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    I need a little advice

    I use my laptops for pretty much just surfing the Net, emailing and watching DVD's. ATM I have 2x water cooled Q6600 G0's that I try to keep DCing 24/7 without interuption (unfortunately they're temporarily shut down to upgrade and save on electricity and ACing in the summer) ATM I have 2x...
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    Talk about addictions

    As the title says, talk about freakin' DCin' addictions. I'm comin' at cha' wif a Pent m d610 lappy while jamin' to Joe Cocker :p (yeah I can dig it, I'm gettin' a little long in the tooth :rolleyes:) But back on topic (we's got topics now :eek:) I purchased this Dell D610 (Dell factory...
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    OK, here goes

    First off, if this subject has been beat to death and the same questions have been asked over and over I appologize. :rolleyes: What I've done is order a Dell Financial Services refurbished D610 m (1.730 Ghz, DVDRW) with only 256 MB's of RAM. Thru a little lapse in careful attention I orderd...
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    I'd like to start off this thread by thanking all DC'ers (no matter their religious affiliation, their skin color, their nationallity, whether they're Democrat or Republican or their sexual identification) . I would also like to say thanks to all the military member DC'ers among them :) On...
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    D'oh, were're these peeps

    It was a real high point when the "old timer" Mr relic checked in and I can dig it that ROC is vacationing down there with the 'roos (nobody to watch his farm) I was also some kinda' glad to see MrBooMY back in the fold, it was awlful quiet around here :rolleyes:. What ever happened to nomad8u...
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    Help big time

    I need some help here. I've added 2x more boxen to my little garden in hopes of helping in the Chimp Challenge. What is confusing me big time is I added 1x boxen about a month ago and the 2nd boxen just recently (long enough to upload a WU) I don't see any ppd increase (according to FAHmon it's...
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    I've got a questune' to ask of the WC'ing members of the best DCing team on the Internet, the free and unfree World or the known Universe (even better than R2D2's folding team), the mighty [H]orde team 33. (of which I just happen to be a member of :D) Here goes......, if I happened to get a...
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    I apologize

    I apologize to the max for whining and bitching about trouble getting GPU2 WU's for my VGA cards. :( I'll admit it was kinda' on the immaturity side. Not making any valid excuses, I have to rememeber no one amongst us is even close to being perfect :confused: (you know, the old throwin' stones...
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    Welp, I tried

    I got a little shook up when I read the post about the [H]orde gettin' over taken, so I was gonna' bring my lowly 9600GSO and 8800GS back up to speed with the F@H GPU2 client. You know the ole' sayin' about the nice laid tracks of mice and alligators (err..., or is that the ole' paved road to...
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    please help with opinions

    I need some help. Below are screen shots of my 2x 24/7 Q6600's. I run the GPU2 client on core #3 and the WCG clients on cores #0, #1 and #2. Both boxen are stock Q6600 G0's (2.40 Ghz) and WC'ed with a MCR220 rad and 2x shrouded Yate Loon HS fans pulling under a Sunbeam fan controller. They both...
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    Question about WC'ing

    I have 2x Q6600 quad G0's running stock at 2.4 Ghz ATM :). I have 2x lower performance GPU cards, a eVGA 9600GSO and a eVGA 8800GS. I have the shaders on both cards OC'ed to 1620 by the graph chart in the Precision program. I've had this MCW60-R WB in my closet hoping to get some kind of...
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    Thanks for DCing

    The title pretty much says it all as far as I'm concerned. ;) Thanks to all the DCers out there for helping the medical professionals find cures to improve the health of the unfortunate human victims of some very !@#$% up diseases. (!@#$% is shorthand for "fugged up") :p I'm only one of...
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    Woot :eek: No doubt, many people here have read my posts concerning my "hot blooded" PNY 8800GT 512 . Welp :mad:, it finally came to a head this morning while crunching a 5758 WU.. Running stock everything except the fan being manually set to 100% I was getting 60c to 61c freaking degrees...
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    Please translate

    As usual I was surfing several major newspapers (ie NYT, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, etc) primarily for political content concerning the presidential contest, but I came across the article listed below. I'm not sure I understand what it means and I may be overreacting. Does this...
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    Another Question

    I just finished pulling the trigger on a EVGA 9600GSO GPU (dual slotter) from Ebay for $70.77 including "pony express". I want to put it in a E6600, with a Thermaltake Purepower 420 watt PSU. I have a Emacs 600 watt in a Q6600 pushing a PNY 8800GT and another Q6600 with a Thermaltake PSU (only...
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    I've got a question :confused:. I was computerin' around today and decided to make a dual booter out of my E6600. (I have another E6600 CPU, just no mobo ATM) I'm going to install Ubuntu 64 v8.04 on one side (hda2) )and WinXP 64 on the other side (C:\). My question is I've updated everything but...
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    Linux GPU2 folding Info

    I need some information from the people I trust concerning folding and computers and of course, they are my fellow [H]orde members. :p ATM I have 2x Q6600's GPU2'ing with WinXP w/SP3 (8800gs, 8800gt) and WCG'n with the CPU's. With the price of the 8800gs and Q6600's so low I've been very...
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    May God be with you in the remembrance of the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. May the 2,751 or 2,557 or 2,751 (depending on who you believe) victims killed rest in peace. :) DC ONWARD EDIT: I read where the New York Times...
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    Man, this using the WinSMP client just gets better and better. I was kinda' jerkin' around today (really not doin' nothin', Sunday and all) and decided to leave the WCG program on one of my quads and download a WinSMP client and "crunch" F@H on my other quad (I'm watchin' closely for the crapo...
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    afterthought city

    Oops :(
  21. J

    afterthought city

    Oops again :rolleyes:
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    afterthought city

    As an afterthought, does the WCG have a niffty type badge telling any amount of pernts you accumulated or any standing in the community you might have like the F@H badge :confused:? Futhermore if it does, how do you access it and post it in the forum :confused:? Another thang, how do you know...
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    I saw this thread about OS's and I went "a ha" :eek: I like to mess around with all different flavors of Linux Some of the reasons are it's free which appeals to my "el cheapo" syndrome, it's a "low requierment" OS (in other words it doesn't take up a lot of HD space and it runs fine on...
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    How do you read points in VMWare

    Hello guys and gals, I know this has been answered about a zillion times (I googled it, I searched this forum and other forums, I even sacrificed a chicken to the computer Gods and still have this problem :mad:) It's information that has been demoted to the dusty archives in the basement (not...
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    A simple question about folding

    OK, kinda' bear with me fellow folders. This question has been sticking in my "craw" since I was reading the thread "How to seedup molecular modelling on GPU?" I was cool with the title because I figured it was just some medical "mumbo jumbo" understandable only by a person or persons involved...
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    does this look right

    Hello fellow members of the mighty [H]orde :D I just downloaded the A2 core for F@H, I got 2x 2662 WU's. They are running single client native Ubuntu v8.04 (with a KDE4 desktop) I have each one of them on Q6600 G0's, OC'ed 3.0 GHz (9x333), 2 GB's PC6400 RAM, stock vcore and both are WC'ed...
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    I need new glasses

    :eek: :eek:Woot... jkellum :eek::eek: unless my eyesight has deteriorated (which I doubt) or your ppd is a wopping 105,194 pernts. I gots to stop checking the stats page so often, bein' a fledgling pernts w[H]ore I was checking my own status once again because I was was "crowin'" proud of...
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    Oh yeah, before someone beats me to it Please have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!!! :D We needs all the help we can get to stay #1 so be careful. ;) FOLD ON! Edit: Ahh.., the above post was primarily for us "yanks", no offence meant :rolleyes:
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    basking in short glory

    Welp , I finally made it :p I just checked my stats and I'm in the top 100 on the [H]orde folding team #33. Although it's only by 51 pernts, I can still bask in the glory of being in the top 100, as far as folding pernts go, on the #1 team in the whole freaking world!!!! :eek: All's I can say...
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    If this question has already been asked I apologize. I did a search, but couldn't find any answer for water cooling a 8800 GT GPU in a 24/7 folding boxen. :confused: Seeing I'm kinda' a fledgling to WC'ing. I love it and would never go back to air coolin' even under the penalty of death...
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    linux and bugs

    I just finished an article about Dell computers shipping with a version of Ubuntu installed on some of their machines. I also read another article concerning Linux getting a "leg up" in desktop OS popularity because of Microsoft's VISTA just getting it's SP1. (I have no idea how anyone could...
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    On my WC'ed Q6600 G0 (OC' 3.0 GHz) it occasionally shows a pretty big delta between it's cores. I know or at least I've read where a 2c to 5c delta is normal with an unlapped cpu HS. My temps under load, with a 24c ambient temp are roughly core #1=45c, core #2=39c, core #3=44c and core...
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    Q6600 TIM aplication

    I've got a question. I have a Appogee GT WB that's been "bowed" with the larger "O" ring. What I need to know is how is the best way to apply TIM (AS5) on a slightly OC'ed Q6600 G0 cpu. (24/7 folder, stock vcore) :rolleyes: Do you use the one line in the middle method, the two lines parallel...
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    The "B" case

    Welp, like I stated in the "borg countdown" thread of this great forum I tried the NotFred diskless folding CD and wow :eek: was it easy to setup and monitor. The biggest reason everything went so smooth was because I read the instructions in the folding thread by EvilAlchemist. (many thanks...
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    Q9450 vs Q6600 information please

    Now I gots a question for those that are folding with a Q9450. I was kinda' tardy to the party and just got 2x Q6600 G0's in the last couple of months. I was kinda' surfin' around our fine forum and noticed in the Intel thread where a poster said the Q9450 at stock (2.66 GHz) would be equal to a...
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    WU #3065

    I checked the project page and the 3065 WU weighs like 2144 pernts and according to FAHmon 2.3.2b it's getting 2720.14 ppd on a Q6600 OC'ed to 2.8 GHz and only running 1x F@H client in Ubuntu v8.04 Linux. Does this sound like it's in the "ballpark" or should I run a VM in native Linux (I had...
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    I gots a question?

    My question is in regard to a water cooled E6600 24/7 folding boxen, a GA-G31M-S2L mobo and 2 GB's of "el cheapo" DDR2 PC6400 RAM all runnin' in WinXP 32 bit with SP2. The above boxen is a E6600 cpu mildly OC'ed to just 3.0 GHz (stock vcore). It has a MCP350 WP (stock top), a MCR220 rad with...
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    Question about the Nautilus 500 pump

    Hello all you WC'ing fanatics :D Please don't anybody get into the aluminum in your loop deal. I'm just using the water pump (right side up :rolleyes: ) About a week ago I purchased a Nautilus 500 WC'ing kit from Ebay. Not really intending to use it with just one fan, a single rad...
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    Congrats Rebel44

    I don't know if this is a repeated post or not :confused:, if it is I appologize. I screwed up with double posting when Xilikon hit 5 mil, so I may have screwed up again. If this is a "repeato" I'll admitt I'm a little slow on the "uptake" sometimes.:rolleyes: I just wanted to say congrats to...
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    Congrats Xilikon for 5 mil

    Congrats Xilikon for your passage into the netherland of 5 million. :D