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    Amazon Echo

    anybody get an Invite yet?
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    BitFenix Pandora

    Looks like it has some interesting features
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    Hybrid PhysX with R9 ?

    anyone get hybrid PhysX working with a 290/290x and an nVidia card?
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    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Hunter roll call

    any [H]ard Hunters out there? Bloodypulp
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    Wii U basic $200 @ Target

    Best Buy listing the basic Wii U for $250 Target has a $50 gift card with purchase of Wii U system Ask the Target customer service to pricematch Best Buy. When it rings up at the register, you get the gift card.
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    GTX 680: VRM modification

    Looking at the PCB, there's empty space in the VRM section. One can see where additional components were planned to be mounted. Were more phases planned by the engineers? Would adding an additional inductor and mosfets improve the voltage quality of the board for higher OC potential?