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    Supermicro 846 SQ PSU compatibility

    I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this before, just a shot in the dark. I've contacted Supermicro support, I'll see if they can get back to me on this. Basically, I'm looking to use one of the SQ-series PSUs (e.g. PWS-920P-SQ, PWS-1K28P-SQ or PWS-1K41P-SQ) in my 846E16-R1200B...
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    Fake fan tach signal?

    So here's a thread that's a bit over a year old that shows precisely what I think I'm after. I have a Dell drive enclosure where I just want to pretend as though the jet-engine fans are still present. I'm not an electronics guy and don't trust myself to put together a device like pictured in the...
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    27tb zfs with Dell 9th gen hardware

    Thought some of you folks might enjoy. It's my first time storage build, I think this has gone well so far... Dell 2950 gen 2 Xeon quad-core 3.0ghz 8gb RAM Perc 5/i - 2 x 500gb WD Black in Raid-1 - 6 x 1tb WD Blue in Raid-10 Perc H200 (flashed to IT mode) - SAS cable to MD1000 below Dell...
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    Confirm configuration for 2950/MD1000/ZFS

    Hi all- first post, been lurking and admiring for some time and thought this was a good time to join in. I'm not super well-versed in hardware let alone large storage solutions, so I figured this would be a good way to learn some new tricks. Currently I have an 8-port Dell PE 2950 and...