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    Resident Evil 7 VR is "exclusive to PlayStation VR" for a year

    Might be old news for some. Was about to buy RE7 for the PC VR experience since the game was built with VR in mind. That was until I happened to look up reviews for the PC VR and found it is locked for 12 months. PSVR gets the exclusive VR experience. Guess I will put this one on the back...
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    Prepar3D v3.4 (MS FS) now w/ built in VR support

    Just a heads up to anyone using flight sims with the Rift or Vive. Lockheed Martin added built in support for the Rift and Vive in their Prepar3d (P3D) flight sim. This is the spiritual successor of MS Flight Sim but has been revamped. You can change between the monitor and VR HMD with a...
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    i5 2500k & Xig S1283

    I am in the process of ordering parts for a new i5 2500K build and have a spare Xig S1283. Has anyone used the S1283 on an OC'd 2500K? The Xig worked great on the X3 720 that is being replaced but am unsure of the performance on the Sandy. Trying to not buy yet another HSF. :)
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    XIG S1283 Fan replacement

    I recently installed the S1283 on my AM3 and so far love it. I ordered several Slipstream 1900rpm fans for my case and have an extra one sitting around. Has anyone tried to use the slipstream on a HSF? Sycthe claims it produces 110cfm at 1900 RPM which is almost double the stock fan. The...