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    How Does the GTX 1080 Ti Stack Up in 2020?

    1080Ti overclocked to 2076/12Ghz mem........since I am not gaming much (if any these days) I will only upgrade to 3080Ti just for 4K and move the 1080Ti to my kids PC who play @ 1080p.....
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    Most significant upgrade you ever made ?

    A year ago, going from a Q9550 / 8GB RAM /GTX780 / Samsung 840 Pro to a new X299 platform with an i9-7940X @ 4.8Ghz All Cores, 64GB 3600 DDR4, NVME Drives and 1080Ti - all watercooled and overclocked.
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    HPE to buy supercomputer maker Cray in $1.30 billion deal

    In the end----only a handful of companies will control everything.
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    ASUS ROG Strix Helios

    Now if only Aura had all the features needed for customization and was actually working, this would make sense....IT DOES NOT!
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    Nvidia Releases "Creator Ready" RTX Drivers

    Did they enable 10bit color through OpenGL in Photoshop?
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    Get Ready for Targeted Ads on Your Smart TV

    Can I have a "Dumb" TV please? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! I just want the monitor aspect without the crap...for the rest I always like to hook up an HTPC and do whatever I like.
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    NVIDIA Could Tease Next-Gen 7nm Ampere at GTC 2019

    Hey nVidia, start with a 20% discount on your GPUs and work your way to higher sales from there...otherwise good luck....I am enjoying the show and eagerly await your next Q results.
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    Nvidia Adds Metro Exodus to RTX Bundle

    Because you bought yours the first month it came out....:LOL: On the other hand...someone has to buy products the first month the come out.
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    HP's Intel and Nvidia Powered ISS Supercomputer is Stuck in Space

    Let's be realistic here......We need 100 more years of technological advancement before anything exciting happens in space travel...this!
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    Volvo Reveals the New Polestar 2 Electric Performance Vehicle

    I don't think this is what he meant by using the term "subscription"......I think he means that you can subscribe for getting/using a car on a monthly fee ONLY*.....instead of buying it.
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    Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods Has a March 2019 Release Date

    600 Hours? I don't think I will manage that much for gaming in general in the next 20
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    Huawei Announces the $2,600 Foldable Mate X Smartphone: It Folds Outwards!

    Am I the only one who couldn't care less about these foldable phones? Then again I don't care about phones in general and buy one iPhone every 4-5 years when iOS stops updating. I am still on a 6S Plus and don't feel like I am missing something.....I hate small screens for anything serious though..
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    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX 1650 Next Month

    They should release a 3080Ti @ $750-800 so that I can upgrade my 1080Ti...this! I refuse to pay $1400 for a 2080Ti
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    All this shit with multiple launchers happens because Microsoft could not get their own shit together all these years and make Windows THE gaming platform with their own GAME market where all developers could sell directly. It could be done and MS could afford not to charge more than 5-7%...
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    Got a Spare $43,000? You Could Spend It All on This Monster Gaming PC

    This is OcUK - classic out of touch pricing.....and I remember these guys (not owners anymore) about 20 years ago when I was a student in the UK that had just started....I got a Coppermine Pentium from them to overclock....
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    AMD Clarifies Pro Driver Support for Radeon VII

    I wonder if they allow 10bit color in Photoshop....right now it is only Quadro and AMD Pro Cards
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    Only Plebs Use Office 2019 over Office 365, Says Microsoft's Weird New Ad Campaign

    I personally find it a great deal to have 6 installations of Office 365 + 6TB OneDrive + The mobile apps for the whole family at only $99.... I guess some people will still nag even if Microsoft gives Office 365 away fro free....well there is a free online version anyway.... I still wonder how...
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    Have HDDs gotten any faster in the last decade?

    I can certainly tell the difference between my WD Gold 10TB and older 5400-7200rpm drives I have..During backups it consistenly achieves about 220mb/s speeds.
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    Nvidia is Publishing a Book on Raytracing

    Unless Nvidia realizes that their current pricing is out of touch with reality and the mass market they can start adopting the idea of becoming "book publishers" in order to increase their income... Get off your high horse nVidia - you never were and never will be a Lifestyle Luxury goods...
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    32" 4k display for design and 3d work.

    I just tested with the nVidia control panel since it does allow to create a custom resolution and set the desired refresh go! Not a single Hertz @ 4K.....the nVidia utility allows you to test the custom settings and returns a prompt if successful asking if you want to keep...
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    Microsoft Guy: Mozilla Should Give Up on Firefox and Go with Chromium Too

    Firefox FTW!!!! Keep it alive or you are looking for trouble>!
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    Google Takes Its First Steps toward Killing the URL

    Not only that - I run a Search campaign on Google Ads now for a client and they keep "suggesting" to use AMP for the "Landing Pages" to get a better score.....BS!!! Use AMP and your design is ruined... Google is a REGIME! They are the Communists of web design trying to make everything look the...
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    32" 4k display for design and 3d work.

    I don't think it supports VRR (not officially anyway) since it is a professional monitor and 60Hz only....I did not buy it for gaming but work first sine my 30" 2450X1600 failed and was left with a 1080p monitor and could not wait.... I intend to get a second 4K or 1440p monitor too to complete...
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    32" 4k display for design and 3d work.

    I got a Benq SW320 32" 4K and I am extremely happy with it...I do some print work too so Adobe RGB was needed. SW320&cm_re=Benq_SW320-_-24-014-615-_-Product BEWARE though!!!! I was very lucky and got a good panel...
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    Gigabyte Will Allegedly Lay Off Sales and Marketing Staff

    They all need to get their shit together! I suggest that they do the following summarizing what others said above. - reduce model range to a meaningful number. I.e. 4 models for each chipset MAX - improve quality to reflect prices across the board - Produce software that Actually works (shitty...
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    Backup software

    AMEN! I am using the same combo and it never failed me. FreeFileSync is such a great utility that is also actively developed with very frequent updates. It has saved me so many times. The same with Macrium Reflect - great and reliable and worth the price.
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    Der8auer Delids a W-3175x

    The 9900K is yet another CPU that also does better delidded + LM but especially for the big dies (9900X-9980X) the situation is worse since you can't delid them easily now without causing damage. The Skylake-X refresh has better stock clocks and possible a more mature process and/or better...
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    Der8auer Delids a W-3175x

    Solder is not what it used to be anymore....all new 9XXX 2066 CPUs (& 9900K) perform worse thermally than a delidded CPU with Liquid metal...but better than thermal poo + IHS. Like it or not solder is thick and less than ideal..It's time to start offering bare die CPUs with some protective...
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    Windows Audio Is Getting DTS:X and Dolby Atmos Upgrades

    Audio output can be just fine and unlimited in bandwidth using the appropriate pro equipment - it's just not happening with games and to be honest the general population does not give a rat's ass for high quality audio. Most people nowadays do not even have a proper speaker system in their...
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    Windows Audio Is Getting DTS:X and Dolby Atmos Upgrades

    Errr......if Dolby Pro Logic sounds the same as Dolby True HD and Atmos then either something wrong with your setup or if not I would never worry about sound quality in my life again (because ::: EARS!)...LOL Seriously in a properly setup system there SHOULD be a difference between the two...
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    Intel Releases Disappointing Q4 2018 and Full-Year 2018 Financial Results

    LOL - the title only shows how spoiled the kids at wall street are ---- Intel will be fine.
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    Most Customers Would Stop Watching Netflix if it had Commercials

    My tolerance on commercial at this point is this - ZERO! If they put commercials on I am canceling. I really don't even care for watching TV that much anymore - it's a time waster anyway.
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    ASUS ROG THOR 1200W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Just check its efficiency curve vs your estimated average daily power usage and make sure that the fan turns off when below that threshold. That is if you care about it of course.
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    ASUS ROG THOR 1200W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Getting a large PSU does not mean you consume more electricity automatically although its efficiency is affected by usage. There are other factors to consider though. For example I bought the Corsair AX1500i not because I need 1500Watts but because it was the best thing out there (before the...
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    Ubisoft Apologizes for "Controversial" Relationship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC

    Ridiculous behavior for yet another time reminding me of some "......certain..." religious groups that want to have it their way or.....kill them all...
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    Sweet Baby Jeebus Alienware 55" 4k120 OLED Displayport

    I was not being bothered with the latest and greatest hardware for almost 10 years until last January and to my surprise I see the 2560X1440 resolution as being something "in demand" when I had a 2560X1600 30" display 10 years ago. Ridiculous! And I don't care that they are 144Hz now - we...
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    GTX 1080 TI Overclocking Results

    Guys, I came down to the same conclusion.....modding the BIOS won't offer anything worthy..... My card stays @ 2000 Core with the waterblock (38C max) even without overclocking....after overclocking I can hit around the same as Ripskin and it all comes down to balancing your Power budget..I.e...
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    Gigabyte Z390 Waterforce

    The board has great cooling (even has heatpipes at the back) in the "vanilla" version too without the monoblock and the most efficient VRMs (along with MSI Godlike) out of all Z390 boars. It is also high in price but we should take note of its features that are easily worth $200 if one buys them...
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    Are there good non-PCI fan and RGB controllers?

    Well they have released modules that now can control Corsair & NZXT addressable RGB led fans. They can get costly since you need these and some other modules but you won't find anything else that does all this in the...
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    GTX 1080 TI Overclocking Results

    Hey keep us updated since I was toying with the idea of flashing my Asus Strix 1080Ti OC edition. I run the card at 2083ΜHz core & 6100Mhz Memory and my temps never exceed 38C with full cover waterblock. It looks like the card can go higher but needs some more voltage. However, I also don't...