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    Microsoft Shares Holiday Deals

    use libreoffice for those 3 days and you'll be fine
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    Payday 2’s Microtransaction Nightmare Just Got Worse

    TF2's microtransactions are purely cosmetic. You won't be at a disadvantage just because you didn't buy a fancy hat :) They got that part right at least
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    Bullet Train Unreal Engine 4 Demo

    "if this is the best the UE4 engine can do" No..this is a VR tech demo which emphasizes having to run very high FPS at high resolutions. This is old, but you can see what UE4 can render real time if you want to maximize quality.
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    Oregon Bill To Lure Google Fiber Deployment Backfires

    The one word that needs to be changed in the law is immediately going to be addressed after they pass the original really this is a non-issue.
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    FCC: Net Neutrality Critics Are Flat-Out Wrong

    What is your explanation when Comcast and the other cable monopoly buddies aggressively campaigned against this passing? It shouldn't be a surprising that a guy who is familiar with the industry is now associated with regulating that suspicious sure, but I'm less suspicious...
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    Scientists Achieve X-ray Vision With Safe, Visible Light

    With the widespread popularity of Yoga pants hasn't your dream already been fulfilled?
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    Nobody Knows What An iPad Is Good For Anymore

    So you're paying "only" $420 dollars for a device that goes for $299 new, $199 used. You may want to re-think that.
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    NSA Hacked North Korea Before Sony Attack

    remember how the news became obsessed with this drivel at the expense of the torture report findings? It always seemed like a forced news story...worked well to re-direct attention.
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    Microsoft Releases More Diversity Stats, And They Aren’t Pretty

    look at the demographics of the state of washington where a lot of microsofts employee base is: 4% black, 7.9% Asian, 71% White, 12% hispanic/latino. That's not even considering what the engineering/computer science degree demographics would look like (further tilted toward White and Asian)...
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    Leaked Windows 10 Build 9901 Shows New Details

    Definitely not the case with windows 8 on launch (as system at work still behaves as I described), and I seem to recall it not being initially changed on first update to win 8.1, but perhaps they have finally addressed that particular nit. Baby steps to make win 10 not suck on release.
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    Leaked Windows 10 Build 9901 Shows New Details

    Oh that's easy with the new very slick shortcut system, just hit the start key and start typing, like "shutdown"... Oh wait that actually doesn't list shutdown as an option for some reason. Hmm, okay well maybe Microsoft made it more to work off of natural human language, so how about "power...
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    Most Motorists Think Self-Driving Cars Are 'Dangerous'

    There's at least one situation I can recall where if I had been in a driverless car I would likely either be dead or seriously injured, so that's enough for me. There's a rural highway and some backgroads near my house, and one particular intersection is known for cars coming perpendicular to...
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    Most Motorists Think Self-Driving Cars Are 'Dangerous'

    Hmm I must have missed that part of the survey where respondents said they were okay with that. By the way I'd be curious how the following is handled by current driverless cars: Driving in residential area, you see little kids playing on sidewalk. If you're an aware driver you also watch...
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    We're Running Out of Chocolate

    Most milk chocolates/candies are WAAAAAAY too sweet, but a lot of the western world is heavily desensitized to sugar as it's added to everything so the insatiable desire for diabetes drives the market. Reduce your sugar intake and dark chocolate becomes plenty sweet.
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    FBI: Violent Drops To 1970s Level

    news flash, densely populated cities have higher crime rates than suburban/rural areas. Conclusion: apartment dwellings and voting democrat cause crime! We solved it!
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    Violent Video Games In 3-D Can Lead To higher Levels Of Anger

    "we must at some point acknowledge the neurological consequences" Well, so far, we've only found neurological benefits...
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    Phone Booths Rigged With Devices That Can Detect Your Location

    "you are currently located in a phone booth"
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    Titanfall Game Mode With No Titans?

    You absolutely do not need to stop moving in order to shoot straight, did you even play the game? It's one of the fastest shooters out there once you get a hang of it; movement is incredibly important. Once you learn to chain together wall runs and skim jump to keep momentum it's a thing of...
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    Microsoft Posts Its Worst-Ever Quarterly Surface Loss

    You realize this doesn't support your fake statistic, right?
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    Intel Devil's Canyon Core Processor Presentation @ [H]

    Are you using any fps configs? Hell I have an e6600 and can stay above 120fps for decent chunks of time w/ the dx8 fps configs
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    Marc Andreessen: Snowden Is 'A Textbook Traitor'

    The leaks hurt tech companies that were complicit in the spying, so i am shocked..SHOCKED that a guy who sits on the board of facebook and is invested in other major US companies has a negative opinion on the him.
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    Microsoft: More Must Be Done With PC Gaming

    The market for AMD discrete GPU was flat and expected to shrink, or the market for gamers as a whole was flat and expected to shrink? Intel has been chipping away from the bottom of AMD's discrete lineup and steadily gaining share with the integrated wouldn't be suprising if the...
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    i7-4790 vs i7-4770k

    rumors I saw put it in the ~June 12th range.
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    Videogame Software Keeps Sliding While Hardware Soars

    Seems this needs to be re-iterated since people keep acting like game sales are going down: Last year: 482.2 million online + retail This year: 509.9 million online + retail Retail (brick and mortar stores) went down, but online sales went up more than enough to offset, so overall game sales...
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    4790k Delid Summer 2014 Bash!!

    Never before, but Intel seems pretty clear they have made changes to provide more value to enthusiasts, so a 4.0ghz stock/4.4 turbo would fit in with Intel's mention of a 'nice performance pop' for devils canyon...
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    Intel Devil's Canyon i7 To Be 4GHz Out of the Box?

    Don't, the devil's canyon won't work in a Z87 motherboard I believe- allegedly there's some power delivery changes they made to improve higher stock/OCing on the Z97 chipset, so you would need to pair it with z97.
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    Now Is The Time To Switch Back To Firefox

    The point of asking you that question is to help make you realize how absurd it would be for you to 'choose' what gender you are attracted to, as if that's something that you, a presumably straight person chose to do at some point. You are implying that it might be a choice, "we don't know"...
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    Intel Uncloaks Next-Gen 'Braswell' Atom

    yeah...the higher performing ones in a given form factor are better selling, but the whole point of something like braswell or baytrail is that it allows much smaller form factors/significantly more battery life.
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    Aggression From Video Games 'Linked To Incompetence'

    Take sports, board games (monopoly rage?) or anything with some competitive element or frustrating mechanics and you would have the same result under the same circumstances. Basically there's nothing unique to video games here.
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    Microsoft Bringing Back Start Menu And Windowed Apps

    I'm not sure how any of that crap got through user testing in the first place. Nice to know they are going to finally address some of the bigger annoyances, but kind of late to make that realization.
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    Building my son a Gaming Rig...

    are you near a microcenter?
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    If you play Titanfall like call of duty or counterstrike it is a slow paced experience ...if you learn the routes and movement and chain together wall jumps and skim jumping it can be fast paced. If you're playing slow you're doing it wrong, there's plenty of potential to play at a fast pace...
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    360 Million Stolen Login Credentials Found Online

    it'd be nice to be able to check if your info was in them :P
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    New U.S. Tax Bill Singles Out Video Game Studios

    There's some huge flaws in the tax code, but that's kind of an odd way to state it. If by rewards you mean helps with a minimum living standard, then sure. I don't view that as a reward personally and most do not. It's a small nod to relieve tax burdens on the less well off. The goal is...
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    New U.S. Tax Bill Singles Out Video Game Studios

    Yeah...I'm not sure what the claimed advantage is of a flat tax, it is the opposite of 'fair'. I know exactly what segment it benefits. Besides the disproportionate impacts on lower class, it's always been significantly easier to make money once you have capital accumulated. In our society...
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    Steam Dev Days Videos

    People only comment on his condition because it actually affects the presentation. I hope he hires a personal chef and improves his diet so that he sticks around....he does not look good recently. You can't build your vision for games if you're dead.
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    Artifacts during web browsing.

    uninstall your drivers manually, then use the program "driver sweeper" to completely wipe any remnants (because uninstalling is not enough), then reboot into safe mode and re-install your graphics drivers.
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    Traded my Xbone for this. Opinions?

    As other's have said, dont waste your money upgrading CPU at this point, you should be fine.
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    Haswell-E reveal: 8 Cores, DDR4, X99

    HSW-E appears to be based on a native 8 core die. So 6 core derived from 8 core native.