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    Crytech USA Lays off staff (leadership quit) Well, didn't expect that.
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    R9 prices coming down?

    Haven't been following the trends too much, but anyone know why the R9 suddenly fell in price? Also, between the Asus, Sapphire and XFX, any suggestions on which card to get? The NV 780s are a bit too rich for my liking still, but i do need a quite card, and both the Sapphire Tri-X and XFX...
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    Sony Z1 Compact USA? Impressions?

    Hi Guys, looking at this nice little phone. Reviews seem mostly positive and good for what i need: - small phone - excellent battery life - ok camera - good screen - lots of space and very compatible. My question is if anyone has one and your thoughts? Does anyone have one in the USA...
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    Play (FPS) Games, Live Longer " but those with slower reaction times were 25% more likely to have died (from any cause) compared to those with average reaction times. This remained the case after the researchers had accounted for the participants' age, sex...
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    Star Control and Stardock write up... One of the greatest games ever made might have a future. Your thoughts?
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    PERC6 controller PCIe slot issue

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask if anyone had an odd problem. I'm pretty sure it's the motherboard, but who knows. I am doing an RMA on my motherboard, and the new board that arrived, well, the PERC6 card does not want to work in it if it's in the second PCIe slot. It has power (the LED is...
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    Tech Report on the differnce between Review Samples and Store Bought R9 290x Cards We had a thread about Tom's reporting on this, someone else also has done this experiment with similar results now. It's starting to sound more plausible. They recorded a 10% difference in...
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    27" IPS overclockable to 120MHz: Overlord - Catleap - QNIX?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a new monitor, primarily because I am tired of my TN not being useful with any outside light is present. Some anti-glare is a must for me. I get some overhead sunlight occasionally. This is for light work and gaming. I am really looking at the new DELL U2413, it looks...
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    Driver version comparison request

    Kyle, Brent Would it make any sense to have a review that focuses on say 3-4 different driver revisions, to compare the them and to see how some of the video cards got affected by them? I'm asking this since the R9 290 (non x) was delayed due to newer driver versions. Allegedly they bring...
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    Kickstarter: The Madate (looks a bit like Homeword turned into an RPG) Take a look, kickstarter just started. Edit: Updated the link, Thanks Decimus.
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    PC hardware has plateaued?

    I am getting an itch to upgrade... but i can't justify it. My PC still runs flawlessly and does everything that I want. My firefox has 50+ tabs open, I'm streaming videos, playing music via winamp or pandora, working in AutoCAD or MSoffice or Photoshop or playing the latest video games - and all...
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    Streaming services?

    Kind of related to HTPCs, but which streaming services do you guys like and subscribe too? Anyone in particular you would recommend over another, or a reason why you dont like one in particular? Thanks!
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    Old DOS Game CIA?

    Guys, i can't find or remember then name of the game, but it's old, from around 1990s. It's an itch i can't scratch... help! The game was called CIA i think. You had missions where you had sneak in almost Deaux EX human revolution style and snap pictures of confidential documents, or plant...
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    Extended battaries for phones with non removable batteries

    A mini review, opinion. Your opinions and comments welcome. I currently have an HTC One S, which is a phone with a non-removable battery. It usually lasts me 8-10 daytime hours or so. I does get annoying having it die on me sometimes and not having a charger or something with me. So I purchased...
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    SMS to an off phone

    Hey Guys. Question: How long does a phone message (SMS) stay on the network if a phone is shut off? Thanks!
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    STALKER Call of Pripyat mods?

    Hey all, was wondering which mod should I load for Stalker Call of Pripyat? Complete mod + complete weapons addon mod? Reloaded? SMRTER Pripyat mod? (looks cool, but not finished?) FERR UM mod? Any ideas suggestions? Thanks!
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    iPhone head phones with Android phone?

    Hi guys, is anyone using the white iPhone head phones with their Android? I have read mixed reviews saying that not all features work, so I wanted to ask. Thanks!
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    Metro 2033 mods?

    Hey guys, are there any mods for Metro 2033 besides the launcher that are helpful or required? Thanks!
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    X3: Reunion and TC Mods?

    Hey Guys, I decided to give X3 Reunion another run and then move over to TC. Can you recommend some mods that will work with the story line? Thanks!
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    Skyrim bugs

    I wanted to create a new thread to see how people deal or mitigate some quest items that can mess up the day, I am also linking to what appears to be one of the better lists of game bugs, many for the PC. Some bugs that I encountered, in...
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    Magicka Collection on Steam (either 3 or 6 bucks) let me know if you want to play this together. Here's my stream id.
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    Amazon games with GFWL tag activated on steam?

    Hey guys, *(I posted this in the hot deals discussion, but did not get a response, so posting here also) I was looking on amazon at such games as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat and it says that it is a GFWL, but it is only 9 bucks, so...
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    Amazon games with GFWL tag activated on steam?

    Hey guys, I was looking on amazon at such games as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat and it says that it is a GFWL, but it is only 9 bucks, so a lot cheaper than on steam. I was wondering if anyone has...
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    Indie game: Avadon (mini review)

    If you liked Baldur's Gate or Icewind dale or some other RPGs of this nature, then you might want to look at Avadon. I started playing the demo on Steam (which gives you about 4 hours of game play) and purchased the game for $10 when I was done with the demo. Tell you something about the game...
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    Most annoying 30 minutes of a new game (vent)

    :mad: Like many of you, I have a backlog of games, so I wanted to play something new for a change, instead of sticking with the old faithfuls. I had downloaded Batman a few months ago to my Steam folder but did not have a chance to play it yet. I was watching SVU marathon and decided to give...
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    Freelancer type games

    Just found these two, thought I would post them here... they look pretty interesting. One is more like EVE.
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    mouse not recognised on an Asus P8P67 Deluxe

    So this problem has been plaguing me for a bit now. When ever i reboot my PC, the mouse is sort of functioning, I can click the mouse buttons and they work, but the x&y axis does not work (odd right?), so I have to unplug it and replug it back in for it to work. I have a Razer Lychese. I...
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    iPad2 case/cover

    Hi guys. What protective cases do you use for your new iPad2s? I'm looking for something light slim, yet also that can act as a stand. preferably not ugly..... actually, it has to not be ugly, like so many generic ones are. Thanks!
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    Netflix on Ipad2 (or just streaming)

    Has anyone used an Ipad2 (I don't know if the Ipad one had this function) to stream movie to the HD TV? I saw an adapter for sale that had an HDMI out so I wanted to see if anyone used it and what their experience was. Or if anyone has used the Ipads to stream video to TVs. thanks.
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    Perc 6i management utility?

    Hi all, was wondering what are you using to manage a PERC 6i card win win7? Thanks!
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    component to laptop?

    Hi guys, thought I would ask here. I am looking to see a live feed from a camera that has a component video out to a laptop (via usb?) any ideas? The idea is to see it live on the laptop and to record it. I am trying to put together a bundle that will work like this. Or some alternative...
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    J&R case sales (and other things)

    J&R seemed to kick off some promo deals with a lot of free ground shipping on 2/03 Here for example a P183 V3 (which didn't come in yet) for 129. "http://www.jr(INSERT DOT HERE) com/antec/pe/ANT_P183V3/" check out a lot of other deals. I was just looking around yesterday and found a lot...
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    Antec P183 V3

    So the new version has come out and it is available for sale. It looks like it boast a USB 3.0 and 2 spaces for SSDs. I haven't seen any review pictures of it yet, and I was wondering if anyone has? Edit: Press release for the P183, P193 and Nine Hundred...
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    2x4GB Ripjaws at newegg 104 - 15 promo code, till 2/07 if you havent gotten these yet, now might be a good time. $15 off promo code EMCKHKJ23, ends 02/07
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    1366 and 1156 RAM speeds

    There are some talks about SB needing 1333 or 1600 RAM. So i was wondering if anyone has seen any reviews of these platform which show how the different RAM scale. From all that I have seen and to quote Kyle, the difference beyond 1333 is minuscule. But I also wanted to see what you guys...
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    SuperBiiz P67 motherboards and other stuff %15 off code

    This was mentioned in some of the other posts for various products, but at superbiiz, you can enter hello2011 for %15 and get max -$15 of some products. Considering their prices on P67 motherboards, I...
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    P193 and heatsink with a 120mm fan (NH-U12P or V8), will it fit?

    Just wondering, new egg has a comment that says that a tall heatsink wil not fit inside, so any heatsink that is 158mm tall, I was looking to get the NH-U12P and was wondering if anyone has that combination. Second one down...
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    old vs new sounds card?

    Hey guys, I was reading the new card review and i started thinking. I have an old (4 years) SB X-Fi sound card (PCI) i was going to carry it over to my new build once sandy bridge comes out Should I do it? or get a new PCI-E card? Running Win 7 now with out any apparent issue with the card...
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    Cooler Master HAF-X measurements

    If anyone has one, could you please do me a favor? I have read some reviews and the websites, but they have conflicting info. Some say that its 21.5 some say that its 23.5 inches tall. I am looking for its actual height without the optional wheels. So from the bottom of the rubber feet to...
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    Dungeon Keeper 3 (sort of)

    I dont think this was posted yet, but i just saw the steam trailer... and