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    EA Forecasts 6M Sales for Anthem in Six Weeks

    I was down to play it until I found it there wasn't PvP. No intention of playing it now.
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    Gigabyte Allegedly Registers Dozens of RTX 2060 Models

    I heard these can only run Ray Tracing on Civ 1 and Sim City 1 at 480p.
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    Nvidia Teases New Lineup of Consumer Video Cards

    That's an acronym, anagrams are something different where you rearrange the letters to spell a different word.
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    Canary and 4K HDR

    Is this still using html 5 so it doesn't use gpu processing?
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    Corsair Product Marketer Fired with Extreme Prejudice

    I hope this is a joke. I think this looks better than all that carebear stare stuff. I honestly never look at my case so I don't get all the fuss about decorating things anyway. When I'm at my computer, I stare at my monitor.
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    It Takes Just $1000 to Track Someone's Location With Mobile Ads

    Ghostery extension for chrome blocked 3 trackers on hardocp right now. ;) DoubleClick, Google Publisher Tags and Google Analytics.
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    A lot of people don't understand what libertarians stand for and just eat up whatever the news says. It's easier to create sensationalism if you only have two opposing views instead of explaining what the different ideologies are. That would take too much time for the consumption based society...
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    This is insanity. Google needs to have a backbone.
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    Are Audiences Too Lazy to Appreciate Blade Runner 2049?

    I agree with you 100%. The flyovers and expansive vistas he did in 2049 and Arrival would really bring Dune to life, just trade the greys for oranges. And then you have his Los Angeles in 2049 which you could just change the signs to Geidi Prime and nobody would know it was a different film.
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    Are Audiences Too Lazy to Appreciate Blade Runner 2049?

    I agree with this because I have a theater in my house so I get the same experience at home. I only go to the theaters when I can't wait for it to show up on Netflix/Torrents etc..
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    Are Audiences Too Lazy to Appreciate Blade Runner 2049?

    I never saw the original and loved. I hope Villeneuve does Dune.
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    The Duke, Xbox’s Biggest Controller of All Time, Will Be in Stores Soon

    That's what I'm wondering. Is this just for pro sports players with big hands and if not what is the point?
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    Is Intel's X299 Platform Better than the X99? @ [H]

    That's glorious. Pure insanity, and I like it! I just try to reduce the amount of things in my htpc to keep it open and the air flowing through. There isn't any other reason why I couldn't just throw in a sata card. This is the ancient beast currently driving my htpc with a gtx 1060 to run 4k...
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    Is Intel's X299 Platform Better than the X99? @ [H]

    I actually need the 10 sata ports. I'm looking to upgrade my HTPC that has 8 3.5 bays and 2 2.5 bays but the current mobo I'm looking at will suck two of the 10 sata ports if I use a m2 drive which is lame. I'm guessing this chip has less sata ports because they're using some of them for the...
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    Apple Staffers Reportedly Rebelling against Open Office Plan at New $5 Billion HQ

    The dude on the other side of my cubicle clips his nails and the little click sound drives me bat shiz crazy.
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    Vendor: Amazon Jacked up Prime Day Prices, Misleading Consumers

    Amazon de-listed the Nvidia Shield Pro on Prime day because they were selling the standard version for $20, it magically reappeared in stock after Prime day. I'm sure they were engaged in all sorts of shenanigans for Prime day.
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    Prime Day Starts TODAY - 7/10/17

    Which shorts are these? I usually get the pants that unzip at the knees to shorts but interested in what you use.
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    Prime Day Starts TODAY - 7/10/17

    Speaking off, I do need a 6gb 1060 card for my HTPC. Need to add that to my shopping list in hopes of it triggering an alert if they go on sale.
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    Prime Day Starts TODAY - 7/10/17

    I just want the Nvidia Shield to go on sale.
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    Cox Expands 1TB Data Cap to More Territories

    I am building a new house now and I absolutely researched who the internet providers were in the developments I was looking into so that I wouldn't be hit with a cap.
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    More Affordable 10GBase-T Switches Imminent

    I had my new house wired with cat 6a and then started researching 10gig hardware and was totally bummed to see that it didn't really exist for consumers. But looks like this might be out the same time my house is done being built so I'm totally pumped.
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    Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Unboxing & Assembly @ [H]

    Thanks, I'll have to check them out.
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    ASUS “Leaks” STRIX X299-E Motherboard

    I think I'm old now as I don't care about the color or lighting of anything on my PC anymore. I didn't even get a window panel on my last build. It sits on the side of my desk and I never look at it, I'm too busy gaming.
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    Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Unboxing & Assembly @ [H]

    I've learned with four cats in the house fake leather anything is no longer advisable. The cats will give it a makeover more to their liking, e.g. entrails spilling out from all corners. I have no idea why they like fake leather so much, they leave real leather alone. Mesh chairs it is and I...
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    First Ultra HD Blu-Ray Torrent Uploaded, Questioning AACS 2.0 Protection

    I was curious what the sources were on some of the ones I've seen and they appear to be rips but what do I know. This one is from two months ago. 2160p 4K UltraHD BluRay Rip HEVC 10 Bits HDR BT2020 English Dolby ATMOS 7.1 Audio English Subs+SDH SPECS Source : 4K UHD BluRay @...
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    First Ultra HD Blu-Ray Torrent Uploaded, Questioning AACS 2.0 Protection

    The ones I've seen are H.265 and are 8-12 gigs
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    First Ultra HD Blu-Ray Torrent Uploaded, Questioning AACS 2.0 Protection

    There are tons of 4k HDR 10 bit torrents out there. I don't think this is the first...
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    Your 4K TV Is Probably the Only 4K Converter You Need

    The guys over at AVS did a speaker cable test and they made a speaker cable literally out of tin foil and tested it against expensive speaker cables, there was zero difference between the aluminum foil and the expensive cables.
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    Uber Tracked iPhone Users after They Deleted the App

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    [H]ardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    Same, but I bought the receiver and speakers for this purpose. Just some SVS Prime bookshelf speakers paired with a SVS SB1000 sub and a Marantz receiver over HDMI. Music sings and I can turn it up and my girlfriend feels the bombs going off in BF1 from the bedroom.
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    San Francisco University Lays Off IT Workers; Jobs Head to India

    That's interesting. UC Schools was a client of mine at a previous employer and they required everybody that worked on them as a client be on shore. We couldn't utilize any off shore developers or off shore call center reps. Hypocrisy.
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    Apple Orders 160M iPhone 8 OLED Panels from Samsung

    I thought only LG made OLED panels or is that only for the TV market?
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    Why Are Physical Software Sales Still a Thing?

    Don't you need a physical copy of your OS or am I the only person who reformats once a year?
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    Recommendations needed: 2016 Cheap entry into surround sound?

    You wouldn't want to plug your hdmi into your tv and optical back to the receiver. Cable Box HDMI --> Receiver --> HDMI to TV. You will run everything into the receiver and one cable to the TV and switch between the sources with the receivers remote. If you are using a smart tv instead of a...
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    Charter CEO Claims Fat Cable Bundles Are Going Nowhere

    I cancelled cable and it barely saved me any money because they just jack up the price of internet. I now pay 84 after taxes for internet only on Frontier FIOS.
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    New LG OLED TVs Are Only 2.6mm Thick

    The only place I can put that ugly sound bar is on top of my center channel, it's pretty pointless. I would wager "most" people buying this level of tv have a dedicated receiver and speaker system. The G7 might work though, I believe the soundbar folds up under the TV which is ideal for those...
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    question on a setup

    I've done movie night on the beach before for a beach conservation fundraiser. They just set up a portable screen with a projector and loudspeakers on a stand. We watched Finding Nemo and ate hot dogs.
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    Intel Helping To Build The Foundation For 5G

    And now your data caps will be reached on the third day of every billing cycle.