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    Installing M.2 Sata

    Hello, I wanted to use a M.2 drive on one of my builds for the first time this week. I've used 2.5" ssds for the last several years. Got myself a Crucial MX500 SATA, popped it into my new ASRock B450M Pro4. Fired it up and Bios doesn't see the drive. Removed and reseated. Still didn't see...
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    Oneplus 7 Pro - Screen Protectors

    What have you 7 Pro owners used for a screen protector and have been pleased with? I have not been a consistent user of screen protectors in the last couple of years, but am concerned as the 7 Pro has been my first owned phone with curved sides. I looked at the liquid adhesive solutions (white...
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    Antec NEO ECO 520C 520W $40 shipped @ newegg.

    No rebate hassles, free shipping. This is a good PSU for $40 shipped. It's a Seasonic make. Newegg had this on sale last year, around August, for $30 AR ($20). 40A, single 12V rail. Just shy of bronze certification. PSU at NEWEGG
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    Blackberry showings - far and few

    I've been patiently waiting for RIM to realize how much ground they are losing to the onslaught of Android releases, in hopes that they quickly accelerate their BB product line offerings. All is quiet on the RIM farm. Hopes that they will be releasing a VZW version of the Torch has been...
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    Prolimatech Coolers

    These coolers seem very good performers. I haven't air cooled any procs for a long time, but recently acquired a QX6800 and won't be running water on this bench box. I'm looking to get a Megahalems. The last air cooler that I've used was a Zalman 9700 a long time ago. I know the Kentsfield...