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  1. fluke420

    Shuttle XH61 Barebones with free G620 - $185

    Picked up one of these for a HTPC. Great well ventilated case.
  2. fluke420

    Cisco WS-X6148A-GE-TX 48-Port GB Switch Module - Ends 6/26/2012 @ 12:08PM PST - $200
  3. fluke420

    D-Vine HTPC MCE301, 302, and 303 $99 shipped

    Picked up one of the 303’s last week. Build quality is very good. The front is a solid piece of aluminum with a smoked out area for the included USB VFD. Nice remote also. Only downsides is the fan is somewhat loud, 33CFM at 28DB and the blue LED around the power button is a little distracting...
  4. fluke420

    Microsoft SideWinder X8 Gaming Mouse - $60 shipped

    Seems like a decent deal.
  5. fluke420

    Replacement PSU for a Antec Minuet

    Howdy all, Does anyone know what type of power supply is in the Antec Minuet case? I believe its a TFX but not completely sure. Are there any suitable replacements being sold? Thanks
  6. fluke420

    Checking whois - Hacked?

    There is some funny stuff going on out there today. First it was and their dns issue. Now check the whois of or or Interesting. Nameservers appear to be fine but whats with all the additional crap.
  7. fluke420

    Q6600 OEM at Microcenter for $179.99 + shipping How good do OEM chips overclock?
  8. fluke420

    Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750W - $60 after MIR

    Just picked up one of these for what I thought was a decent price.
  9. fluke420

    Fluke420's HTPC

    Howdy all, I thought I would share the HTPC I created using an old Phillips DVD recorder box. It's not as nice as some of the Silverstone boxes but this was free. Yes, that’s a full ATX board in there, a micro would have made the project way to easy. Gotta love the old school [H] blow...
  10. fluke420

    Antec B-stock on sale Some decent deals.
  11. fluke420

    Everglide DKTBoard Alumium Gaming Keyboard

    Anyone have any experience with this keyboard? I just picked one up at amazon. It's a good looking board for a decent price. Everglide: German site...
  12. fluke420

    Koolance Exos likes to startup my computer automatically

    Hi all, I recently installed a Koolance Exos system that I got for real cheap. Performance has been great with it cooling my CPU and GPU. Nothing exceeds 36C which I think is great. I am having one problem and I’m unsure of what is causing it. The computer likes to turn on all by...
  13. fluke420

    Help me setup a RAID5 PATA array.

    Hello, I am looking for some help on setting up a RAID5 PATA IDE array. Has to be Windows 2003 compatible. So the Adaptec 2400A is out. User reviews of the Highpoint 454 or 404 make me want to find something different. High CPU usage and software RAID. 3ware makes some great cards but...
  14. fluke420

    AMD Athlon 64 2800+ with FREE Epox EP-8KDA3I for $126

    Ripped from Bens. Add the combo to get the deal.
  15. fluke420

    Arctic Cool kills my 9600xt

    Well thats what I get for not cleaning the inside of my computer. Should have known better. Tonight I lost my 9600xt with an Arctic VGA Silencer while playing some HL2. Dust and crap filled the inside of the cooling fins right after the fan. Now it's time to buy a new video card but also...
  16. fluke420

    GIGABYTE nVIDIA GeForce 6600GT Video Card for $131 shipped

    Saw this great deal at Item #: N82E16814125156R
  17. fluke420

    Dominator 6-in-1 Dual Internal 8x DVD±RW Drive for $60 bones!

    Does anyone have some information about this drive? I heard it was a rebadged NEC ND-2500A. In any case, it's a great deal. $99.99 + $40 Mail In Rebate. Pick up at store to save on shipping.
  18. fluke420

    I've check my PSU Voltages, now what?

    I have some strange stability problems while running Prime95. Sometimes it will error out in a 1 hour. Other times at 8 hours. It's all over the place. I thought it might be a PSU voltage problem and after checking I am not sure that it is. I get (under load) 3.40 - 3.3+, 5.06 - 5.00+...
  19. fluke420

    How important is +3.3

    Since I have overclocked my 2.4C I have been watching Motherboard Monitor more and more. One thing I have noticed is the +3.3 is around 2.5 under full load. Is this normal? Is it a power supply issue? Power wise its a Enermax 350w, 3 80mm, 1 120mm, 4 normal WD 20G, 1 normal CDRW, and a...