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    Ryzen 3900XT, 3800XT, and 3600XT allegedly to be announced by June 16th

    this is what i mean...if b350/x370 boards have a bios out there to support 3000 series already, that this new matisse refresh is just a drop-in and no bios update is needed
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    Ryzen 3900XT, 3800XT, and 3600XT allegedly to be announced by June 16th

    would be a nice if b350/x370 support this as the final upgrade on the path.
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    rx 5700

    Alright, thanks! Thanks all for replying!
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    rx 5700

    Ok thanks Well I want to give the 27" pixio px7 prime a go...its 1440p up to 165hz..
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    rx 5700

    What do you mean by this? Like in comp they'd be at 240fps or higher?
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    rx 5700

    sup guys, do you think an r5 1600 will bottleneck an rx5700 (nonxt) at 1440p in games like csgo and quakechampions with everything set to max? I want to know if it will be able to hit atleast 144fps or higher. thanks!
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    Quake 2 Ray Traced.

    lol, well atleast its one of the best games out there though ... did you try quake champions to see how it is ?
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    Buy AMD sell Intel

    which brokers are you guys using to trade amd?
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    Used cards selling for New prices?

    the sweet spot for miners is rx 470 if you have new rx470's for will get $320-$350 for each right now. we are not talking about the [H]ardCore Gamers picking up 3 cards for their ultra 4K setup. Nope! We are talking about your average joe going to microcenter or fry's and picking up...
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    Bitcoin Mining Has Taken all of the AMD RX 580 GPU stock?

    this is why cards are out of stock or priced higher.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    posting once in this thread. Would be nice to get picked.
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    question on a setup

    hello guys, I want your opinions on what setup to have in order to host a weekly movie night by the beach in a wonderful resort. Considering the Wind Factor, Sand Factor etc. It would be highly appreciated to get some thoughts and insight on this. It doesn't have to be something difficult. It...
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    Is Xeon X3470 good for gaming? compare to I5 6500

    if price is same ...i5 2400 with h61 mobo
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    New build

    Dangman,thanks! yes money is being made with this system, it is for a business..they need 2 new machines.. so for the i7-5820k build you listed, you would swap the gtx750ti/gtx960 for a quadro k2000? also there is a k2000 and k2200..both 2gb and 4gb they are more or less same price..which one...
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    New build

    Thanks mate It will be for a job, business. If we pick the GTX 960, is it worth it going with the 4GB version for the extra $35?
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    New build

    Whats up dangman, Would that GTX750 suffice ? there is absolutely no need for the GTX 960 etc etc? no need for 4GB , 2 is enough? why would you choose the older bx100 over the newer mx200 series from crucial?
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    New build

    Dangman, youre good. 1. Yes, windows 7 pro 64bit , 32gb will be supported 2. Thanks for the case list 3. I said lets act as if we're building today to give this friend an impression of what is possible as of today,now..not in a month or two.
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    New build

    ive read articles and have seen reviews on youtube stating that gaming gpu's are good enough and that there is absolutely no reason to go for a quadro which costs a lot more... which quadro would you recommend? if the psu is overkill, which one would you recommend. I was also looking at the...
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    New build

    ok but lets act as if i will be buying today...what can you tell me about the rig? is it a good pic or what would you change?
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    New build

    hey Dangman, thanks for the swift reply. I was thinking a simple $20 local buy case. Don't really know, but lets keep it as of now and not go on "whats coming out" ... Current OS is Win7 , will it support 32GB though? And yes, I had that HSF in cart to but didn't post it, sorry. Would you...
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    New build

    Hello guys, Here's a quick build for a friend of mine. This computer will be used for Revit, Autocad, 3dstudiomax and Photoshop. Intel Core i7-5820K ASUS X99-A LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 series 32GB (4 x 8GB) EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB EVGA 220-G2-0850-XR 80 PLUS GOLD 850 W Crucial...
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    Question on long range wireless

    thank you wizdum your name does go well with you:) thanks a lot.. ima go read a lil on them.
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    Question on long range wireless

    my man, you are smart. yeah, the $10m was just to throw something... because i have no idea! thanks!
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    Question on long range wireless

    thank you for the quick reply guys. and yes, Aruba is nice too.. you should have come to Curaçao also mate!.. Well lets say if someone is interested in investing..what do you call many millions? more than 10million USD ? It has to be something that you as costumer pays very low, you get your...
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    Question on long range wireless

    Good day folks, The island i am living on is a mess when it comes to communication. There are only 2 cellphone communication providers. The are only offering their 4g plans which are very expensive + limited data. So if you are anywhere waiting on your turn and you go on youtube to chill a...
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    RFID Wristband

    or that! the phone what should i be searching for mate..whats the technology behind "it" called?
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    RFID Wristband

    thank you so far folks! Ima go look into them
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    RFID Wristband

    Good day folks, I don't know where to place this thread so I thought General Software was a good one since it has to do with software too. Well I want to know if the following exists and is being offered by a company? You know like when you go to parties and you can not buy with money at the...
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    google chromecast

    how do you get to buy google chromecast at lower than $35 .. i need 1000 pieces ..anyone?
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    Haswell-E reveal: 8 Cores, DDR4, X99

    so if you get an x79 now with a ivy-e in september, it will be old tech in a year?\ i know most will say your thing becomes old tech as soon as you buy it cause there's a new one around the cornor.. but just wondering on your thoughts... the transition from ddr2 to ddr3 took a while right?
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    Sabertooth Z87 + 4770K + 16GB Ballistix Elite (CL9) stable OC settings

    seems like people have been getting better luck by taking the lid off.
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    AMD might be changing their number lineup for HD 8000 series

    in the end of the day, logic will play its role... "hmm this is $200, hmmm this is $150" .. if you pick the $150 thinking it is your fault not AMD .. my 2cents
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    AMD cpu for midrange gaming PC

    Mobo $80 : CPU $120: for upcoming bf4 and newer upcoming games i think you will benefit good from the 6 cores...
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    Should I buy a cheaper motherboard for Haswell?

    would these work with the new Xeon Haswell v3 cpu's too? say a b85 mobo with the xeon
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    Hey guys how is the 770 going to be like?
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    770 release?

    seems like only you and me care about the 770, hahaha
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    Waiting for Haswell?

    i'd say wait a little more patiently..sooner than later you'll have the perfect reviews...
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    GTX 770?
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    . is a good example