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    Onboard Realtek SPDIF w/X-Fi SoftMod -> DAC for Gaming?

    Posted this on another forum, but there are many more eyes over here that may have some more insight. Just like topic says... I'm in the middle of rebuilding my Mini-ITX rig with a Z68 board (have the ASROCK Z68M-ITX on order, for the SECOND time), and am looking at my options for audio...
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    Project: Sugoii (SG02)

    Building the GF and new computer using a Silverstone Sugo SG02 in black. Here is one tiny mod I've done to help prepare: No longer restricted to using the stock crappy hard drive cage.
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    Vista First Timer - Ultimate X64

    It began as a post-exam stress reliever. I love working with computers, and thought, hey, I’ve been reading about Vista instead of studying for my history exam, so why not finally go through with it? I was planning on reinstalling some form of Windows, so I had already backed up all my...