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    Bluray and/or DVD writers

    I know that dvd/blu ray writers for pc are pretty much out of style., but what are some recommended ones?
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    Building new pc.

    Last time I was looking at trying to upgrade my system, Lots of stuff happened, and well I couldn't pull it off. So heres to a successful 2nd attempt. Im already ahead of the game, ordered a phanteks pro case, win 10, and tosh 2tb hard drive. 1) What will you be doing with this...
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    best free software for protection?

    Im wiping dads computer hes had it running over 4 years, and reinstalling everything. What are the best software for protecting or what people are running? i know at one time a coupel years back, MSE which is now windows defender was good. but like cars, what was the best one year isnt the...
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    Please help with partial rebuild

    Im looking to rebuild part of my computer. Im going to use my power supply, video supply and case, from the previous build. so far i need the cpu, mobo, ram and hard drive. Im leaning towards the intel 4670k, wd 2gb black, dont know about mobo and ram. Ram wise would like 16gb of ram. but if...
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    ASUS VG248QE for $219.99 at Newegg.

    Ive been eyeing monitors all weekend because the one i was using died after 4 years of use. This looks to be solid deal. I saw it in neweggs early black friday, same price at amazon...
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    wow. Xbox live free games vs free PS+ games.

    Xbox live gold members for the month of december is getting Gears of War and Shoot Many robots. Playstation + members is getting Borderlands 2, Grid 2, and Dyad. Wow... microsoft offering a 7 year old game vs sony's year old. It really should have been gow 3.. Hell even grid 2 is...
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    Supposedly cost break down of Xbox One As title states. Dont know how accurate this is. Interesting to note that the less powerful cpu/gpu chip cost more then the sony version.
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    Looking for deals on 2tb + harddrives

    Im running out of space, and looking for a deal on 2tb + drive. Hated missing that 3tb for 129 at amazon. This drive is going to be used as storage of various files, nothing to demanding. Thanks!
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    Terror in the Deep This sounds wicked and kinda freaky. Would definitely love to try it one time, even though i did not like using the gas mask in the military. It made me feel kinda claustrophobic even though i spent a good portion of my working life doing...
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    Ati 4850 gone bad, thinking 6850?

    My 4850 went out last week, and looking for a new card. What you think? I'm thinking the 6850 looks to be right in the price range for me. Under 150 dollars, though if nvidia has a good one in that range ill consider it to. Monitor is asus 26.5inch, 1920x1200. Motherboard is crossfire support...
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    Recommend me a mobo for intel e2200 processor

    A friend of mine has an acer aspire with e2200 intel processor (2.2ghz dual core pentium core) and is trying to get the computer up and running for as cheap as possible. Which motherboard would you recommend now? He plans on building one in a year or so and giving this one to his Girl friend.
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    OEM Vista 64bit

    My friend has an acer aspire desktop and the motherboard and its on the way out. With Vista 64bit being oem, can i just change the motherboard/drivers and use it or will he have to buy windows along with the motherboard?
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    Best Encoder for going Digital?

    Hello, I moved 2 years ago to a new town, and finally got my cds and dvds from old house. I would like to go digital and pack up the hard boxes, till i get more space. What is the best software to encode? For the cds, i prefer the highest quality. Devices that wil use the formats are...
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    Help an old folder get back into it.

    Its been about 2 - 3 years since i ran F@H, and recently upgraded my pc and moved to a new town. I would like to get back into folding. Here is my system specs: intel quad q8200, 4gb ram, 640 gb wd black edition, ati 4670. Boy, things have changed alot in folding. multiple smp clients...
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    Problem Solved... delete please..

    Nevermind.. problem solved
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    Troubleshooting new build.

    Just bought new parts to build new computer. here is the specs: BFG es 800w, Mobo Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P, Intel q8200, 4gb G. Skill, ati gigabyte 4670, samsung s223-f, WD 640gb AALS, Vista 64, So i put it all together, fired it up, works, install vista 64, everything, then trying to install...
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    Advice on games

    After a long absence from pc gaming, im ready to get back in to it. I was a big fan of the id games, but that was back in the day before the source code was released and people upgraded the graphics. I recently bought the id superpack and the unreal deal on steam, I also upgraded my pc, to...
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    Advice on games

    After a long absence from pc gaming, im ready to get back in to it. I was a big fan of the id games, but that was back in the day before the source code was released and people upgraded the graphics. I recently bought the id superpack and the unreal deal on steam, I also upgraded my pc, to...
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    Ati x800xl agp, need advice on new fan.

    I have a ati x800xl agp, and the fan gave me the one finger salute and quit. So now i have a quiet computer and need some noise to sleep to. What fan or fan/heatsink replacement do i need to fix it? Thanks.
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    My little bro wants to record him playing Halo 2, and i remembered i had an ati x800xl vivo model, so i could hook them together and record it right?
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    Athlon XP Heatsink

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    Im out of the loop, the last time i was researching they were talking about MIMO (Multiple in, Multiple out) saying it could stretch the signal. Whats a good wireless router to get?
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    Is there a way too?

    Im watching Red vs Blue, season 1. Is there a way to put it in the background like they do on the ati all in wonder with the tv so i can web surf and watch it? i have a a54 with at 9700 pro? Thanks
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    Quake 3 and Folding: A No-No on my machine.

    Is there a bug with quake 3 and quake 3 engined based games? Folding is not relinquishing its resorces when i launch quake 3 ie: Frames/sec running at 30-40. It doesnt do this in quake 1, quake 2, doom 3, prey, ut 2004. My system is athlon 64 3000 @3200, ATI 9700pro, 768 MB ram, Nforce 3...
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    Athlon XP Heatsink

    Im using old parts to build a couple of pcs, what is a good cheap heatsink that can handle anthlon xp 2400 maybe a 3200xp? last time i was looking at heatsinks, the Thermalalright SK-6+ and SK-7 was good ones for about 15bucks at Also where can i order the screws and springs...
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    Problem With Blocking web but not folding.

    I live in a 2 bedroom house, with a roommate.. so its in direct view of peoples eyes when they walk in. So u know what they ask. I got tired of all the dumb@$$e$, installing stuff, so i created a guest account that limits what they can do. I would say its broken, but u could imagine what they...
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    Want to build a HTPC.Need some advice.

    I want to build a HTPC, but need some advice on what to do. This is the equipment i have for a HTPC: MB is abit AN7 MB, 2400xp, 512mb pc2700, 40gb main drive with 200, 250 and 160gb drives, gf4 mx or Geforce 2 pro, and dvd writer. This is what i want to do, connect to my Denon reciever with B&W...
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    Best Deal for Military personel?

    Im about to get deployed with in the next 2-3 months, and was wandering what was the best deal out there for military personel? I like a lappy with atleast 128 mb 9700m and a good cpu preferably athlon 64.. im thinking 15-2500. for it. Any recomedations? im thinking about the dell xps...
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    cheap pci card?

    does anybody have a cheap video pci card for a comp? I have enough parts to get 2-3 more comps online, but is being held back by 3 things. lack of vid card, 2x60 mm fan, and thermal paste! Thanks.
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    Cheap card for doom3, farcry, and ut2004.

    Im looking for a really cheap card that will play these games. This is for a second pc that will be used for various things. Mainly folding & little bro to dm against me. The newest games that i will be playing will be doom3, farcry and ut2004. Im thinking a refurbeshed geforce4 mx440 from...
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    new hard drive.

    I just got a new harddrive for my system to use as a main disc. i dont feel like reinstalling windows on it, so how can i transfer the data to the new harddrive? Thanks
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    which is better: Chaintech vnf3-250 onboard sound vs SB Audigy 1.

    As the topic states, im wandering which is better: the onboard sound or the audigy. This is hooked up to a logitech z680 speaker system.. could be hooked back up to a klipsch promedia 5.1 system if it ever gets rma'd. games i play: Farcry, Doom3, Star wars JK2, Quake2 -3, star wars KOTOR, UT...
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    2 questions.

    Ok, Today i got in my new power supply for my athlon 64. woot. 2 problems though. 1) Which do u think would be faster for f@h, The athlon 64 3000 or a p4 2.66 (no HT)? im guessing athlon. I have to make a choice because of problem 2. 2) i Dont have enough agp 8x cards (only 2 of them) to...
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    Help me get another box online fast for the Horde.

    I have just received my athlon 64 3000 and chaintech vnf3, and was wandering if a 300 watt power supply (antec) be able to power it... im not planning on doing anything other than fold on it for the next week or two, till i get more time to switch it over to my main box and reinstall...
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    athlon xp 3200 vs athlon 64 3000.

    Which one would fold faster? I just ordered an athlon 64 3000, but might get an athlon 3200 also for another mobo. the 3200 runs at 2.2 ghz where as the 64 3000 runs at 3000. i know there is a big difference in the chips in games and other software, but folding seems a little bit more...
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    cheap heatsinks...

    Till i can get more money to buy some new power supplies for dual proc and my athlon 64, im going to try to get some other little boxens around the house up and running. i have enough parts to get 3 comps up and running but i need to know where i can pick up some cheap good heatsinks for...
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    help with old computer.

    My manager, (hes a seargent in my unit) has given my a mission. its to repair this computer (very old), and it has a 230 ram... instead of repairing it, i have decided to upgraded it with some old parts i have laying around. its a p2 450 and a abit mobo. would the 230 watt power supply be...
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    Dual processor boards.

    Wheres the best place to buy dual proc Amd boards? My manager at work is looking into building one. Hes also my seargent in the military. im looking at someting like athlon mp 2200 - 2600. Im also considering building one to. If i remember correctly the Gigabyte and Asus boards accept...
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    power advice.

    hey guys, Im just now getting back into folding, but alot of things have changed since i last folded. I quit when i went to Basic and AIT. At that time i was liveing with my parents so power comsuption wasnt too much of a problem. Now with me living on my own, im going have to watch the power...