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    Help! XFX R9 295x2 died on me...

    You guys crack me up! I'm thinking I might try the oven method lol.. if not I may just try and cut my losses and sell it for parts locally. I totally want to look into that 390x2 lol sounds wild!
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    XFX No Longer Honors Lifetime Warranties!

    I find myself in a similar situation, I purchased what I believed to be a new XFX R9 295x2 from a tiny little pc shop that was going out of business about a year and a half ago. the card recently died on me and so i went through the process of trying to see what my options were to get it...
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    GPU fried, anything I can do?

    That's awesome to hear man, I just posted a thread about my XFX R9 295X2, and i wasn't so lucky :( enjoy the new card!
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    Help! XFX R9 295x2 died on me...

    Lol, thanks! I'm going to pour one out for the old gal tonight, unless some dark voodoo can resurrect her from the dead! (my lame attempt at an OG SLI joke!)
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    Help! XFX R9 295x2 died on me...

    Hey all, I am hoping that one of your brilliant minds may be able to help me. I have an XFX R9 295x2 that has been working flawlessly for the longest time. when i went to boot my system up the other day i got 2 beeps indicating no GPU was present. I thought this was weird, as I hadn't touched...
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    Ethereum Wallet help

    I have found Ethereum Wallet to be a hog in windows. I was able to import my wallet, and i am currently on day 2 of updating the blockchain, to hopefully be able to view my balance...
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    EPS Connector to PCI e 6+2 pin

    Lol, yes!
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    EPS Connector to PCI e 6+2 pin

    on a side note, would it be acceptable to use an EPS to 2 6+2 pin pcie adapter as long as i am staying within the power/amperage limit? i believe the EPS line should be able to sold that power level?
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    why do people state whether video card were used for mining?

    That's a totally fair argument, my experience has been that having a seller who is willing to demo the card and actually build some rapport with you is valuable, and also shows some pride of ownership. Someone who is just trying to dump a card won't go to those lengths, but at the end of the...
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    How has mining affected your electric bill?

    I'm actually quite suprised, the rig has taken my otherwise cold utility room to a pleasant temp.
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    What was the first computer you owned ?

    We rocked a Tandy. Tl2 1000 which made it to 96 when we got an NEC with a Pentium 90. It seemed like a rocketship by comparison lol. Funny thing is we still have the Tandy, 40 MB HDD and all, and it still works to this day!
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    Pcie riser vs multiplier

    I've also wondered about using multipliers like this, I hear it is very dependant on the motherboard. I feel like if you are under 6 pcie devices, you should be ok? For graphics applications there would obviously be more of an impact
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    The story of my My Pentium 3 Coppermine to Tualatin Computer

    Agreed, I do remember cutting my teeth learning about tech on these systems. I remember having to mess around with physical jumpers to adjust system settings... Seems like yesterday lol
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    EPS Connector to PCI e 6+2 pin

    Im going to give him a friendly heads up about this asap. and will probably be ordering the EPS/PCIe connector, unless i can find a great deal on a server PSU kit. Thanks again for your input! RK
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    EPS Connector to PCI e 6+2 pin

    I do feel that these are safer than using the 2 molex to 1 pcie 8 pin? i have a friend who is using one to power a 570 however the cable is noticeably warm, which does not sit well with me, in addition he has both molexes plugged into the same chain, 'm thinking he would want to be connected to...
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    How has mining affected your electric bill?

    Lol, no doubt. right now i am pretty content with the temps the cards are running at but come summer I'm going to have to have to consider where to move this setup for the sake of temps.
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    EPS Connector to PCI e 6+2 pin

    Hi There, Im wondering on an 850 watt PSU (Corsair) if it would be acceptable / possible to use an EPS to pcie adapter on this line. my own rule of thumb is that if the psu does not have the necessary connectors, then adapters probably are not a good idea. Im currently running 2 290's...
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    GPU Temperature Side Case On / Off Question

    a few years ago i was having an issue with heat on an older video card. i installed some intake fans near the bottom of my case and was able to utilize some near the top of my CM scout 2 and providing a clear path for air in/out, plus cleaning up my cabling made a world of difference to my temps.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    just wow at some of these rigs... i currently have 2 290's and 2 380's that i have attached to a custom cedar open air frame i built for about 8 bucks. I have affectionately dubbed it the Ukrainian ATM mark 1. I have the bug to keep building but where i live the shortage of cards is frustrating...
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    How has mining affected your electric bill?

    Here in Manitoba we pay 7 cents a kWh, and i am curious to see the impact mining will have on my bill. ( i currently have a tiny 4 card rig running a mix of 290's and 380's) fwiw, i also have a hot tub that pisses 5kW of heat into the atmosphere in -30 weather when we are using it lol... my...
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    If you use Electrum Wallet, read this

    i thought this said Ethereum wallet originally, and had a mini heart attack... Yikes none the less...
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    The story of my My Pentium 3 Coppermine to Tualatin Computer

    Wow this totally brings back memories, I literally just cleaned out the rest of my old tech from this era but i did contemplate putting together a retro system to play some true to form classics!
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    How safe is it to use the paper clip trick?

    I've gotten away with using a spade connector as a jumper. I currently have an add2psu on the way. seems to be a better solution then a straight cable based on what i have read.
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    why do people state whether video card were used for mining?

    I personally appreciate full disclosure on the cards. my preference is to buy gaming cards as they typically dont see the crazy loads that mining cards do, but realistically i have come to grips that because cards are hard to find in my area and i dont have a ton of cash that i am basically...
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    SLI Voodo 2 with FFVII, had some buddies who were playing it on the OG Playstation at the time and i remember our jaws collectively drop when we summoned Neo Bahamut for the first time!
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    Taxes on Cryptocurrency

    Any idea what impact this would have in Canada? Some friends and I are just getting in to crypto and were discussing this...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Awesome Card! blazing fast!
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    No School like the Old School - DOS Games online :D

    Oh man, Rise of the triad, reminds me of my first real comp, a penitum 90 with 4 megs of ram... those were the days!
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    Hi, how much for the e6600? I am interested

    Hi, how much for the e6600? I am interested
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    Burning DVD's so they can play in DVD players

    If I'm not mistaken, Nero should be able to do this for you as well
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    Your CPU progression

    Intel 8088 4MHz Pentium 90 Pentium 233 w/mmx AMD k6 2-400 AMD K6 3-450 Pentium 3 600mhz (I think) Socket A sempron @ 1.6ghz Socket 754 Sempron 2500 Socket 754 Athlon 64 (clawhammer) @ 2.1 ghz (current rig) Looking at my specs, I am stuck in 2004/5?. I want an upgrade so badly but i am...
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    Is there a planned AMD CPU price cut in the near future?

    would be nice, then I can upgrade my S754 system! lol