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    Integrated camera not found

    I used to have access to my laptop's integrated camera. It has been a few months since I have used the camera in Zoom, but today it does not show up. I have Win10-32 Home and assume it might have been removed somehow when Windows did an update. I have done all the things I know to do. Device...
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    Looking for a way to wirelessly transmit audio

    I need to have audio go from a laptop (via the 3.5 mm headphone jack) to a Yamaha sound board that is 45 feet away. The soundboard has input via RCA jacks. If I understand, I will have to get two Bluetooth devices. One to transmit and one to receive. I think the problem is that there is 45 feet...
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    License key issue with new motherboard

    I will be upgrading my motherboard on my computer. I have W10 Pro that I think is an OEM version, since it was installed by a computer builder company. I think it is possible to do the upgrade without re-installing Windows, but it is time to clean the system, so, regardless, would like to...
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    Need help finding a M/B with odd specs

    I am using an Asus Prime B360 M-A motherboard (LGA 1151) in my computer used to live stream using two cameras. I need to add a quad HDMI capture card to add more cameras. Capture card like Magewell P/N 11100. In order to do that I need to upgrade my M/B. It needs to have two PCI x16 slots (one...
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    My optical drive is not working any more

    I don't use my DVD drive much, but needed it today, but no luck. I have an MSI laptop, GE62-2QD Apache Pro (with the optical drive) and use Win10-64. In BIOS, the drive is recognized. In device manager, I scanned for hardware changes and I updated the driver. Still no change. That is, if I hit...
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    Get my built in webcam to work

    I have used my laptop (MSI GE62 2QD Apache Pro) for a few years and have never needed the built in webcam - until now. Device manager does not show any webcam and the MSI support page does not show any drivers for a webcam. How do I make it work? The OS is Win10-64 and the specs for the laptop...
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    Dealing with computer hum

    I bought a new computer system to use with a Allen&Heath sound board. I am using onboard audio from line out to a 1/4" jack on the sound board. The problem is that there is a humming sound (like a motor running) coming from the sound board. I may have gone too cheap with the motherboard, but...
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    Can't make Windows 10 autoplay work

    I am a new user of Win10 as I am setting up a computer for our church. I like Win10 so far, but cannot make autoplay work. I searched online and tried several things, but to no avail. I even started Regedit, but there was no key (NoDriveTypeAutoRun) present in the directory that it was...
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    How to turn on turbo mode

    I am getting a new system with an i7 9700k CPU. It is advertised as 3.6 GHz and 4.9 GHz in turbo mode. How will I switch between the two speeds and how will I know which one is active?
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    Need to find a MB with the following specs

    I currently have a Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H that is failing and need to replace it, but would like to upgrade a bit. I would like to get a new CPU, an i7 8700k (LGA 1151-300). The new MB needs to support the 8700k CPU, and also have good onboard audio (Realtek type) and have onboard VGA and onboard...
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    Help with simple web routine

    I am not a programmer, but need help with a website routine. I have a server that will have a video file (MP4) that has a link on the website. When a user clicks the link, the video plays. If the video is missing, the link will show a JPG file instead. That is, the server will have 2 files...
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    Rename USB name in Windows 7x64

    Is it possible to rename a USB drive? I am not talking about renaming the name that shows next to the drive letter in Windows Explorer. When I boot up, I hit F11 and I get a list of drives that I can boot from. My USB is listed as Generic USB drive. This is the name I would like to change...
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    Can I use a switch with a static IP address?

    Our church has a static IP address from the supplied router. We have an ethernet cable that runs from the router to another part of the building where a main computer is. I need to have 2 more computers have access to the internet. 1) Can I use a switch to supply a connection to the other...
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    computer started running at 90C

    I inherited a computer that is about 5 years old and have been running it for about 6 months. It has been running very quiet and I have never noticed the case fans running. I decided to upgrade my video card from a GTX 730 to a GTX 1060. The 730 does not have a power connection and the 1060 has...
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    Will this CPU upgrade help?

    I have a Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H with 16 GB ram with an i5-4670. I use it to livestream to YouTube and I have noticed that the CPU load is about 50% plus or minus. Will upgrading the CPU help or will I notice any difference? I am looking at an i7-4790. BTW, both the i5 and i7 are quad core and I...
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    Display Port to VGA adapter needed

    I am looking for a new video card and have found a few, but I need to control 2 VGA monitors. I actually need 3 outputs at the same time, so will be using the other ports (HDMI and DVI). Is it possible to find a good adapter that can take a display port and change it to connect to VGA?
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    Is my video card maxed out?

    Our church has a complicated system which I inherited and have even added a few things to. I have a question for the experts, and I will describe it and put a list of hardware at the end of the post. We are live streaming using OBS to YouTube, plus capturing video to the computer. CPU load...
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    Dual boot question

    My laptop has a functional version of Windows 7-64. I added a second SSD and am installing a fresh install of Win7-64. After installing Windows on the second SSD, I get a dual boot screen. I would like to remove the dual boot screen and just use F11 to boot into alternate devices (second SSD)...
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    Is this bios setting normal?

    I have an MSI GE62 2QD laptop and I tried to update the bios. I followed the instructions, and when it was finished it said to hit any key to boot into Windows. When I did that, it looped back to the bios screen. I tried several things, but it would not boot into windows. I tried booting...
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    Use Driver Booster to add drivers to new install?

    I have a Win7-64 system that needs to be updated with a clean install. I have used Driver Booster and also SDI (Snappy Driver Installer). Can either of these be used to add new drivers when I re-install my Windows?
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    Is there a monitor like this?

    I have a monitor that is failing and in need of replacement. Does anybody know of a monitor with the following specs: 15 inch 1920x1080 3 inputs - 2 HDMI and one VGA
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    Boot Win 7 from external USB drive

    Isi ti possible to boot a full Windows 7 OS from an external USB drive? I saw some software that claims it can be done. It's called AOMEI. I would like to boot from the external drive and start a new format/Win7 install on the external without changing the existing internal drive. Since I...
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    Big problem with Win7/Macrium Reflect backup

    I have used MR for several years without a moment of trouble. I have ver 5.3, build 7310. I went on their website and this version is no longer supported. I backed up my system this morning, then restored an old image file. After that I tried to restore the newly created image file, but it...
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    Computer audio no longer stereo

    I was adjusting my computer audio and noticed something strange. Not sure if has been this way for a while or just happened. When I click on the playback devices in the system tray, I can test the device (my speakers). It is supposed to play a bell sound, but mine only plays the second half...
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    Can I have audio go to two devices?

    I have a system based on Windows 7-64 that has a second monitor. I can set the audio by right clicking "sounds" in the system tray audio icon. If I click on playback, there are a few things listed. I can select my computer speakers or I can select my other monitor, but not both. Is there a...
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    Is this possible with a new wide screen monitor?

    I have, what I think, is a complicated question. It’s complicated because I inherited a church setup and the person who set it up is no longer available to ask questions. The setup: We have a desktop computer and two monitors (Mon1 and Mon2) in the Control Booth (CB). The video card(see...