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    Ultima Online: Uo Outlands

    In fase anyone missed the launch, its the largest free shard sinfe probably 2004 (1500+ players). a. custom map b. retooled skills c. custom pvp , pvm stuff d. classicuo suppport: they support a dev who rebuilt the client in c# akd fna. 60fps+ ama play hith res feel free to join discord and...
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    Digitex ICO (new exchange and coin)

    token sale: white paper: steps: a. signup b. purchase ETH/Etherum on Coinbase etc c. requirement: transfer to my etherwallet which makes the ETH compatible for the new alt coin. Failure to...
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    Addicting mobile/pc roguelike wizardy hardcore game

    Passing it along... It's weird amd generous with currency with loot in game and raffles. Can be frustrating ... Buriedbornes
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    If you have a technet account please help vote/bump up sql standard requests

    To those that agree :) SQL Standard 2016 is growing archaic and new features in SP1 are unusable due to limitations: a. maxdop 1 of Index creation (no parallel...
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    if you have technet help bump request for SQL Standard core/ram increase :)

    Would be great if the "core" and "ram" limits of sql standard were increased:
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    Help bump an annoying SQL bug when converting float back to varchar

    If you are a SQL programmer please help comment/add samples if you are annoyed with SQL handling conversion between float and varchar: For instance 13513531.13 when casted as varchar could become scientific notation or something...
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    daydream vr is a blurry mess

    After reading all the press and waiting for four weeks ... I would say its extremely blurry and not much better than google cardboard. The very center of the screen is semi-clear. Games look a little better than pictures, videos or apps. Youtube VR looks like VHS. I would say the whole thing...
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    27" 2k monitor sale 189$ newegg flashsale

    out of business company but i read a few old hardocp and reddit posts when people paid 400 or 600 and loved it a couple years ago. EQD Auria Clarity EQ278C 27 inch Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor IPS Widscreen – EQD Widescreen Monitors — from just $128.99 shipped –...
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    godaddy sucks need to vent

    Don't host with godaddy if you can, if you are new to design just dont give in. After being a loyal customer of 3 years and receiving hundreds of spam messages and calls, I didn't realize my lost/replaced CC was for the account. They deleted my website after 10 days and will not restore it. :(...
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    Vr may require 7x vid cards

    Most likely high end stuff that exists today that peeps cant afford. Maybe in another year...
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    amiibo: charizard in stock and dr. mario preorder
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    careful with your purchased win10 licenses, mine was banned for being "pirated" my purchased license was "Banned for being pirated" after wasting 3 hours of support after my...
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    any utilities to locate comprimsied AD accounts? (security experts only please)

    Hello, after a phishing attempt by a malicious outside user, what are some methods commonly used to locate compromised accounts other than finding users sending massive spam messages? Social engineering/phishing is problematic several industries.. a. any AD utilities to find access from...
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    HELP: encrypted ssd in raw state, "access denied" issues

    Hello, our WinMagic encryption product on an intel ssd stopped working after the workstation was renamed in Windows and the device was reboot. The device had a bad install of the encryption software that never finished encrypting the drive but the device had been working for three weeks with...
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    enabling tls 1, 1.1, 1.2 via gpo registry, what happens on win2k3?

    If I enable registry keys (schannel) via gpo, they would populate to all servers. what happens on boxes that "cant" support tls 1.1 and 1.2 like win2k3 where the features do not exist? Has anyone done this, does it ignore 1.1 or try to use it and fail? I may need to target win2k3 and win2k8...
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    heroes of the storm invite codes 2 left

    riddle me this: how is hmong spelled in hmong?
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    anyone have a list of pid/vid for removable media encrypted devices?

    I'd like to collaborate with anyone that has pid/vids of devices they have encryption on to "trust" in the environment where 3rd party encryption would get implemented to devices without encryption such as ironkeys. If anyone has a list of pid/vids going please share. Otherwise I am going to...
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    toon link and megaman amiibos in stock
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    sheik amiibo in stock
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    is there a way to detect if a drive has encryption already by script/code etc?

    issue: 3rd party solutions for encryption in the enterprise often want "their encryption" on the drive. If the drive already has encryption it may try to re-encrypt with the 3rd party solution that could damage the drive (or androind, iphone that is encrypted already). various vendor...
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    any simple tools/hacks/websites to show http plain text data vulnerabilities?

    Hello, for http sites that are passing credentials or sensitive data any useful sites or tools that let you quickly identify that http is passing real data in plain text/non encryption? this is for corporate usage, any useful apps to show this as a security risk? thanks.
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    need an ssd encryption expert: concern on "data only" encryption

    Hello, I am reviewing our encryption policies and want to review "every sector" vs "data only" for ssds. The theory is that sectors need to be free for optimal SSD usage and that "Every sector would lead to problems". My concern is "data only" which appears to be a recommended setting for SSDs...
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    wireshark: how to determine which "Switch" is the culprit?

    from my pc to the file share or back there is 0 packet loss and ping rate is 1-5ms on the lan. However file transfers for folders that have many small files go at 1-5mbs while a large file transfers at 100mbs+. There are a ton of tcp dup ack errors. I would like to narrow down if it is a...
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    how do you measure LAN speed between each hop?

    performed a tracert and pingpath test. How can I tell the speed of the connection between each hop like 10mb, 100mb, 1gbs? at one location my file transfer speed is 1mbs, from another location to the same drive its 100mbs. Thanks!
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    help with att - is this accurate or are there better deals?

    I work for a hospital. Long story short att did a mandatory update last summer, if you wipe your phone it forces the mandatory update throughout the day/night which can lead you to miss important calls or pages (touchdown email pages). Last week the rep says she will move my device contract...
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    poor cisco ip communicator softphone quality on citrix vpn advise needed

    a. team member A can work from home without issues with citrix AGEE VPN (CAG) and cisco ip communicator b. team member B signs on, the quality of the calls degrade for both team members immediately. -they are at different locations -have tested with team members that have the same or different...
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    citrix - how to get server info in v6?

    with citrix 4 you could save the launch files to a desktop, open with note pad then ping -a the ip address to find out which server had issues. If the connection center is empty, any thoughts on finding out which server a user failed to connect to?
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    tj max of xeon w3570 (45nm)?

    i can't find the correct setting anywhere. most tools by default have the 100c by default setting which may not be accurate. some similar series (not W3xxx) are 90c or 85c or 105c. anyone able to help?
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    poor man's setup: xeon w3570 LOVING IT!

    my motherboard fried a couple weeks ago... so i bought on ebay used like new: -xeon w3570 (comparable to i7) - ga-x58a-ud3r motherboard 80$, some non-sata3 are 50-75$, make sure its L1366 compatible for xeons -8gb of ddr3 ram gskill ddr-1866 now the fun part.. at stock it fluctuates...
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    how to apply thermal paste to w3570 ? vertical line?

    I'm use to horizontal line for q6600 quad core. this is also a quad core. i believe arctic is recommending for 3500 series a vertical line but want to be 100% sure
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    Gigabyte-GA-EX58-UD3R-LGA1366 for cheap xeons POSSIBLY for sale

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    belkin nostromo 50 gamepad macro to run diagonally/turn in game

    in case the world fines this handy thought i'd post it so i dont lose it for future reference. this was for guild wars 2 make macros for your diagonals on dpad (no strafing yet may use down diagonals) example: (upper right) w key press 0 delay d key press 0 delay upper left: w key...
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    any dual/triple usb boot options out there?

    I have 2-3 usb utilities and would like each to be bootable from a flash drive. any good articles out there? extracting the iso could work but selecting which to boot too on bootup is tricky
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    hp tablet battery fix with cm9

    i wrote this to a friend in case others find it handy. my battery life is much higher now. ----- Get the latest “nightly” 1/2013 cm9 build it is awesome. it fixes the camera and battery life is great. install the 4/2012 gapps zip. 1. Turn on airplane mode 2. Turn wifi back on but...
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    does slag weapons in borderlands 2 help melee?

    anyone test it yet?
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    new arctcic 5.1 headset, what speaker settings to use? $50

    I purchased on amazon ($50 if interested) 5.1 arctic headphones. i like their warranty square trade options as well since i break headsets like crazy lol. anywho they are 5.1 headphones... the blueprints are 5.1.... which is odd as well. youtube THX and surround set tests have not been helpful...
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    rightfax retry intervals, anyone use it?

    what are your retry intervals and time delay between retries. currently 5 retries with 5 minute intervals. however some people fax 5-10 faxes at once, and it can cause them to fail. what are other people doing and what industry are you in?
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    help! old dvd "receiver" + surround sound + new tv

    old dvd player was a receiver as well, 5.1 sony surround sound. it has optical in. it does not have hdmi. the analog in and optical in are on "video 2" the tv, has analog out, other models may also have optical out. can i hook up the "analog out" on the back of the tv to the "analog in" on...
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    script to delete a value if found in a registry key? anyone?

    anyone have a script to delete the entire "key" if the "phrasE" is found in it? (not dword/values, but just keys) example: PRINTER123 -delete all keys with this in it. even if its "myprinter-printer123" -remote execution would be even better.
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    batch or vbs script to backup/repair outlook 2007 profile

    anyone have a basic template script to backup a users profile and reset it in outlook? otherwise a template using generic terms like copy, launch etc. i have partial scripts but why recreate the wheel. thanks! Steps: a. backup files (nk2, pst, ost etc) -i'd add a step to move any files...