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    strange loss of performance for my 8800gt :-/

    Before all these soft volt modding and new drivers, my 8800GT which was running at 720/1800/975 on forceware 169.09, got a solid 3DMark06 score of about 13440 after editting my bios to change the volt to 1.1 and install these new drivers (169.13, then 169.21) my 3DMark06 drops about 100...
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    gigabyte raid0 not appearing :(

    hi guys, please let me quickly brief this up. My rig (in my sig) is running on windows XP w/ sp2. I recently score 2 HD's on frys and decided to set up a raid0 to run them. i decided to use gigabyte raid controller (purple ports) to set up my array, main reason is my comp bootup a lot...
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    what could possibly went wrong??

    this is really frustrating and i cant figure out why the temp is so HIGH!! >:[ anyway i just bought a Rosewill RCX-Z1 from newegg to replace the old heatsink/fan for my dad's computer which runs on an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle. I installed this heatsink+fan along with ARCTIC SILVER 5...
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    The OFFICIAL e6750 OC/Benchmarking/Cooling THREAD

    Ok guys, let's share your current e6750 configs, stats, and benchmark results: Plz only post if your settings are stable. And let's use my post as an example of how to correctly post. * = Required NOTE: plz quote your submission that way it's easier for people to read. My 3DMark...