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    New Build

    If you are planning on getting more than one monitor, definitely go with an ATI card. However, if you are going to be playing games like simulation games, go with Nvidia. First person shooter games will be better valued with ATI.
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    Monitor Recommendation

    THe Dell U2311H is a great monitor, from past experience! :) Good luck!
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    430 watt with geforce 260 216?

    I would always recommend at least a 500W power supply for any system.
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    What Video Card???

    The 5450 1GB card is the best card you will find for 50 dollars, unless you find like a use 8600 or 7900 GTX on the black market :)
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    Two 6950 Crossfire Questions

    THere isn't a way to tell if it will unlock, most do though.
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    Anyone affected by the Epsilon data breach?

    Everyone on the College Board website was affected. Apparently everyone registered lost their privacy of email and name.
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    Music Making Software

    with Finale, you can write out your own stuff, thats more for like orchestral instruments, but Garage Band is the best for MAC.
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    Anyone still big on flight sims?

    FSX is great, too bad you need the best processor, the best GPU, and the best RAM :(
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    evga 480 gtx sc vs 570 gtx

    570 gtx is cooler