, AIB GTX 1080, 480gb SSD, 16GB ram

    just the cpu and gpu cost is almost the whole system. gpu is the MSI gaming X $720 and sold out everywhere, cpu is $440. Pretty much beats what I upgraded to and costs less
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    dual shock 4 controller not charging

    my dualshock 4 stopped charging yesterday, the light doesn't come on. I've tried multiple cables and connecting it to different sources (PC, reciever, PS4, etc) I tried resetting it with the button on the back too. nothing seems to work. I bought it less than 3 months ago. Anyone have any tips?
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    GTX 1080 asus strix $620/$640 June 4

    This is the ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 1080—Pascal on another level Finally we know the pricing for these custom AIB cards. How high do you think this thing can clock?
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    winver not updating

    I moved to windows 10 edu around 4/6/16 from win7 ultimate. I was told that after 30 days windows 7 recovery would be erased and that my winver would be updated from 10240 to the latest one, but it has been almost 2 months now and it hasn't. I did delete all of the old windows 7 files manually...
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    xbox one w/ kinect + 5 games refurb $280

    Microsoft Certified Xbox One 500GB Console w/Kinect - 5 GAME BUNDLE w/ Halo 5 LE
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    Check AIO for leaks?

    Getting my parts tomorrow and my first water cooler, h115i. How do I check for leaks so it doesn't destroy everything. What should I do?
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    Upgrading - bought 5930k, gtx 980ti need rest of parts

    just went on a little crazy spree. got a 980ti and a 5930k ordered with staples 25% off coupon. currently have a 780 and a 2600k. Now I need to buy ram/mobo for the cpu i ordered. and I guess CPU cooler too? currently have a huge silverarrow from 2011. I want decent ram, currently have 8GB...
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    I just bought a 980ti

    I told myself I would wait for pascal/polaris, but today I saw a 25% off staples coupon. pricematched EVGA 06G-P4-4996-KR NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB GDDR5 PCI-Express 3.0 Graphic Card | Staples® to...
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    surface pro 2 4gb/128gb $380

    has an i5 4300u HD4400 Microsoft - Surface Pro 2 - 10.6" - 128 GB - Intel Core i5 - Dark titanium good price imo.
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    HP prebuilt i7 6700, 980ti, 16GB DDR4, win10 $1135

    taken straight from slickdeals HP Envy 750se Desktop: i7-6700, 2TB HDD, 16GB DDR4, 6GB GTX 980 Ti, Win 10 $1135.39 Matches a deal from 2 months ago at here. HP offers their HP Envy 750se Core i7-6700 Gaming Desktop w/ GTX 980Ti Video Card for $1135.39 when you follow the instructions below...
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    steam coupons alpha protocol 80% valkryia chronicles 75% tembo 75%

    last one is tembo the badass elephant, didnt want to make title too long. send me a message on steam if you want any of these coupons, they expire 3/1. username is ----- coupons expired
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    HP prebuilt 980ti,i7 6700,16GB DDR4 win10 $1139

    saw on slickdeals Core i7-6700 3.4GHz Quad-Core CPU 16GB DDR4 Memory 2TB Hard Drive (7200rpm) 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti SuperMulti DVD Burner 500W Power supply Windows 10...
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    20% game preorders (all systems) w/ amazon prime

    found on slickdeals some things to consider: gears of...
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    xbox one MCC + samsung 40" TV $499 BBY
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    $350 XBone w/ AC:U, MCC, $50 GC, 1 game of choice

    $350 xbox one comes with assassins creed unity, master chief collection, $50 microsoftstore giftcard and 1 game of choice can text MSSTORE to 29502 to get 5% off...
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    best way to backup/transfer to new phone

    a family members droid mini has had about 10 hours battery life from 100-0 for a little while now. It was their first smartphone, they're still kind of new to everything. I ordered them a motorola x (2nd gen) because I thought the features would be similar from the droid mini, its getting...
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    $230 used xbox one -$50 code XONE4215
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    $299 xbox one saw it on slickdeals.
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    searched and dint find a thread about this. its currently $7 on steam early access, has 98% rating. "Besiege is a physics based building game in which you construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to immense fortresses and peaceful hamlets. Build a machine which can crush windmills...
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    surface pro 2 512GB SSD, 8GB ram, +keyboard $700 amazing deal for an amazing device...
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    $319 playstation 4 monoprice free shipping as well.