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    Android 2.3 for HTC Evo

    Anyone install it yet? Opinions? Downloading it now via HTC Updates on the phone.
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    Ubuntu 9.10 is out

    Grabbed it about an hour ago from the well-seeded torrents. Helps keep the load off their main servers.
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    Yet another build...

    Ok, I have been reading through all the build threads recently to try to find out what looks good, and figured I would post for additional suggestions. I haven't been keeping up with everything new that has come (and gone). My current machine is a p4 2.6 on an abit ic7 max3 w/ 1gb ram (not...
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    How about another critique my new design thread?

    Ok, so you have seen plenty of them, but I would appreciate input on what you like/dislike on a site I am working on for a customer. So far it is just the front page (hence rate the design). Working on some other stuff for it now.
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    New to DC, returning results?

    I set up my 2 old linux boxes to fold (p2/celerons), and they seem to be chugging along ok. One question, one of the boxes finished a unit, but never sent it back to the server. My fah.log shows this: [16:51:03] Finished Work Unit: [16:51:03] Leaving Run [16:51:07] - Writing 1477789 bytes...
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    Firefox/CSS/Image Problem

    Hey guys, was wondering if ya'll could give me some insight on something. Just started laying out a new site and am running into an oddity. When I put an image in a div, and only an image, it gives me 2 pixels of space at the bottom of the div under the image. However, this only occurs in...
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    XML gurus needed

    Anyone feel like looking at a couple xml entries I have. I am an XML noob, so just point me in the right direction. At the above URLs I have couple of simple xml entries. What I want is an XML file to hold data like the...
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    40% Off, 73GB 15K RPM Cheetah $344, X800Pro PCIE $275 has once again dropped prices in an attempt to sell off the last 1% or so of its stock. Take any price you see on the site, and multiply it by .6 to get the price it will be in the shopping cart. The X800 Pro we received was supposed to be AGP, but is PCI Express, which is...
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    Seagate 73GB 15K RPM Cheetah $373.10, 35% off all stock

    Just wanted to let some of ya'll know that dropped the discount to 35% off, as there was interest in some of the items we had left. After the last thread I posted we had several items sell out, but still have some inventory left. The seagate drives...
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    30% OFF Closeout Sale is going out of business after 5+ years and has been clearing out its inventory. Most of the middle range items are sold, but there are still many things in stock. Some are really hot deals, and some are just decent. Anyways, check out these: Seagate 36GB Cheetah - $126.70...
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    css help - float: left; / clear: left;

    Ok, I have an admin site I am working on, but have run into a problem. I am using examples from the site to do form layouts, but am running into a problem when inserting it into my layouts. The problem is this, the br's "clear: left;" is clearing all...
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    Samsung 193P Yellow Line Problem

    My brother just recently built a new system and I was helping him set it up. As he has the first LCD I have used, I was curious about one problem I noticed. About an inch left of the middle, there is a vertical yellow line going from the top to the bottom of the monitor. It is not a deep solid...
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    Site critique/ideas

    Just wanted some opinons and ideas as to what I should try on a site I am developing. I know there is still some work to be done on it, but just want to get an idea of how others feel. I have some small style changes already planned, but nothing major. Note that right now only the home page is...
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    DHTML/Javascript Drop-down menus

    Ok, after playing with a new site layout for a project I am working on, I have decided to go with a dhtml/javascript drop-down menu system. I am usually not fond of them, but they do work nicely when menu space is limited, as long as you can still navigate the site if you have javascript turned...