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    X470 motherboards , MSI or Asus

    I have the choice of 2 motherboards. board will go with a 2700x and 2x8 ddr4 3200 ram both are x470 MSI gaming pro carbon Asus ROG strix im used to MSI , but wouldnt mind a change.
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    2070 stuttering

    Just bought a new complete computer. 2700X msi x470 carbon pro 2x 8 gskill 3000 DDR4 power suply is an EVGA gold 850w games are on a SSD seems like my RTX is stuttering across all games , every 4-5 mins there is a slight stutter in game. I tried lots of different settings , stocks. Did DDU...
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    Upgrading 4790k

    Im in the process of upgrading a 4790k setup . Z97 mobo , 16 gb 1866 DDR3 . Gpu is a 2070 Tought about a 2600x or even 2700x. im open to all suggestion and comment! thanks
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    PC just died , what steps should i do to troubleshoot?

    My PC just randomly died. I had experienced a few (3 or 4) shut down last summer , but i could always reboot without a problem. Now the PC wont reboot at ALL. Here are some specs. I totally tought it was the PSU , but i ordered a new one and its still not working. case : fractal define R4...
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    Snes classic announced : release 29/09/2017 so many good games on this. Contra III: The Alien Wars™ Donkey Kong Country™ EarthBound™ Final Fantasy III F-ZERO™ Kirby™ Super Star Kirby’s Dream Course™ The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™ Mega Man® X Secret of Mana Star Fox™ Star Fox™ 2...
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    Time for an upgrade from my Asus RT-n56u... help!

    Yep , time to upgrade my asus rt-n56u. Speed are getting slower , range is now ''bad'' i cant really get a good signal from the other side of my home ( +/- 50 feet) . What should i look for , basic home use , some plex , 6-10 devices connected wirelessly , 2-3 devices wired. budget is MAX...
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    Water damage to my system

    My shower broke tonight and water went into my basement. Water dripped from ceiling and went into my gaming pc. My pc is alway powered on , and when i saw the water , computer was off (obviously). I took all of my pc apart . There was water on the vid card, ram , mobo. The psu was dry i...
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    Just fell deep into persona 4...

    I decided to remove the dust from my vita 2 weeks ago to play a game i bought with it , persona 4 golden. Im totally hooked on this game! Should i try persona 3 after finishing it? Persona Q? more persona is a good thing.
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    Zelda : triforce heroes demo code

    I got two code for the demo for the next zelda. check your email and share! B0HH1FJX00LW1JCF B0HXXCLK4VRQL0YJ
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    White block artifacts

    My computer started doing these weird artifacts today. When i rebooted they went away. My setup is 1.5 months and never had a single problem since i built it. Played a lot of game on it without a single hitch (even the dreaded arkham knight). Is it related to the vid card? I would assume so...
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    xbox controller for PC , 360 or X1?

    I want to buy a gamepad for my computer. Some game are better suited for gamepad IMO. Should i go with the 360 or the xbox one?
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    GTA5 44.39$

    GTA5 is on deal at in the VIP section good deal if you ask me :)
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    wich 970?

    I have 55$ in credit at so im looking to buy a card there , not anywhere else since the credit i have is good only for 90 days and im a premier member. I play at 1080P exclusively Im eyeing two cards , but im open to other suggestion...
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    Splatoon firetest demo events

    Just a heads up to WiiU owners. There will be a splatoon firetest demo this weekend. great opportunity to try out the game . Timeframe will be very short.
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    Upgrade a gtx 680?

    Just ordered new part to build a PC. 4790k Mobo: Msi Krait edition z97s ram 2x8 corsair vengeance pro 1866 psu : corsair HX750i i was thinking of keeping my good old trusty MSI GTX680 lightning and go SLI , but cant find another one for a reasonnable price. So im thinking about...
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    xenoblade chronicles 3ds

    Anyone got this? im looking at playing it for the first time and would love to know what my fellow H think of it . Most review site give it a score of 8/10 citing the blurry textures but said the feel of the game remains the same.
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    metroid prime trilogy on Eshop

    Im looking to buy the metroid prime trilogy on the Wii u Eshop, for 10$ seems like a great deal. As far as i know MP1 et MP2 were on the gamecube? and MP3 on the wii? can we play 1 and 2 with the gamepad?
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    new nintendo 3ds - february 13

    Nintendo announced a the new nintendo 3ds to be release on february 13th. 2 editions , one monster hunter 4 and one for majoras mask . I dropped my 3ds last week and broke the shoulder buttons, so im quite happy with this. anyone else interested?
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    Free payday: the heist 16/10/2014 only

    Just follow these instructions , good game for free.
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    the long dark

    anyone playing this game? seems like a very good survival game. No zombies! I am very interested ans looking for some opinions from fellow H. a good lets play video
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    Super smash bros 3ds Demo!

    Just received an email from club nintendo. Platinum member gets early access to the SSb3DS demo and 3 more codes for friend. 1 week before public! edit : all codes are gone! Pm me!
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    i7 4790k price are ''falling''

    I wish to upgrade my rig and looked at a 4790k all summer , now the price has hits a sub 300$ in canada ( woop woop) and even the price of ddr3 is slightly lower. Is it still a worthy upgrade even with the new cpu release?
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    build help request

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Moslty gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? My budget isnt set , but would love the best ''money for quality'' i could get 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us...
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    Bohemia interactive 15th sale

    Maker of the Arma series and Dayz is having a sale for the 15th anniversary DayZ is 15% off (first time i see a sale on this ) Arma 3 is 40% off at 35.99 there is a bunch of other discount Im quite happy since i waited 3 months to...
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    Wii U owners buy mario kart 8 get 1 free game offer

    Just saw this on club nintendo website. basically , buy mario kart 8 , register it on the club nintendo website and choose either zelda wind waker HD Pikmin 3 ( my pick!) New super mario bros U Wii party U...
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    best setup for second monitor for laptop

    Im looking to install a second monitor to use with my laptop in signature. Im looking around to try to find the best setup but nothing seems ''perfect'' anyone got an idea of how i could install this? or picture
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    Should i invest in my x58 rig?

    Long story short , i want to upgrade my ram in my current rig (in signature). I want to buy a tri-channel kit of memory to bump it to 12gb. But should i invest in my x58? I love this rig , but is it a worthwhile investment?
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    triple channel X58

    I have an ''old'' x58 build i still run . Lately i had the feeling my 6gb of ram wasnt enough . The current memory setup is 3x 2gb of corsair dominator at 1600mhz. im looking to buy at least 12gb . Triple channel kit are pricey so i was wondering if i could use a quad kit and just use 3 of...
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    GTA : san andreas IOS

    Just a heads up for GTA san andreas for IOS. You need an iphone 4s+ minimum. I got it for my iphone 5 and its running very very well!
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    [HOT] Wii U zelda 210$ |canada|

    took this from
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    Canada Wii U bundles for 249.99

    Wii u bundles for 249.99 cad at only Zelda bundle Mario and luigi bundle I was able to...
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    disney infinity

    I want to know if anyone own disney infinity and how is it? my 4 years old daughter wants to play games with me on the ps3. Worth it? lots on investments? thanks
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    assassin creed 3 worth it?

    Right now AC3 is 12$ on steam and i almost bought it full price at release. Is the game worth it now and how does it play on pc? are the expansion any good?
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    playstation 4... cancelling preorder toughts...

    I preordered a ps4 back in June when it was announced. I was excited until i realised most of the games coming out this year arent really my cup of tea. Now im thinking about cancelling my preorder and wait until some worthwhile games ( for me ) are released. Im also thinking about just...
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    3DS, what game to get?

    I just got a 3DS XL in a trade i made with a H member. With it im getting 4 games wich are : -Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon -Super Mario 3D Land -Theathrythm final fantasy -Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Im looking forward to super mario and Luigi mansion , but not much interest in...
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    flashlighting/banding on HDTV

    Short story , i bought an LG 47CS570 for cheap at costco. Its an LCD panel with basic features. I had severe banding issues with it , to the point i was distracted by it when the image was ''panning''. I exchanged it for another , same problem. So I decided to invest a little bit more to get a...
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    ok now... seriously all the tycoon game have been done..

    Was checking greenmangaming this morning and saw this ... TOILET TYCOON no shit.... but ... seriously?
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    bluray player that can stream MP4 wireless

    Im looking to buy a bluray player that can stream mp4. My sony bdp-s590 cannot play my mp4 collection with tversity or anything else, im looking to get a refund on it at costco I already own a ps3 , and do not wish to own a second one. any ideas?
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    greenmangaming Borderlands 2 up to 66% off For those who dont have it already , lowest i seen in a while . borderlands 2 is 20.39 All DLC's are 4.99 , but the season pass is 14.99 wich includes 4 DLC's , one isnt release yet.
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    tropico 4 collector's bundle is 9.99 on steam

    I guess in these troubled sim city time , Steam decided to discount tropico 4. 9.99 for tropico 4 with all dlc Wonder if its worth it...