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    Potential RTX 3000 buyers...what monitors will you be driving?

    This is what I was thinking as well after seeing all the benchmarks and the numbers. I am just not sure about the 3090 now knowing it is only 10% to 20% over a 3080 for over double the cost. I just bought a new Display which is a LG OLED48CXPUB. Its a 48in OLED 4K TV. Reviews show it to be...
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    Potential RTX 3000 buyers...what monitors will you be driving?

    Using 2x Dell 32in s3220dgf Curved 1440p 165hz. I got a Watercooled 2080 Ti now so waiting for reviews before knowing if i am going to get a 3080 or 3090. Leaning more towards a 3090 and keeping my 2080 Ti as backup.
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    Intel's 9th Generation Core Family - R0 Stepping

    Could be just a better binned 9900K. Either way I am sure that thing is going to need some good cooling. Wonder if it will even OC all that well since it is already pushing all core 5ghz.
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    T-Mobile Partners with Ericsson and Intel to Complete the World's First 600 MHz 5G Call

    I have unlimited hotspot on T-Mobile One and use about 60 to 70gb a month. Never been slowed down. I avg about 120 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up. So with T-Mobile Unlimited isn't really a marketing word when you really get that.
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    Tesla Could Make a $25,000 Electric Car in “About 3 Years,” Says Elon Musk

    This is not correct. I live in MN and have a Prius with Snow tires and never had any issues with snow. Not sure where you got that hybrids are bad in snow. Also when talking about heat in the car, I still get around 50 mpg no problem with the heat set to auto at 70f.
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    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    Not sure on cost but have you not seen the Model X or maybe the new Model Y.
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    Game of Thrones Stars' Personal Details Leaked as HBO Hackers Demand Ransom

    100% agree. I looked to see what was leak and when I saw it was only 360p, I was like yea I am going to wait until it is on for better IQ, and oh man am I happy I did. Last episode was really good and well worth the wait.
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    The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time

    I owned a EVGA 680i SLI. I used it with my 8800 GTX SLI setup until it set its self on fire by the CPU socket and EVGA replaced it with a 780i. I still have the 780i in my closet. I didn't really have problems with both of them. I was able to run my Core 2 Q6600 at 3.5ghz with both of them.
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    VW Says Its Tesla Model 3-Fighter Will Be $7,000 to $8,000 Cheaper

    This is the reason I want a Tesla. My next car will be all EV and I want a lot of the things Tesla offers that no one else seems to offer just yet. Also looks is kinda big to be and those hatchback small cars are just plain ugly as hell to me.
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    “Surface Note” Concept Brings Microsoft’s Foldable Phone Patent to Life

    I would get rid of my iphone for that if they bring it.
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    Super Mario Odyssey

    already pre ordered when I bought Zelda for my Switch.
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    T-Mobile’s New 600 MHz Network Rollout Begins This Summer

    None, No hardware in phones right now support this. 1st phone most likely will be fall 2017 or spring 2018.
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    nVidia support says Geforce 10 series can't output 4K@60Hz at 4:4:4 chroma

    This would be nice if you could us an adapter for it. I am not sure if that would work or not. I know my 980 GTX will do 4k@30hz at 4:4:4 chroma, but like the 10 series 60hz does not work.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    would be cool to win this. thx kyle for thinking of us.
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    Nintendo Expects to Ship 20 Million Switch Devices in First Year

    I think once Mario Kart comes out on April 28th, it is going to make the switch even hotter. I am not sure why the hype is so high right now since I have one, finished zelda and all the extras yesterday, have Super Bomberman R which sucks, and now I am stuck until Mario Kart. The switch is...
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    Nintendo Switch's Storage Can Be Filled up with a Single Game

    I plan on going full physical with my switch. The cartridges are suppose to be as fast as the SD Card so why not just use those. I am putting a 64gb card into it but it will be games I buy on the eshop. I am ok with 32gb of main storage if save games are small.
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    Nintendo Switch eShop Will Finally Link Purchases to Accounts, Not Consoles

    It kinda is from them. There is a video on youtube of someone who got there Switch early, and under the TOS when logging into your nintendo account it says this.
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    New video card needed for multimonitor system.

    Any of the 10xx NV cards should be fine for what you are looking for but I am not sure what you are going to be able to do with the VGA port. I do not think any of the current cards have that port on them anymore. Most if not all the cards now adays have DVI, Display Port, and HDMI. You maybe...
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    iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s?

    I have a 6s+ and did not feel the upgrade is worth it this time around. I will most likely be upgrading to the whatever comes out this fall.
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    Gamestop Is Punishing Stores for Selling New Games

    I just pre ordered some things for the Nintendo switch there since they were the only ones that give the most for some things I traded in. The ppl were really nice and didn't try and sell me anything. They did give me some false info but I just nodded my head and move on. I do mainly buy online...
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    Totaling The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Nintendo Switch

    3 hours isn't bad its more then the Xbox and PS4 can do if you unplug those. :)
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    Totaling The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Nintendo Switch

    Connecting my phone to my TV is a epic fail. It just doesn't work well and and isn't he same. I am forced to buy a tablet to play the games on a bigger screen. Still no the same as my 60in TV. The switch isn't the Xbox or PS4 but it is something different. The $300 price tag isn't that bad...
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    Totaling The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Nintendo Switch

    But it is also a handheld that can play on a TV what other handheld can do that.
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    Totaling The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Nintendo Switch

    Only time will tell. If 3rd parties up the switch and start making games for it, it will be worth it for the handheld part alone. I Pre-Ordered it already. My day one cost is Switch 299.99 + Zelda 59.99 + Carrying case 29.99 = 389.97. Only thing on that list that isn't needed is the carrying...
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    Nintendo Switch's Bundled Joy-Con Grip Doesn't Charge Controllers

    I am hoping you can just use the normal the battery back packs that you can use with Cell Phones for the Switch. I have a 10000mah one which fast charge on it and I can just use a USB Type C cable. So I am hoping I can just use that to charge it when I need to on the go.
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    Nintendo Switch's Bundled Joy-Con Grip Doesn't Charge Controllers

    I am starting to think that ppl are just trying to find away to make the switch look bad. If you play the games on the switch for 20 hours and the Joy-Cons die, that is on you. Just put them back on the Switch and charge them when you go to bed at night or when you walk away from the switch to...
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    Upgrading my Motorola Cable modem, which ones should I consider?

    The SB5190 can handle over 1gb/s. It can handle 1.4gb/s DL and 262mbps UL.
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    Upgrading my Motorola Cable modem, which ones should I consider?

    The fastest you can get is "Ulitimate DL(Up to 50Mbps) UL(Up to 5Mbps)." that is crazy. Man Internet speeds in parts of the USA blow ass. I live in the Twin Cities area of MN and have Mediacom. I am using the SB6190. I know it isn't on your list, not sure why TWC doesn't allow it. I am paying...
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    Nintendo Is Using A Phone App For The Switch's Voice Chat

    You could and be stuck at home then playing the game. I want to be able to play it when I am not at home. This is the only reason I pre ordered the switch, so I can play my games on the go.
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    Verizon Unlimited Users Averaging 200GB Or More Per Month Get The Boot

    if you read their TOS I am sure it says something about changing it if they want out of contract. I am not saying this is right but it is the way things work out. If you don't like it change company's. That is why there are others out there.
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    Verizon Unlimited Users Averaging 200GB Or More Per Month Get The Boot

    Most of the unlimited data customers are not in contract from what I have seen. This means that Verizon can do what they want because the contract is over. I am also sure there is something in their TOS saying they can change what they want when they want as well. If ppl do not like it they need...
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    Nikkei Reports Nintendo Switch Price Of 25,000 Yen, Prompting $250 Speculation

    Nothing is for sure until next week. Also you aren't going to have a Xbox One or PS4 in the size the switch is. If you did, it would have like 30 mins of battery life. The Switch looks great and I can't wait to get one.
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    Super Mario Run’s Not-So-Super Gender Politics

    100% agree. This is crazy. Man so many ppl that are butt hurt over dumb crap like this. No more Mario needs to save Peach anymore incoming.
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    Going 4K - should I double up my 970gtx in SLI or go 1080?

    It all depends on the game and what you think ok FPS is. I have a 980 GTX highly OCed with it on water, and I can play a lot of games at 4k with some settings turned down. just an example, I can play DOOM at 4k with close to everything on ultra but shadows and a few other settings on high and...
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    T-Mobile Workers Accused Of Selling Unwanted Services

    100% agree with you on this. I work for T-Mobile right now and this is something that is pushed daily. I have been with the company for over 5 years and it has only gotten really bad the pass few years. I have had a few mangers who didn't push as much as others, but there are some like my...
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    Nintendo Switch Less Powerful Than PlayStation 4

    I still plan on pre ordering one. The Switch looks like it is going to kill. What kid or adult doesn't want to be able to play a game on their TV and then pick up the screen and start playing again in the car on the go. This is the main reason I want one of these. I can play at work on my break...
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    Tesla Full Self-Driving Hardware Demonstration

    I have always wanted a Tesla and this just just helps that. I will beta test it. My next car will be a Model 3 maybe even a Model S.
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    GTX 1080 Ti May Have 10GB Of VRAM

    I was looking at getting a 1080ti to replace my 980GTX. I am really hoping it isn't 1k. If it is I may just wait until the next cards are put out. I am not paying 1k for one GPU that is crazy. AMD needs to get their game together and start putting out stuff to make NV lower prices. Man this is...
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    2600k with a single gpu still relevant?

    I really wanted to upgrade to Skylake this time around but it still does not seem right to me. Once your 2600K is OCed, the gaming numbers start to even out with a Skylake CPU. If you take both cpus stock to stock then yes the skylake will win, but the problem is the 2600K OCs very nicely and it...
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    Titanfall 2: Exclusive 4K 60fps On A Titan X

    is it just me or why is the tilte say 4k at 60 fps but you can't watch the youtube video in 4k. The highest is 1080p. wtf