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    p5n-e-sli nf-650i and overclocking

    i've been looking around for the first "beta-testors" that have been overclocking useing the asus p5n-e-sli with the 650i nvidia chipset . they have a few over at XS and are overclocking them with various core2 cpu's . other than a few quirks like the dreaded v-droop . the asus don't...
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    antique mb that are still running --

    with all the talk on the fourm about brand new mb's behaving badly . i thought i would see how many old mb's from the early to mid 90's are still working. i have an old intel with a 486 dx 33mhz that still works it's a dual cpu server with of all things a sis chipset . it was made in 1989 ...
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    warm -club it e-6300 OEM $167 shipped

    nice intel e-6300 for $167 shipped over at club it . not as good as the buy a 6400 for $169 get a free ecs like frys . but pretty good considering most places want $180+ and shipping . might pick it up with that cheap wd-80jd harddrive deal . :cool:
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    foxconn 965p-7AA-8ks2a overclocking?

    hey i just saw a review where the foxconn. msi and asus dleux 965p's were reviewed overclocked --the asus did 443fsb stock v-core with a 6300. the MSI did 400fsb with the multi turned down to 6 ? default v-core . the the foxconn did 434fsb default v-core. with the same 6300. so the...
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    foxconn 965p-7AA-8ks2a and overclocking

    anybody working with this MB and a core 2 ? i've only seen a few reviews on it where it hit a 330fsb with a 10x core 2 6700. anybody overclocked it with a 6300 core 2 ? :cool:
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    intel D975XBXLKR and overclocking

    i considering a couple of MB for my next core 2 build . i do need to get a decent OC out of it. i am considering the gigabyte DS-3 ,asus p5b, the DFI infinity 975x the MSI 975x and i have been seeing a few good deals on intel d975xbxlkr's . now overclocking and intel don't normaly go...
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    overclocking crossfire ?

    crossfire owners if your overclocking with your crossfire MB's are you hitting any high overclocks ? i'm thinking i might try one myself since i have some ati cards. :cool:
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    144 opt CACJE 3.0 air anybody else ?

    my ebay 144 opty seems to be a very good overclocker . on my a8n-sli deluxe rev-1 it's running 3.0 on air with just a slight bump in v-core--well the truth is i forgot to change it from where it was with the a-64 i had in there --so i started off @ 1.56v-core --but on this asus i think 1.56 is...
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    7800gt with 7800gtx bios flash

    anybody try a 7800gtx bios on a 7800gt card ? :cool:
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    x2 bios ECS and overclocking bios a754

    new bios out-- i flashed this bios to my ECS a754 1.0 nf4 mb-- it retains most of the previous bios but it adds support for cpu-FSB up to 400mhz ! previously my ECS has been held back by only having 250fsb. and lastly the A-939 mb has a new x2 bios --make sure you have the right MB as...
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    x2 bios ECS and overclocking bios a754

    x2 duplicate
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    7800gt for $329 after $30 MIR

    albatron 7800gt at the eg for $329 after a MIR check it out. :cool: Albatron Geforce 7800GT 7800GT Video Card - Retail at
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    weird CRT problem

    i have a AOC 19inch CRT monitor model 9glr anyway bought it new last year --its been fine bright and no problems until now. on start up it will "pop" and fizz--and the screen acts all crazy--then it will puff out a "stink" after 30 seconds or so it will start working-- although...
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    worlds most flakey mo-bo's

    worst all time motherboards you've had to deal with , old or new please be as specific as you can about make, model and chipest . . so please don't just post- maker such and such sucks . and DOA's don't count . it has to work just long enough to drive you crazy--LOL # 1 i remember an...
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    XGI-volari v-5 & v-8 any info ? users ?

    interesting videocard XGI volari v5 and v-8 256 mb interface-- anybody ever use one ? are they a problem ? been seeing them uber-cheap ? :eek:
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    build now or pay more for less later ? What We Have To Look Forward To interesting link :cool:
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    4g ram ?

    anybody running 4 gig of ram on a nf4-MB ? my a8n-sli deluxe with 3200venice is running 2 gig of HD @ 200mhz now i can put in another 2x256 of inferion and still get a default of 200mhz . but if i put in 2 x 256 of tccd it defaults to 166mhz? now i'm thinking if i can put in another...
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    A8v-deluxe-kt800pro suddenly a overclocker ?

    been playing around with my old A8v-deluxe kt-800pro . anyways i havd this mb for months now and had pretty much given up any hope of stable overclocking above 250fsb. well a new bios comes out for it 1014-008 oem .it is for x2 support and has some bug fixes. so i drop in my 3000 venice e3...
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    new standards for VGA's and monitors DisplayPort display port technology it's not far off . and it can change everything . think hard before you lay out big $$$ for a vga and monitor update. the new system has a totally new refresh-rate technology . i suppose even if things go close to...
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    warm -power color x800gt 256mb $155 shipped

    warm -- x800gt $155 shipped . might be a good deal--would be a better deal if it would unlock some extra pipes --but don't think it is possible . should overclock well with 480r core sign up and get $10 off first order. just warm but nice compares well with a 6600gt with 8 pipelines and a...
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    x 800 GT

    anybody fooling around with the x800gt ? there inexpensive @ around $160 shipped for the 256mb version , they either have the r423 or r480 core with 8 pipes very high core speed and moderate ddr speed ? i'm looking for something to "hack" -- tempring to try one and 'hard-mod-flash" mod...
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    agp-pro in socket 754 or 989 ?

    anybody know of a good amd 754 or 939 MB with the agp-pro type slot ? yea i know there is that dreadful soyo k8usa --but are there any others ? :cool:
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    A-64/939 3000 BW ?

    just got a batch of 3000/939's a64's they got a funny code of BW ? last batch was BP's anybody know if these are good OC'ers??? :cool: :)
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    budget builders PCI-express set up

    ewiz has the ecs-socket 754 nf4 mb for $55 shipped they also have the sempron 90nm core for $57+ s&h so you could upgrade to a nf4-pci-express system for a spot over $100 IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! We do the product pricing for you!
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    7800gtx $495 no rebates no codes required ZipZoomFly this is $495--best price i've seen on the 7800gtx's so far. dell has a deal for $473--but they want to charge me sales tax--+++$46-- so this deal is a little less i think i am going to hold off for a...
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    warm-new SLI mb $107 shipped (1 day sale) BIOSTAR N4SLI-A9 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail at don't know how good this MB is-- i have had pretty good luck with biostars in the past. i have heard they will do 250fsb overclocking --but thats just...
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    ALBATRON k8-SLI $108 - $30mir @newegg

    albatron K8-sli motherboard at newegg $108 after $30MIR this looks like a hot deal for anybody wanting to get a SLI MB that can overclock some too.darn just think a few months back you couldn't find any sli's for less than $200+ this mb looks to have some very advanced features- like...
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    x850pro to x850XT/PE mod or softmods ?

    anybody seen or done a x850pro soft mod or hard mod to x850tx or pe ? ive seen lots of the older x800pro's but haven't seen any info on the x850s being "moddoble"? :cool: :eek: :cool:
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    pny 6800gt agp problem

    well--this is my first AGP build in a long time system spec-- a8v kt800deluxe 2x256 corsair value ram 2.5cl 3000 venice core wd ata hd--450sl antec psu pny 6800gt videocard well heres the problem the videocard has a picture --but the colors are wrong and the picture is faint ...
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    3000 venice core 939 $117 free shipping

    e-wiz has got the 3000 venice cores on sale for $117 with free shipping. too bad i just bought one from them last week for $127.67 shipped--LOL
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    A8V-DELUXE KT-800PRO & dual core ??

    hey there i just got a super deal on a GF6800pro agp --yea i know i been running around telling people to go pci-express whenever possible--LOL but i concide this was just too good to let pass-- anyways - my two other 939's were pci-express so i got this a8vdlx pro asus i was...