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    What was this "new" acronym for High End PCs - I thought it was HEPC but it is not - can't remember?

    What was this new acronym you kids now use for a workstation grade home pc. I went through the whole alphabet: HAPC HBPC . . . HZPC but couldn't remember it. Thanks!
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    What type are these quad-SATA ports?

    Hi, Could you please take a look at Supermicro X11DPG-QT motherboard. In the lower left corner it has 2 ports (gray/black color) where each provides 4 SATA connections. For higher resolution picture download the pdf manual (menu on the right). I want to get the appropriate cables for this but...
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    Dual Xeon Scalable - 8pin CPU + 8pin CPU + additional 4pin CPU - power supply?

    Check out Supermicro X11DPG-QT. In addition to the standard 24pin power socket it has 8pin CPU + 8pin CPU + additional 4pin CPU. The manual says all of these have to be connected. I see that some higher wattage power supplies, like Rosewill and EVGA, come with two 8pin CPU connectors and usually...
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    HDMI signal keep alive?

    Hi, I am connecting a DSLR camera's HDMI output to a computer monitor. When I take a long exposure the camera cuts out the HDMI signal and the monitor goes to sleep. Once the picture is done I have to wait for the monitor to go through its wake up routine which takes a few seconds. This gets...
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    Video Card (RX 480) Power Draw from a Server PCIe slot (25W limit!!!) ?

    I have a PowerColor RX480 on order which I plan to put in a Dell R810 2U server. The power supplies in the server do not have spare power outputs so I am going to use an external PSU just for the video card. With all the talk about the RX480 exceeding the power draw limit of the PCIe slots I...
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    Second PSU for video card - always ON - problem?

    I am adding a video card ( PowerColor RX 480 - 8GB) to a 2U server (don't ask : ) The server PSUs do not have any spare power outputs. They have a 12-wire connection to the motherboard and not the regular 24-wire one. I plan to get SeaSonic SS-520FL2 520W fanless PSU and power it on with the...
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    Do you recommend lapping this waterblock?

    Hi, I bought these waterblocks: For CPU GPU SR Water Cooling Heatsink Block Liquid Cooler Aluminium Waterblock I know they are junk but I needed a lot of them and could not afford the good ones. I am planning to use it to cool a load up to 130W. It is too big for the application so I will...
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    Help with quiet air cooling 4 processors in 2U server?

    Hi, Here is my attempt in QUIET cooling the four Xeon X7560 processors in a PowerEdge R810 server that I bought for a home lab. Behind the heatsinks you can see the six San Ace 60 53CFM fans which at full blast sound like a jet-engine-powered vacuum cleaner cleaning a jet fighter flying at...
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    Cooling (and warming) a container with a TEC (Peltier) - need controller suggestion?

    Hi, (sorry, not a computer question) I am going to use a TEC to keep a container (an ice cooler) at approximately 5C on my terrace. This means that during the summer (30C to 35C) the TEC has to cool the container and during the winter (-5C to -15C) it has to warm it. 1. Could you recommend...
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    vSphere licensing (noob) questions.

    Hi, I am obviously very new to this. On VMware's website I can see the prices per CPU of the different versions of vSphere and the support packages. I also see some talk of license expiration. Yet nowhere does it say how long it takes for a license to expire. Does everyone know that it...
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    64bit LBA support and 6TB, 8TB drives for RocketRaid 3530?

    The RocketRaid 3530 says it has 64bit LBA support - drives larger than 2TB. I want to know if that is all that is required to support 6TB, 8TB and larger drives or might there be something else limiting the largest drive to, say, 4TB. Even if the card supports drives of any size, is there a...
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    Xeon E5 2600 v3 - how long before the next stepping?

    Intel just released the v3 (Haswell based) of the Xeon E5 2600-series which was supposed to include the TSX (Transactional Synchronization Extensions) of the Haswell architecture but because there was a bug in the implementation of TSX, the feature will be disabled in the first stepping. How...
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    Fried my CPU Fan Header - help!!!

    Hi, I think I fried the CPU fan header of my Inspiron 560. I have to press F1 each time I boot to bypass the CPU fan failure warning. This is annoying but the bigger problem is that I am running a service on the computer which I constantly need. Hence, the computer is running all the time. It...
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    IE8 timeout:

    Hi, Were are the settings to increase the timeout limit for IE8? I googled for 30 min but all I can find is info for IE7 or less. (Switching to another browser is not an option.) I have a website that takes longer than 2 minutes to complete the request and 2 min appears to be the hardcoded...
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    convert a pop3 account to imap while preserving sorting/folder structure?

    Hi, I connect to an email server that allows both pop3 and imap. I use IMAP. When I receive an email that is on a certain subject I put it in the apropriate subfolder under Inbox. As soon as I do that the email is automatically sorted on the server and from there on my cellphone. Read/Unread...
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    Need "programmable" program recommendation?

    ( about unclear title....) I have a tough task given to me at work: I have a database dump with over 100,000 records of client's contact information (email, name, company) and what services they subscribe to. Because each service has its own signup there are many duplicates in the data...
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    Dell 3008wfp of wait for a newer model?

    Hi, I am considering getting the Dell 3008wfp but seeing that it has been out for more than 2 years, I am wondering if there should be a newer model coming soon. How soon do you think until it is replaced? Thanks!
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    Need advice - i7 motherboard / memory combination?

    Hello, What I do: - I am NOT a gamer (anymore) - some photoshop - might one day use programs that need 3D acceleration but not for now, hence the cheap video card (below) - just want the fastest I can get within my budget ---------------------------- What I already have: -...
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    ExpressCard 34 for eSATA port - is it USB or PCIe attached?

    Hello, I read somewhere that the ExpressCard slots of the laptops could be attached (internally) to either a USB header or directly to the PCIe bus. I have an external hard drive that can be connected with either USB 2.0 or a eSATA II. The eSATA should be much faster but my laptop does not...
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    (Atom N270 1.6GHz) VS. (Via Eden 600MHz)

    (Atom N270 1.6GHz) VS. (Via Eden 600MHz) How would these two processors compare? I guess it is not just a matter of MHz. Atom is a much newer design. I am "upgrading" from a desktop with Via ME6000 motherboard with the Eden processor and am considering the Dell Mini 9 with the Atom processor...
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    Help! - Main Partition Problem!!!

    I have a laptop (friend's) (Dell 600M) and cannot boot into Windows XP. It has some important Tax information on it so any help will be greatly appreciated. (I know, I know - backup,backup,backup) Here are the symptoms and the steps I have taken (I know it is a partition problem, not a hard...
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    Restoring DELETED files?

    Hi, My friend, she deleted some files that she needs by mistake. After realizing what she has done she shut down the computer and has NOT used it since. What is a good (FREE hopefully) utility that can search for and restore her files. The files are JPG pictures. Thank You!
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    Need recomendation for Color Laser Multifunction ???

    I did some research. I like Brother 9840CDW: I like that it is: 1. color TONER printer - don't want the Xerox wax stuff 2. is one pass color - same speed for color as B/W (21ppm rated) 3. scanner, copier, fax 4...
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    Is it time for a new model of Dell 3007wfp?

    I am interested in the Dell 3007wfp. However I don't need it right away so I am asking if you think Dell is planning to release a new 3007wfp model (3008wfp I guess) soon? If "yes" how soon? On a side note (question): Do you think the new model should come with a HDMI port (in addition to...
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    Dell 193FP - constant blackouts - HELP!

    My friends Dell 193FP developed a strange problem. It would just go blank - nothing on screen - power is on. At the begining if you turn the monitor off and then on again it would work. But now when you turn it on it shows the desktop for maybe 1/5 of a second and then nothing. I tried a...
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    Help with home fiber networking?

    In my home I have a long 75ft. CAT-5 cable (rated for gigabit). There is a lot of interference and I am able to get only 10Mbit working. My needs have recently changed and I need to upgrade to gigabit speed. To eliminate the interference I am thinking of running a fiber cable, plus putting a...
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    Please recommend external DVD writer?

    Hi, I need a recomendation on an external dvd (+/-) and (double layer) writer. The most important spec : Budget - MAX $100 US. The double layer feature would be used on regular basis for backing up my DVD movies, so good speed and DVD-stand-alone-player compatability is very important...