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    Something totally else: a 150CFM fan at 0.3 sones

    Yes this is not a PC fan and yes it's huge (well... it's 6") and very expensive for a fan but I thought it would be interesting to show what's possible -- this amount of air at this loudness is pretty much unheard of ;) Just in case someone is insane enough to integrate it as a case fan...
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    Safe 4+4 converter?

    With high wattage CPUs on the market, desktop motherboards with 4+8 pin or even 8+8 pins are becoming more common but most PSUs only have one. On the other hand , SLI and especially triple and quad SLI are definitely dying out but the PSUs have a bazillion PCIe connectors. Is there a connector...
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    Ebay (BIN): Dual port 10Gb Brocade card $14

    link Since the four port thread for $50 was popular, maybe some are interested in a two port for $13.95 (not mine, I just found it). 5m cable
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    FE / blower cards power plug placement

    I am thinking about a case and if you have a blower card could you please measure how far the power plugs start from the PCI cover? Should be around 210-215mm, I think. Thanks!
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    Optane as system drive?

    I have an 512GB SATA and a 512GB NVMe drive in my laptop. Truth be told, I am not usng a terrible lot on the NVMe -- 145GB currently and I can move steamapps and wsl from c:\ to d:\ to make that 100GB and that's just two. So I could live with a 118GB system drive, yeah. Is it much faster than...
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    Wikipedia is contradictory on AMD history says,_high-performance_Bulldozer_cores Well, both can't be true. Which one is, though?
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    Replacing dual X5670?

    This platform might be aging but the video transcoding performance of it is really nice. However, the single thread performance is becoming harder and harder to tolerate by each passing day. What to replace with without losing video transcoding performance and gaining on single thread...
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    Is the G4620 really this close to the i5 7400? 15% ?
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    1060 w/o 6 pin?

    Is it possible to downclock / restrict other ways an 1060 such that it only uses the slot? I mean, the P2000 does it, but gosh, the price of that thing.
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    What's up with the i7 6700T and 6700K and Cinebench R15?

    Open Click Show comparison chart under Cinebench R15 - CPU Multi 64Bit Be astonished at the 1% performance difference to 6700K Open...
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    Motherboard with wifi and front SSD (m.2 or msata) slot?

    The GA-B85N-WIFI had an mSATA and a wifi module slot both. Is there anything like that in newer generations? I have a 512GB mSATA disk which I would love to reuse. I know many ITX boards have an m.2 on the back but I am afraid of overheating. mSATA has always been a hot one.
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    4 pin splitter in North America? where can you get one like this without shipping a cable from freakin' Australia?
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    What's the disadvantage of a gaming laptop vs a SFF?

    So, it turns out I am probably heading out ... indefinitely... again. Happens :) I have lived digital nomad for 19 months once and 5 months another time so it's not really news but it's been quite a few years (I've been sitting at this desk since 2010 with at most a month break) so computer wise...
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    Why there are no travel DVI cables?

    If a DVI coupler looks like this then why do every DVI cable look is like this? It carries the same data as HDMI which has quite thin cables and also the...
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    Single slot 1070 wow. Wow! I was looking for an 1050 (I know ELSA has one in Japan) and stumbled in this. As there are quite a few single slot cases, this is IMO interesting.
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    Why ports are not perpendicular?

    All the video cards are using PCB mounted ports seriously hindering airflow. But a dual slot video card has some 40mm across and that'd be aplenty for either a full sized DP or a HDMI connector across. Of course the cross section area would be the same but I believe a shorter but wider rectangle...
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    ATwentyX: E-ATX under 20L

    It fits: SSI CEB and similar sized E-ATX motherboards like the Asus Rampage V. (SSI EEB definitely does not fit.) 120mm rear fan for exhaust. A top 140mm slim fan like the Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 14 also exhaust. Some 120mm tower coolers, most importantly the Scythe Fuma "simply the...
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    New low profile risers including M.2 and U.2

    I have found a new company which sells very interesting risers including one that connects an x4 slot directly to an NVMe SSD: there are of course PCIe to PCIe risers as well. I have contacted the company because the photos and renders didn't really...
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    3/6 2.5" to 3.5" bay?

    There are any number of 4 2.5" disks to 2 3.5" bay converters. These are, simply put, made for the past when 12.5" disks had any significance. Today you either want a 15mm high 2.5" disk for mass storage (5TB ATM) or you want 7mm high SSDs. So... is there a thingie which allows mounting 3 thick...
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    Non-Haswell compatible PSU?

    I have an old uATX system with a Seasonic S12II 520W and I am thinking on upgrading it to a C226M WS + E3-1225 v3 + 4x8GB ECC and keep the NT-06e cooler and the GTX 660 GPU. Would this work if I disabled the C6 and C7 states? I have no doubt the 520W PSU can handle a 140W GPU + 84W CPU +...
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    Intel Celeron G3930 - new budget king?

    I thought the $46 G3920 was cheap but the G3930 is $42 :) and obviously a hair bit faster.
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    Nice little cheap case for LP cards

    GEEEK A10 Mini ITX Case 6.34L, flex ATX PSU, seems like the new MSI or Gigabyte GTX 1050 LP would fit and that's enough for quite a few games. It's only $40, an adequate Flex ATX PSU can be had for $20-25 off eBay (probably ~200W is enough here).
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    Who else is waiting for GTX 1050/Ti mini PCs? this or similar with a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti would be absolute bliss! But so far nothing. 145mm long video card, shorter than an ITX motherboard. Everything really needs to be custom...
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    i3-7350K is official

    This is a sweet, sweet deal: 4.2 GHz, 60W and $157. I am sure it'll be popular as hell to overclock. Almost surely it'll do 5GHz easily, even if you need to raise the voltage by a brutal 20% to get there it'll barely pass 100W and cooling that is easy, people regularly cool 135W Xeons with...
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    Normal height non-reference cooler GTX 1080 ?

    Is there any non-blower style design card which is still normal height?
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    ITX GPU, MB, SFX PSU, 8.9L case

    While looking for the ATX case I posted I found this ITX case as well. I think it might be of interest -- very simple but relatively cheap even shipped to North...
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    A <20L ATX 7 card slot case

    There are posts scattered about the smallest ATX case. Exotic cases impossible to get, expensive cases with risers etc abound, some including myself have thought perhaps the short depth 3U cases would be the smallest ATX case one can actually buy. Nope. This simplistic...
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    Small ATX case idea <20L with all the goodies

    I have a roughly 20L case idea which could house the highest wattage CPUs with either a) two GPUs and 8 disks or b) three GPUs watercooled with M.2 / PCIe disks. I have a few thoughts to start with: The seven slots of an ATX motherboard -- 142 mm -- and the width of an 5.25" bay -- 146 mm --...
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    Custom case MB clearances?

    Is there a guide or specification I can look up which shows the minimal sizes for a case with say ITX or uATX motherboard ? This has some but I am not sure whether it has all as it more focuses on the MB itself -- or is that really all?
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    Smallest case for E3C224D4I + ITX GPU?

    What would be the smallest case this crazy board would fit in with an ITX sized GPU?
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    Gaming SFF machine from NUC?

    There are quite a few great projects here based on the idea of an "upside down" video card and a motherboard to the back of it. It strikes me the recent crop (since Broadwell at least) of NUC motherboards would be much better suited for this -- the M.2 slot provides for a PCI-E x4 slot via a...
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    Firepro W2100 heatsink mounting holes?

    The Firepro W2100 looks ideal for my purposes but it has a fan. That's just really annoying. It's 26W. The Radeon HD 3450 was 25W and it's passive and you can get one on eBay for tree fiddy. I could just move the heatsink over if it is still 53mm. Is it?
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    Interest in a simple 4U case for dual CPU systems?

    With the E5-2670 deluge suddenly enthusiasts look at dual CPU systems and it turns out, it's very hard to find a good case. SSI EEB support is thin on the ground, Supermicro EE ATX even more so. I might be interested in funding the development of a 4U case which Supports all those motherboards...
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    Dual power supplies for dual sockets?

    If you have a dual LGA 2011 board with 24 pin, 8 pin, 8 pin connectors could you use two PSUs each with one 8 pin EPS with Lian Li Dual Power Supply Adapter Cable - something like this?
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    Cheap overclock ITX MB for i5-5675C

    I am mostly using my desktop to code under but occasionally I play really non-demanding games like Heroes of the Storm. The Intel Core i5-5675C appeals to me because it is the best GPU Intel has to offer and now it's under $300. Also, sometimes overclocking would be nice for faster database...
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    Thin, narrow bezel, VESA mountable 21.5" monitor?

    Is there a max 20" wide, not much more than 1" thick VESA mountable 22" / 21.5" visible monitor? Background: my current travel monitor is 19 1/2-inch [49.5 cm] diagonal and 1" thick. The backpack I landed on finally is 51cm high so a 21.5" diagonal is possible. The bigger the better so let's...
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    Realan DC-DC boards?

    Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at these and friends. Anyone tried these? So cheap... so bad?
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    U.2 over SFF-8644?

    So the U.2 connector is per Making Sense of Next-Gen SSDs this article is a "slightly modified" SFF-8643. I can't find a description of this "slight modification". Would SFF-8643 to SFF-8644 adapters work? In other words, is it possible to run PCI Express x4 via an PCIe-U.2 adapter followed by a...
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    A GPU (or three) cooling idea

    Let's say you have a desktop chassis with a front fan and a top fan (rotate it for tower). Now create a fanless GPU heatsink with bent fins so that each fan starts at the front and ends up at the top. This way the airflow is directed from front to the top. The case fans will move the air. A...
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    Crazy idea: eATX/EEB case below 20L

    While mATX and even ITX came far they still fall short in certain areas especially workstation/server type machines. Besides, a full length PCI card is already 12", an eATX/EEB motherboard is only 13", not much of a difference. The chassis would not be much bigger in footprint than the EEB size...