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    PSU too big for new build?

    I have the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 PSU. It made more sense when I was running two graphics cards in SLi (and briefly entertained the idea of a third for crypto mining) with a 5960X and Rampage V Extreme. Now I'm moving to a build with the following: Intel Core i7 8086k Asus Z370-G Gaming Wi-Fi...
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    Intel demos 28-core, 5 GHz CPU

    Few details were provided - can it be anything other than a heavily binned 14nm++ part? What's the TDP on this monster?
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    Any point to SLi anymore?

    I bought two 1080 Tis on launch day. I justified it to myself using my assumption that the long-teased 4K 144Hz monitors were coming within months, and would be priced around $1200. This was March; I figured they'd be out by May or June. Now it's April of 2018 and not only are they still not out...
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    Help me replace my U3011?

    As the title suggests, I currently own a Dell U3011. I am interested in acquiring something with a faster refresh rate to go with an upcoming GPU upgrade. I am currently planning on purchasing two 1080 TIs. Requirements: Faster refresh rate than the U3011 (60 Hz). Picture quality no worse...
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    Growth in reservoir

    Noticed a bit of growth in the reservoir the other day. I'm using just EKoolant and distilled in my loop. No silver coil due to that whole plating flaking controversy a while back, though I'm only using copper blocks so I doubt it would hurt. I got lazy last time the reservoir got low and just...
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    Overload - spiritual successor to Descent - on Kickstarter

    The original developers who founded Parallax Software have started a new company and are working on a spiritual successor to Descent. It's coming not just to PC (Windows/Mac/Linux), but to Xbox One and PS4. Compared with Descent: Underground, Overload seems to be much more focused on a...
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    Starcraft Battle Chest $2.97 @ Amazon

    Not sure how long this will last. Screenshot Shows up as $19.49 in search, but I have an order that went through with $2.97 plus tax.
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    Just Cause 3 $26 (CDKeys)

    Here I've already paid a bit more than this for my pre-order. Good things for those that wait, I suppose.
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    Computer shutting itself off

    A while back my computer shut itself off. The NIC activity lights were lit, the standby lights on the motherboard were lit, and USB devices could charge. But when I pressed the power button, the PSU would make this short whine noise it usually does right at power on, the lights in the room would...
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    PSA: KB3004394 issues

    This evening, my 360 Media Center Extender kept disconnecting from my trusty Windows 7 VM. I could not figure out what was causing it until I started looking into the event log. Kept getting errors in the event log like this: Log Name: Media Center Source...
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    NAS/Server build

    I've been researching and considering a server/NAS build for a while. Before that, my plan was to stick some large hard disks in my desktop, present the raw disks to a VirtualBox Linux guest, and let that do mdraid on them, sharing the resultant volume with the host. I've done that before and it...
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    How long for X99 blocks?

    Seems the only game in town so far is EK and the Rampage V Extreme. I was hoping for a board with dual onboard NICs, so that leaves me hoping for a block for the Asus X99 Deluxe or the Gigabyte X99 Gaming G1. How long should I expect to wait?
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    4 GB vs 8 GB DDR4 with X99

    I am writing this from my 980X/X58 box. The 980X has a little known "feature" where it will underclock your DDR3 to 1066 if you fill all six banks with 4 GB DIMMs. This can lead to barrels of fun when the BIOS, trying to restore things to "safe" settings, will actually clock the memory back up...
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    What is wrong with my loop? (Pics inside!)

    There is an incredible amount of gunk on my GPU and CPU blocks. My current loop is all copper, distilled water with no additives. My old loop, which had a copper CPU block, a nickel-plated GPU block, and a killcoil in the resevoir, had something similar happen. This time there is no nickel and...
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    How to ensure which GPU is active?/Crossfire issues

    I bought two R9 290s back in December. Most of that time, I've only gamed single-card, at first because I would mine on the second card. Now that GPU mining is no longer profitable, I decided to try turning CF back on, but I've been having some bad issues in Crossfire playing BF4. Really...
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    Headset time

    I've recently started gaming with co-workers who use voice comms heavily. For the past several years I've been on onboard audio paired with a pair of M-Audio AV 40s. I was able to find a cheap 15-year-old analog mic and use it in conjunction with the earbuds that came with my cell phone, though...
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    Crashes switching from gaming to mining and vice versa

    I recently switched from a GTX 680 to a pair of R9 290s. I bought them both for gaming (where I've seen a modest improvement) and for cryptocurrency mining (where I've seen a dramatic improvement). The one thing that drives me bonkers is the fact that I have to reboot between gaming and...
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    New pump recommendations - needed quick!

    Last year my pump failed. Now, almost exactly a year later, it failed again. For reference, it's this pump. I'm not that keen on replacing the thing every year. It failed almost exactly in December last year too. Any recommendations for a replaement? I'm going to pick it up at FrozenCPU...
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    Need new PSU, what's good and available fast?

    Long story short, my two new R9 290s had something of an argument with my old stalwart BFG ES800. That little guy has gone through two builds with me but it looks like he may have pushed his last amp of current. While I wait for BFG to come through with a warranty replacement (lifetime warranty...
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    Questions on adding to my loop

    Right now I have a loop driven by a VPP655, cooled by an XSPC RX360 (120mmx3), with a 980X under the CPU block and a GTX 680 under the GPU block. I am planning on replacing the 680 with two Radeon R9 290s. How badly is this going to go for me?
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    Saints Row IV $30

    Amazon's deal of the day today is Saints Row IV! I've been waiting for a sale on this game...
  22. L issues?

    I've also gotten that by clicking a link to the front page from a front page news thread, and sometimes by clicking the "[H]ard|OCP" button in the top bar. Have had no issues going directly to or the news article in that screenshot. This is from a residential internet connection with...
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    EAS messages and 360 extender

    Today (of all days) Time Warner is sending out an Emergency Alert System message warning of a winter storm. On my PC, after a few minutes of watching a channel, it will change to an EAS channel and the alert scrolls across the top of the screen. I can then tune back to the station I was watching...
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    ST: TNG Complete Series DVD - Ends 12/21 - $0.99 NR
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    HTC Amaze 4G T-Mobile - Ends 12/21 - $0.99 NR
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    Upcoming Ultrabook purchase

    I'm considering purchasing an Ultrabook or Ultrabook-like device in the near future. My X201T is still pretty nice, but I am getting really tired of being constrained to a 1280x768 screen. Plus I think I would rather like all the Ultrabook trappings - thin form factor, light weight, good battery...
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    Dead pump!

    I got this pump back in March: This morning I heard the strangest noise coming from my pump. Then it started this...
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    7 License and Virtualization

    (Mods feel free to lock or delete this thread if you think this is over the line, I realize I may be tiptoeing rather close.) When I'm in Windows, I like to access the physically installed version of Linux on my PC rather than setting up a dedicated version that will take up space on my...
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    Anyone experiencing hard locking?

    Got home to night at ~6:30, computer was completely unresponsive to the mouse and keyboard. Reboot, check the event logs, and I find that the previous shutdown at ~3:30 PM was unexpected. So it was apparently locked like that for 3 hours or so. I did not have this problem with my hot and loud...
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    New 7970 artifacts in Mass Effect

    Just popped in my new 7970 tonight and fired up Mass Effect to test it. I hit some artifacts almost immediately. Fortunately they only happen in those annoying elevators, playing the rest of the game exhibited no issues. Ran some Furmark and some MW3, no artifacts there either. Anyone else...
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    Sandy Bridge-EP drops

    Saw the article on Engadget, confirmed on Wikipedia (and a forum search) that this wasn't old news, and then proceeded to Newegg to drool. As much as I'd like to get a CPU with 8 cores, they're going to need a lower price point to convince me. Especially when you add in the cost of switching...
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    First time watercooling - good kit choice?

    I'd like to put the system in my signature under water. Though the GTX 480 is quite long in the tooth, so at this point I think it'd be best to upgrade to a 7970 and get a block for that, rather than purchase a block for such an old and power-hungry GPU. I've chosen a kit with the RX360...
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    VT-D/VGA Passthrough?

    So apparently I fell asleep for a few years. In that time, hardware IOMMUs became relatively commonplace. Sadly, I also understand my 980X does *not* support it :( Has anyone else played around with this tech? How much of a performance hit is...
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    Cave Story hits Steam! If you haven't had a chance to play this game - probably because it was free, and you assumed any free PC game wasn't worth playing - then this is for you! $8.50 for...
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    Stream CableCard tuner to 360?

    Thinking of getting an InfiniTV 4 for my desktop PC and just streaming everything to the 360 instead of building a whole 'nother PC to sit all of 8 feet away from my current PC. Any drawbacks to this idea?
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    GameStop refused to give me my Deus Ex:HR AE pre-order

    I paid in full two weeks ago for the augmented edition of the PC version. I don't usually pre-order physical copies of games (I mostly buy from Valve these days), but GameSpot convinced me to pay the extra money by including a bonus mission with pre-orders. When I came to pick up my copy, an...
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    GTX 480 dying

    And at this point I'd rather buy a replacement and sell the 480 when it gets back from RMA than be without for a week. What are my options? 6970 @ ~$370 and 3 GB 580 @ ~$600? Or are new cards right around the conrer? What does [H] reccommend?
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    Red Faction Armageddon?

    The Red Faction deal on Steam this weekend has me tempted. The metacritic page is a wash. What's the word on the street?
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    Flash all wonky in IE9

    IE9 is looking weird. Everything is fully updated. Ideas?
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    Install PS3 games to the hard drive?

    New PS3 owner here. Wondering how you install games for faster load times? I figured out how to do it for the 360, can't find the option on the PS3. All my google searches find people who want to install games and then not use the disc, or people outright asking about piracy.