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    5.1 / 7.1 gaming (speakers) - worth it?

    Recently resurrected my Klipsch 4.0 setup that I have had since they were introduced and they still work great. I don't think directional sound is as good today as it was back when it was hardware driven. I still prefer gaming with a headset though for the communication. Now if I could find...
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    Looks like BFV with modern weapons :)
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    Post Scriptum Realistic WWII game

    I meant you were right, they need to fix the sound to make it closer to the 109 . It shouldn't sound that close to a Spitfire.
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    Post Scriptum Realistic WWII game

    They should try to fix that, there's no mistaking a Merlin engine.
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    Battlefield V

    I can only imagine how well the building goes when half the other team is sniping . Definitely could use sniper limits.
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    Just wondering what kind of cooler you got it on?
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    Battlefield V

    I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many fortifications will get built if you still get sniped from across the map. It's hard enough to get meds and ammo as it is now in bf1 . If you start out with little ammo, you will be out of luck.
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    Battlefield V

    I just wish that there would be a mode where you could have large armor battles with no planes ruining the action.
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    Buying GPU From Miner?

    Caveat emptor .
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    DDR3 1151 boards?

    Do you still need a cpu? I have an i5 6600 that I replaced with a kaby lake I7 that I can send you and if it works for you, you can make me an offer. I will have to find it first though lol.
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    Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium HD, why use it?

    The Daniel K drivers make using the Creative cards a lot easier to handle software wise .
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    7700K supplies

    Those don't look out of place.
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    Only 1 Russian map I like. I like all the French maps and my favorite of all is Achi Baba in the last dlc. I guess cause there are no tanks lol. Cape Hellas is a real pain if you have no air superiority. There should be some maps that fit your playstyle.
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    Heatsink compatibility

    Even the used chip market is high. 6700/K, and 7700'S are going for well over $200.
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    Battlefield 1 still worth buying after a year?

    My friends and I play it almost every night. Sometimes we have to play on EU servers to get full 64 player maps but we most always have a good time.
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    You can have BF2 now :) , but I know what you mean. I'm leaning toward Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.
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    Threadripper retail packaging released by AMD ceo. Wccftech

    I read it as gilded but looked at it again and it was glided lol.
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    Computer keeps turning on by itself even though i have wake on lan diabled

    Something like this put inline with your rj45 jack on the back of your pc should do the trick. Not sure of the noise characteristics though.
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    Asus Maximus VI Impact - Sound Card Bracket/Screw Replacements

    I would take it with me to a local hardware store to see if I could find 2 screws that would fit. I couldn't find any size specs on the screws.
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    best cost effective way to run 4 monitors for just browsing+viewing. No gaming or anything

    I had a Millennium and a Canopus Pure 3d. Super smooth on the build engine games.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)

    They will be there the moment it's released.
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    Building a Gaming rig for a friend, I Has socket 1155 CPU

    I found some listings on amazon for some i5-3570's for $231 US. Of course you should have the latest bios for the board.There are a lot of the k versions of this Chip on EBay but they have probably been rode hard and put up wet.
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    Spitballing Vega GPU Performance

    Probably no sipping, more like slurping, though in a good way :)
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    Top 10 FPS Games of ALL TIME

    I can't believe it's been two days and Duke Nukem (the original), didn't make any list.
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    RX480 4k@60Hz over HDMI, fundamentally broken?

    Just found this, not sure if it is exactly what you need but it looks interesting.
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    Where do you live? I have an HIS 7870 that I replaced with a 1060 back in the summer. I'd let it...

    Where do you live? I have an HIS 7870 that I replaced with a 1060 back in the summer. I'd let it go really cheap.
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    Let me know how you like it after the patch. No more cutlass kills from 30ft away :)
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    TWC Modem Suggestion

    You wouldn't get a speed increase if you are already reaching the plan's speed but it looks like that model is docsis 3.1 ready so you are "future proofed " for a while. Where I live we have 8 downstream and 4 up .
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    MSI AM4 pron

    Saw this a little while ago. Looks interesting if true. Probably insanely expensive and overkill for your needs . It sure does have the PCI Express lanes though.
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    Got a way to go, only a 3 on medic. I think this class really needs another viable cq weapon. The sweeper for me at least shoots too slow and doesn't seem as accurate as it should be. I wish the tommy gun could be used but it didn't see WW1 service, but this is DICE we're talking about :)
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    High end 4k gaming machine slowed to crawl overnight

    Did you download the Samsung driver from Samsung for this drive? The Windows one doesn't work as well. I think it changes the controller to a Samsung controller. I don't have this drive but a friend does.
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    Wish they would make another World At War.
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    Space Engineers

    I don't but asskicker2 at guru3d does. We have been trying to sort out a stuttering issue he is having on his 480.
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    So what are differences between Optimal and Adaptive power in nvidia panel?

    Like Armenius said "Whichever game you're having performance issues in I would set the power mode to Prefer maximum performance for that game's profile in the NVCP and keep the global setting on Optimal." Also wouldn't hurt to try max performance in the power plan but don't go off the deep end...
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    Red light on MSI Z170 SLI PLUS

    I think that is the XMP LED that comes on when the profile is active. I have the board but have not activated the XMP yet and with my lack of cable management there is a good possibility that I couldn't see it easily but I can try unless you are satisfied.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 375.57 WHQL Drivers

    Not in the package.
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    1060 vs. 480 @ same price

    The link actually has the box and part number for the acx 2 version which I have but the description says acx 3 . I could have sworn Newegg had the same thing when they first got theirs and I actually ordered it thinking it was the 3.0 version. Supplies were so iffy I just kept it. Works well...
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    New video card recommendation?

    I got an EVGA1060SC for a legacy board and a rx470 for my daughter's build . Can't really go wrong with either except for price.
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    AMD confirms Power Issue for RX 480, blames memory bus, will patch

    Check if whichever card you are interested in getting will support a non uefi motherboard. I can't get a definite on the 480 yet. Powercolor said no in a roundabout way. I would think there are a lot of people in the same situation as you and would welcome the new card at least in the interim...