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    NEC 4K and EA275UHD discussion

    Panel Technology IPS...
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    Dell UP3214Q, UP2414Q; Can you guess what the Q stands for?

    LGD is apparently making a 23.8" IGZO 8MP module according to There are now modules for making 24" and 32" 4K monitors between at least Sharp and LGD. If these rumored...
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    Galaxy Note screen mode primaries

    You may have seen some gamut measurements of Galaxy phones, but they never included tests of the different display modes. I read somewhere that the Movie mode was closer to sRGB, and I wanted to test this. As you can see, this is not the case, and in the end none of the display modes produce a...
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    150 PPI+ desktops are likely next year

    As per and Apple has made pixel density a product differentiator and as I said previously, will likely lead their trend in mobiles to the rest of their platforms. Analysts seem to think so as well...
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    Blue Phase

    First 2011, then 2012. It is 2015 now apparently. You know the deal.
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    OLED video monitor burn-in notice.

    Here's a notice from the manual of a BVM OLED monitor: Of course, the meanings of "extended period" and "long time" are left perfectly impenetrable. OLED recommendations remain the same: Use it only in an air conditioned room, on lower brightness. Discuss.
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    LG and Dell team up using IPS to 'conquer global LCD market.'

    "With all UltraSharp™ monitors featuring the IPS panel, LG Display and Dell formed a joint IPS camp and agreed to pursue strategic IPS co-promotion with the goal of conquering the global LCD monitor market. The co-promotion will encompass the creation and use of IPS toolkits, online promotions...
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    "Widespread application of TFT blue phase LCDs is foreseeable"

    A protrusion electrode structure is proposed to dramatically lower the operation voltage of the emerging blue-phase liquid crystal displays BP-LCDs . Simulation results indicate that the generated horizontal electric field is not only strong but also penetrates deeply into the bulk LC...
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    Furmark 480/5870 power figures may be invalid

    Many of the reviews including Kyle's use Furmark to compare the load power consumption between these cards. This comparison may not be valid because AMD uses Catalyst and hardware detection in order to throttle against Furmark...
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    LG announces one 22" and two 24" IPS monitors I've just found this item at tftcentral. Inside, LG announces 3 new IPS models, two 24", and one 22" named W2420R, W2420P and W2220P respectively. The W2420R is your usual deal, 12-bit LUT, wide gamut, priced to compete with NEC...