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    MSI P55-GD65 8 pin JPW1 with 4 pin PS

    Thanks Bill for your reply. I guess I should have started this thread in the power supply section. I double checked and I have a Antect TPII-550 but I decided to go ahead and upgrade to a Corsair TX750 since the Antec might be underpowered for a i5/i7. Wont be overclocking so should be...
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    MSI P55-GD65 8 pin JPW1 with 4 pin PS

    I havent upgraded in about 5 years and today I noticed the CPU power needs an 8 pin connection but my Antec PS has only a 4 pin. Old threads from a few years ago say it is fine to plug the 4 plug into the socket however Im wondering if the i5 and i7 really need whatever the 8 pin gives. Do...
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    Lots of BSOD may lead to new i5 or i7 build

    Two fold question: Recently Ive been getting BSOD every time I try to copy a file to another device, such as copying to an external HDD or even streaming file to my xbox xbmc. Sometimes will get BSOD right after a reboot. This machine has been in use for about 5 years so I cant really...
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    what 'old school' game would you like to see a sequel or new version?

    Would love to see sequels to Magic Carpet X-Wing Alliance Drakan Shogo and mostly Wings of Glory
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    Connect HTPC to AV Receiver

    How is the Onkyo 605? I was thinking of that one also. Thinking of pairing that with an Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD when they are available.
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    Games you wish they'd make a sequel to?

    I`d love to see these sequels: WOG (Wings of Glory) Mechwarrior X-Wing:Alliance Magic Carpet Agree on AVP3 too!
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    Please no more aliens in crysis 2!!

    I really enjoyed Crysis but I have to say most of the fun I had was before the aliens showed up. I had a blast with Farcry but the Trigens also kind of blew it for me. So I am really looking forward to Farcry 2 because it will not have monsters or aliens. Im quite sick of games that have...
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    What's your opinion of Darkfall Online?

    AND you can be an elf, dwarf, ork in a fantasy setting!! Finally, I cant wait!
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    What do you plan on playing next month and why?

    #1 Farcry 2 - enjoyed Farcry and Crysis and finally a non-war FPS without any frickin aliens and/or monsters. Stories with aliens/monsters are getting tired imo. however.. #2 Fallout 3 - i loved Wasteland and Fallout, and Bethesda usually delivers
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    Be cheap, stay 939?

    Im in the exact same boat you are. I just bought the 8800GT because the 6800GT died and was thinking of what to do for upgrades and had the same question. Hope someone has a good opinion for us. :)
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    Ive got the random on and off also. The weird thing is that it only happens when I have a large window open on the right side of my LCD. The screen goes completely black when there is any large window on the right side. If I move it (by guessing where the mouse is) to the left the display...
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    Cisco queueing with priority percentage

    Im not sure if Im configuring my policy-map correctly using the "bandwidth remaining percent" config. Assuming Ive got an access line of 1984K and the following policy-map: policy-map qos-serial-out class qos_routing bandwidth remaining percent 5 class qos_voice priority...
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    New games based on DOOM3's Engine...

    That would be good. Lately I have really grown tired of fps games that use horror, monsters, aliens for plot. I would like to see more games like SOF or NOLF etc.
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    TGIF: Much needed!!!

    Ill be finally finishing up Thief: Deadly Shadows and putting in some time on Eve Online. I got a bunch of games that I seem to start and not finish. Im not allowing myself to buy any new games until I finish the ones I bought already. :p
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    chronicles of riddick sucks bad

    I loved the game also, even better than HL2 imo. I didnt get the shimmering effects but Ive since updated my gfx card drivers so Ill try it again tonight and see if they appear. I thought the engine did a great job. If you can get rid of the shimmering I think you might enjoy the game. I...
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    SWG Thread

    If it goes back to pre-CU I would probably join again. If it goes back to pre-NGE/ or to CU I would definately go back. The CU was very good for us ranged proffs. :D
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    What do you listen to while gaming?

    In EVE I listen to trance or When I used to pvp in SWG it was mostly System of a Down or Slipknot. Ill listen to the bundled music for the first few hours but then turn it off depending on the game.
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    Ok people, what kind of game do you want to see?

    Id like to see an adventure/FPS based on the movies Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, Bone Collector, Saw etc. Where you have to investigate a series of murders and hunt down a killer. I wouldnt want it to be just a point and click affair but more cerebreal. Youd have to analyze your evidence and...
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    sed syntax question

    Ive got a table of number like so: 23/34/45 55/76/44 etc. and I want to replace every / with a colon : . Im getting syntax errors when trying to pass the "/" symbol to sed to be replaced by ":". It should be obvious but it escapes me.. :confused:
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    EB Games and No XBOX 360 for me!!!!

    Microsoft is only shipping around 1.5 mil 360s before year end...means probably an average of 15 per EB/Gamestop store at launch....less than expected saw that figure on a while back.
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    What Movie Would You Like to See Made into a Videogame?

    Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, Bone Collector etc A FPS style game that lets you collect clues from various crime scenes and do some research to hunt down a serial killer would be keen.
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    DVD games, and the price we pay (small rant)

    While it would be nice to have all my games come on DVD I can understand why publishers still release on CD. They can hit 100% of the market by putting out on CD since DVD players still read cds but not vice versa. So it makes sense at this time to still keep it on cd. When they quit making...
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    Can you get here?

    I was impressed by the things I saw people do in BF1942 too. As long as you are having fun keep it up. Cool stuff. Ill have to go out and get this game soon.
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    Most secure FTP server program?

    Ive been using vsftpd, its for unix/linux and secure and fast.
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    McAfee or Norton?

    I tried AVG, norton, mcafee, trend micor and NOD32 and by far the best Ive found has been NOD32. Almost daily updates, light footprint and very fast scan. Give the trial a go and see how you like it.
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    What type of equipment do I need for a Cisco Lab at home...

    I bought 2x2503, 1X2502, 1x2501, and 1x2514 and 2 1924 switches which got me through the CCNA no problem. More than enough actually. Take Nybbles suggestion and upgrade the ram so you can run the newest IOS. I bought these about 4 years ago on yahoo auctions here in Japan very cheap. So I...
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    Gaming questionnaire->

    Age: 36 Sex: Maile Gaming consoles/devices you own: PC, PS2, XBOX Favorite era in gaming: Castle Wolfenstien, Doom Favorite gaming console: PC. Favorite controller: Keyboard and mouse In game-> music on or off: off Favorite all time game: Castle Wolfenstein, Favorite PC game: HL2...
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    Test my CS1.6 Server!

    Ping from Japan n:~ # ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=48 time=142 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=48 time=143 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=48 time=145 ms 64 bytes from...
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    Game suggestion like Pain Killer

    Another vote for CoR:EfBB, I love that game. Also a vote for Thief 3. Have you tried Star Wars: republic commandos? I really liked the demo but havnt picked up the retail yet.
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    Too many drives on a rail?

    thanks, I wasnt really sure what to call it and misunderstood what a rail is. So if I understand correctly, at startup each drive will use about 2A per drive * 6 drives gives me about 12A total? If the max load on the lead is rated at 19A can I assume that it will be able to handle it? And...
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    Too many drives on a rail?

    I had to get a new PS and I got the Antec TP-II 550. Now I didnt see anywhere on Antec`s website about the number of molex connectors but I didnt think Id have a problem but I do. One rail has 3 molex connectors and the other rail has 2 molex. There are 2 other rails with SATA connectors but...
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    A8N SLI won't boot! help me pls

    Im not sure if a 20pin ATX connector is fine. I tried it with my DFI board and it wouldnt boot until I upgraded to a 24 pin psu. Dont know about the asus board though but that's where I would look first.
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    Project:Liquid Case

    Sweet! I like the paint job, nice color. I think the sleeving looks good imo
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    How fast is your internet? started this service in Tokyo about two years ago. There are a couple of electric power companies offering fiber optic service also now so the competition is driving the price down.
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    How fast is your internet?

    100Mbps fiber optic - upload and download speed are same, I usually get about 13000k/13000k, 5 static IP`s at about $50 a month. 4.3 gigs in 2.5 minutes is sweet :cool:
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    help please

    could you put some more information in your post? I think you are trying to say you scanned with Adaware then you get a message saying it will reboot your pc in 60 seconds? What does it say about NT verification?
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    #1 DVD Ripper

    Yup, DVD Decrypter all the way.
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    "A Duplicate Name Exists on the Network"

    Thanks Tom for your help. Will try and see tonight. -Mark
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    "A Duplicate Name Exists on the Network"

    Im gonna try that when I get home. See if I can ping the old host name and see if its still there. Also maybe try to see if its still there using nbtstat -n. I think that should show if its still there right?
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    "A Duplicate Name Exists on the Network"

    Thanks, Its on a fiber optic network so no wireless. Yes, the Linux is running samba. The weird thing is this just started, I have been using the linux box for the last two years without changing any config.