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    Dual Monitor set up: 3007 Dell and 24" Dell (portrait mode) on right side. What impro

    Hi All: I currently have a dual monitor set up: 3007 Dell (in center) and 24" Dell (portrait mode) on right side. The right side 24" portrait Dell monitor is mostly Outlook all the time, with Windows task manager at the very top right corner, top left corner is CNN playing in a small window...
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    Nvidia Driver 158.18 does NOT remember my settings! Vista, 8800GTS with 158.18 Driver

    Hello! I'm hoping that someone in this good forum can help. i've exhausted my options. Using an 8800GTS 640 on a Vista 32 machine, 2 monitors. None of the previous Nvidia drivers would remember my color/brightness/gamma settings but they have promised that future drivers would and my friends...