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    "Forum light" style partially not working when not logged in

    Several days ago, the light style/theme sporadically stopped working around the forum if one isn't logged in. Some subforums apply it, some do not; I haven't checked all of them (I can make a list, if that helps you), but for example, the front page is dark, while this Help & Feedback subforum...
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    6fire replacement?

    Hi guys, I'll be upgrading my old PC soon and since I'll finally be switching to something more modern than Windows XP, I need a new sound card. There are no new drivers for my Terratec 6fire. I have some requirements, though... * The card will be plugged into a Denon amp - I need...
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    Where are all the threads?

    Maybe I'm stupid, maybe it's a setting somewhere... But I can't see all the threads. For example, there's only 20 listed in this forum, and that's it. No paging, no nothing. What gives?
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    Need a simple sound card with high quality output

    I currently have a Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96. It's connected to a nice amp (not a receiver - just a plain ol' amplifier). The card seems to be dying :( I need to replace it with something, but I don't know what. I couldn't care less about 5.1 and gaming. I don't want fancy sound processing...
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    Laptops with non-TN screens

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to find a list of laptops (or notebooks) that don't have TN screens, but couldn't find anything... I know Lenovo used to have IPS in the T60, and Samsung might be using PVA in some of theirs, but that's all I can think of :) Is there such a list somewhere? Or...
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    Yet another "help me choose a monitor" thread (but with a twist)

    Hello everyone, after lurking here for some months now, I've finally decided to register :) At the moment I'm using an old 19" CRT that lost its flair. Upping the contrast makes colours reasonable, but everything blurs to hell. No matter what I do, dark shades of gray cannot be displayed. The...