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    BFG GTX260 OC $289 BestBuy B&M (Maybe $255)

    In this weekends ad Bestbuy has 15% off all BFG products. Thay are selling the BFG GTX260 OC for $339.99 (-15%) = $289 If you want to try you can also take the 10% coupon thats around for a total of 25% and pay $255, but you have to find a cashier that will accept the %10 coupon with the %15...
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    Frys - EVGA GTX260 329.99 and Visiontek HD4870 289.99

    In Frys friday ad they have the EVGA GTX260 for $329.99 and the Visiontek HD4870 for $289.99 EVGA GTX260 VISIONTEK HD4870
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    ATI RV770 Release 10Hrs Away - Tweaktown

    If I read this right Tweaktown says NDA will be lifted soon. 10Hrs Away
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    NVIDIA GeForce 280 GTX in Tri SLI Tested - Tweaktown

    Title Says it all. I know some users have been asking for this. Tweaktown Tri SLI
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    Thermaltake LANBOX review @ Overclocker Cafe

    As the title says, first review I have seen on the lanbox. Which got me looking for more, and I located this one.
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    Vista RC1 only display's 4bit color

    Vista RC1 and Pre RC1 will only display @ 800x600 @ 4bit color, in device manager the only error is with the video card, and it reads as Code 12. Here's what Microsoft say's about Code 12 Code 12 This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this...
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    Looking for Epox, Foxconn, or TForce Mobo at Local Store in Bay Area

    I need to replace my Mobo. because I damaged it, and I need it this Mon. for a Lan Party with some friends, so the Egg won't work. Was wondering if any body knows any Local stores in the Bay Area of CA that carry good overclocking SKT 939 or AM2 motherboards that I can buy on Sat. or Sun. If...
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    Any One Buy One: Asus M2NPV-VM

    I'm looking to purchase one and was wondering if any members have experince with this mobo. Any luck with Overclocking and will it support DDR2 800 @ 2.1V since this is what most DDR2 800 operates at. Any recommendations for memory, since I noticed it tends to be picky. Thanks
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    Opinion Samsung 415TW and Xbox 360

    I just purchased an Xbox 360 and want to upgrade my computer monitor to allow me to have composite video. The samsung 215TW seems like the best fit for me my 7900GT and an Xbox 360 and its in my price range. Whats your opinion or any experince with this monitor and an Xbox 360.
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    Case Switch Qpack to Centurion 541

    I switched cases this weekend from a Qpack to a Coolermaster Centurion 541. The main purpose of this switch was cooling. Its hot this summer and the Qpack was not keeping up with a overclocked Pentium D. Specs: Intel Pentium D 920 @ 3.36Ghz Asus P5LD2-VM 2GB Patriot DDR2 667 WD 74 GB...
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    All Black and Black/Silver MicroFly aka JPAC 901 68.99 @ the Egg

    For those who do not like the silver face plate trim off Ultras MicroFly here's an all black. or Black with more silver.
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    Any one Play Rise of Legends with PhysX

    I was reading around and I saw that Rise of Nation: Rise of Ledgends works with PhysX. I love this game and would, and can't find any reviews that play this game with the card. Any one playing this game with their card. I'm interested in what it looks like and if its using the card to any...
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    Epox 6100 Motherboard - Looking for info

    After the notice that epox has fixed their 220 Limit i have not seen any more info on how people like this board. I plan to get one but was wondering if its worth it, can you guys that are running it giving me your feedback on it, and also is it worth it to get the 410 or 430 SB.
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    New SG-01 CPU Cooler reviewed @ SFFTech

    Link: Looks like Silverstone users can keep their system just as cool as a Qpack, as long as put down $60 for the Cooler and $25 for the CrossFlow fan.
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    P5LD2-VM Users Need Help - ATI X1900 AIW not working with Motherboard

    I have a ATI Radeon X1900 All-In-Wonder that has no video. The Card Works on other Motherboards and I even tried another P5LD2-VM but both ASUS boards will not show video. What I have Done: 1. Tried 2 diffrent Brand New P5LD2-VM Motherboards with the bios set to PCI-E/PCI and interal VGA...
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    How Many Errors In Memtest Is Ok

    I have some OCZ DDR2 667 2Gb Kit that I just purchased yesterday. I ran memtest for 9 hours and it had 10 errors over that 9 hrs. Only one test had 6 errors all the other 4 errors happened in their own test. Should I have no errors ever our is it ok to have a couple of errors over such a long...
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    Recommend A Video Card

    I just built a new system and the only thing I'm missing is a video card. SPECS: Pentium D 920 945G + ICH7R Chipset 2GB DDR2 667 74Gb Raptor 550W Antec PSU Thats all you guys should need. The details of what I'm looking to do. I play at 1280X1024 and like some eye candy. Money...
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    New Zalman Low Profile CPU Cooler at Cebit

    Caught this photo at Hardware Zone. The Zalman CNPS8000 is supposed to be a low profile heatsink. Hopefully its low enough to fit in a qpack, it would be nice for a heatsink that will take over for the aging Zalman 7000. With heatpipes and more fins it should allow for better, cooler, quieter...
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    Shuttle P2 Cebit

    Link: (Translated from French to English with google)
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    Lian-Li m-atx case Cebit

    Found this over at SFFtech. Link to website: (Already translated with google from french to english)
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    Bay Area Modders Question

    Any Modders located in the Bay Area of California, I have a question. I'm looking for a few little parts and cables to finish my project. I want to finish my project this weekend but I have to order some modding parts online, so I can't finish with out paying overnight shipping. The...
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    Do I need 2Gb System Mem. with 256Mb VIdeo Mem.

    Building a new system. Have a question? I plan to get the new 7900GT when it comes out. I play at 1280x1024. I like to max out all my IQ settings. My question is if I only run a video card with 256Mb of memory is it worth it to buy 2gb of system memory. I understand that you can't play some...
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    Foxconn Owners Question on 945/955 Series Motherboards

    I have a question about the Foxconn boards that run on either the 945G, 945P, and 955X. I read this review from Legit: My question is, have they fixed the BIOS? I want to know if they have increased the avaliable voltage for memory to higher...
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    X1900 256Mb Memory Coming Soon

    The Inq. seems to believe that a 256Mb version of the X1900 will be coming out soon. They say a week or two. Which might bring it out just before the 7900. Edited: Anandtech has this posted that gives more info than The Inq...
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    AVIVO vs PureVideo - New video card help

    I'm looking to get a new video card, but I like to do alot of video conversion, so AVIVO looks good to me, but I don't now enough about Nvidia's side of this. I understand they have pure video which is for watching video and some other stuff and they have H264 decoding coming soon. But will...
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    How do I polish Aluminum to a Miror Finish

    I have a Qpack and I want to polish the interior of the Aluminum to a mirror finish. What is the best way to do this.
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    Fan for Qpack

    I'm building my system and already dichted the aspire branded fan. I was wondering what type of fan you guys recommend for the case. I'm more into quiet fans, like a Nexus, but since its the only system fan, should I go for a fan with a little higher rpms to move a little more air. Here's my...
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    Western Digital 74 GB SATA 10K Raptor Refurbished - 105.75$

    Almost same price as a 36Gb raptor. It is refiurbished. Already ordered mine and recieved confirmation notice, so have at it.