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    Availability Question

    I'm a little late to the game with mechanical keyboards. I'm interested in only a TKL model. My home keyboard usage is about 70% games, 20% work, 10% other, so I was looking at MX Red switches, because even for my non-gaming tasks, I'm not typing out long reports or anything. While I...
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    NL-U14S Question

    Been revamping the cooling in my desktop computer and had intended on getting the Swiftech H220. However, after following the owners thread on OCN for months, it just seems too risky of a proposition for me as many many people are having problems that either require an RMA or extensive...
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    Samsung 830 256GB SSD - $350 Shipped

    List price was reduced today to make it cheaper than the M4, and then a promo code appeared--seems only for the 256GB model. $350 total vs. the normal online low of $390.
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    HTPC Build -- Please Critique

    Getting ready to move into a new apartment September 1st or September 15 and have planned this HTPC for awhile. Decided to build it now because life will be very hectic when I'm moving as I'm buying virtually all new furniture. No budget. In NY so have access to Microcenter and Amazon charges...
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    Budget Build for Fiance's Parents

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web browsing and light office work. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? No budget. 3) Where do you live? NYC -- have access to a Microcenter. Amazon charges sales tax, Newegg doesn't...
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    Corsair Force 3 Series

    I've been on the fence about what SSD to get among the current or last gen drives, given my refusal to buy another OCZ product. I really do like Corsair though and have been eagerly awaiting their Sandforce competitor. What are everyone's thoughts on these bad boys? They are claiming not...
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    MediaBrowser Scraper Question

    I just switched over to MediaBrowser from XBMC and I have 2 questions: 1. "Mission: Impossible 2" has a colon in the title name. You can't put a colon in filenames. XBMC, I think, detected this fine. Mediabrowser won't. I looked on MB's website and couldn't find the obviously easy fix...
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    Quick Confirmation on Troubleshooting

    I have a computer on loan from a friend that I am troubleshooting. The computer powers up, fans power on, and power down, consistently about 3-4 times before finally making it to post and staying on. Bad PSU? Want to make sure it points to PSU and not motherboard failure. Thanks.
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    Quick Question for HDD Setup

    I'm planning on purchasing an Intel SSD in Q4 for my system drive but right now they remain a bit too expensive for me. I'm using an old 74 GB Raptor drive, from around 2002, as my system drive, and have a WD 640AKS drive from about 2 years ago partitioned into games and data because games...
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    CPU fan doesn't power on until display initiliazes

    Topic says it all. This is a new motherboard in order to replace my previous one that died. Also experiencing very high temps which is making the computer unstable. Q6600 idle at underclock is 55-60C with case open and low ambient temps. Is the fan messed up? Brand new PSU and mobo.
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    Is this a motherboard short?

    I've been having problems with my computer ever since I re-seated a heatsink. It basically shuts down after about .5 seconds. I've taken it out of the case and replaced the PSU. Just have it ATX 24 pin, 12v pin, cpu fan, 1 stick of RAM, and cpu-heatsink installed. Today, after reseating...
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    Vista Volume Mixer

    Hey guys, I just started using Vista, and have a minor problem that I cannot quite get a google answer for. I really like the idea of per-application volume controls. However, it seems I cannot get the Windows Mixer to bring up sound-producing applications with any degree of consistency...
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    Trouble w/ Headphones

    Okay, I'm at a loss here and would like some input. I cannot figure out what is wrong with my HD-595's that makes it full of static and crackles in the right speaker only. Here's a summary of my troubleshooting: 1. Started happening to my first pair of HD-595's. Returned them and got a brand...
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    Critique my Audio Plans (Long post)

    The last upgrade I made to my computer was to replace my Audigy 1 and Revo 7.1 with an X-Fi XtremeMusic that runs to my Klipsch Pro-media 5.1 Ultras. Since then, due to both further research and discerning my own tastes, I have come to appreciate the benefits of a true stereo setup for music...
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    Unable to access site

    Hi, I have a WRT54G linksys broadband router with a pretty standard setup, nothing special. I am unable to access my school's library webpage because the connection times out in both IE and Firefox. Other people off campus (like me) can connect to it fine. I am using Windows XP SP2 and my...
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    Microphone Suggestions

    Hey, I was looking to see if there is a mic that fits my needs. I use 5.1 speakers while gaming and have absolutely no need for a headset. Right now I use an 18 dollar set of plantronics which work fine as far as the mic goes, but I have to wear the headset around my neck and stick the mic up...