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    New 4k tv accepting 4k 60hz from my gtx 770?

    went to best buy to help my parents buy a new 4k tv (their old rear-projection based mitsubishi finally died). best buy had a 43" sharp 4k tv with hdmi 2.0 for $425. i thought... 43" 4k @ $425?! :eek: and i bought it. so i hook it up to my pc (gtx 770 which supports up to hdmi 1.4a) and lo and...
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    i5 2500K cpu-z voltage

    Been OCing my 2500K but I have some voltage questions. does cpu-z report correct voltages? I'm at 4.8ghz right now and cpu-z reports a max 1.3v during full load (IBT). From memory, my OC went like this: up to 4.6ghz with stock voltage 4.7ghz with +0.05v 4.8ghz with +0.3v if the...