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    $300-$400 pc for coding.

    Hi, I need a budget pc that can do some light coding : C#,, java, ... Mainly for web development/winform app. I sometime watch movie on my 4K 50" tv as well. (Will be using that one as monitor) Can someone suggest me one? Thanks.
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    For those who are experiencing Windows 10 (either Home or Pro version), is there any problem you have faced so far using it? Anything you like about it? For me, every time my laptop boots, disk load runs up to 100%, which makes me feel so worried. Importing bookmarks from other browsers to...
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    [Help] Building new PC system

    Hi guys, I stopped building desktop long time ago after switching to laptop. Now I'm trying to build a small HTPC that can manage to play video at 4K 60Hz monitor (Specifically: ASUS PB287Q) 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web browsing, MS office...
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    Z77 Sabertooth or Maximus V Gene?

    Hi all. I'm looking for a new mobo to replace my current P8Z77-V. In my place, the Sabertooth and Maximus V Gene have the similar price. So what should i choose? I'm running a 2500K, 1 video card, 1 SSD and 3 HDD. The 2500K is running daily @4.6GHz. Thanks in advance.
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    Corsair AF120 Fan :D
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    Ergotron LX Side-by-side dual arm

    Linky: Have fun bidding :D
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    8GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 1866
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    i7 860 lost 2 out of 4 cores??

    So, i was doing my stuff as always when i suddenly want to take the temperature readings for reference. And when i launched CPUz and Real Temp, they showed only 2 cores being active. I did check the BIOS and the Active Processor has only 3 options: All, 1, 2. I also tried with another clean...
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    Which SSD to choose?

    Hi there. I'm looking to upgrade my rig with a SSD. My budget is really tight so i've narrowed down to some options like the OCZ Agility 3 and Corsair Force 3 120GB. The problem is my mainboard only supports SATA2. Which one should i buy? Or should i pay $20 more for a Vertex 3 120GB...
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    HD7950 DirectCU II or Twin Frozr 3??

    Well,the Sapphire Vapor-X batch i've been waiting for still got the same problem.So now i have to choose between the DCII and the TF3. Which one should i choose?Which one has the better VRM and cooling? Considering that i'll run them on fullload 10 hours a day at 1000-1050MHz core clock...
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    Difference between the Seasonic X650 and X660

    So what is the difference between these two units?Besides the 10W and $15 difference (in my country). Thanks in advance.
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    Question on BIOS options

    So i'm overclocking my i3 530 on the Asus P7P55D mainboard.In the BIOS,there are 2 options:CPU Differential Amplitude and Clock Skew.Can anyone tell me what are they and how can they affect the overclocking?Because they're describe as "Difference value may enhance BCLK OC ability". I'm...
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    Question on the HD6950 DirectCU II

    I got the DCII 1GB and unlocked it to the 6970 successfully. So what is the safe temperature and voltage for the unlocked 6950,giving that i had +20% Powertune? Also is there any software that can control the voltage on this card?Because i tried MSI Afterburner (enable unofficial OC...
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    Fan controller or variable resistor?

    So i'm planning on re-hooking my Delta 120x38mm fan (rated at 12v 1.6A).The obvious problem is the noise,which i'll deal with by undervolt the fan.Now should i buy a fan controller with 3-4 channels,each can provide 15W (the cheap model i guess) and only use one channel for the Delta (the other...
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    Questions on the HD6950

    So i have a few questions on this one,especially the reference card: 1.Is the reference really loud?Because i got used to non-ref cards for quite some times and i wonder if the infamous vacuum-cleaner noise (on the HD4870) still exists in the HD6950 ref or not. 2.I'm running only on the 21.5"...
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    Question on the power consumption

    I don't really know where to put this thread so forgive me if i put it in the wrong section. So my question is pretty simple.Considering my rig draws about 270-300W from the PSU,does that mean it continuously draws 300W every second or every hour?I'm confused with the number as i need to...
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    Asus DirectCU or MSI Hawk?

    So i'm planning on getting the HD6870 since i have a really tight budget.I decided to get the Asus HD6870 DirectCU.But when i re-read its review from [H],i noticed that it has no heatsink for the RAM modules,also the load temp was 86 degrees.This is not good since i'll leave my video card on...
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    Which fan to use

    So i'm currently using the Venomous X-RT.It came with a Thermalright 1300rpm 50CFM fan.I found it to be slow and couldn't push much air through the HSF.So i'm looking for another fan to replace it,also replace my front intake fan (CM 1200rpm) aswell. I like those with blue LED,and i can't think...
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    Question about Vernomous X-RT and TRUE

    So recently i have a deal on the X-RT for $50 without a fan.A new TRUE Rev.C costs $15 more,also with no fan.So which one is a better deal?I'll run on fanless mode with a Delta @3000rpm on rear exhaust (maybe i'll add another fan later).Thanks in advance.
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    Problem with the CM Vortex Plus

    This HSF uses push-pin mechanic to mount onto the mainboard.But it requires you to tighten a piece of steel to the bracket (the 2nd one from the left,2nd line) to hold the HSF in place.So when i was tightening the screw,one of the push pins just snapped and flew out of the mainboard.Since there...
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    Problem with the Seasonic 620W

    I just bought this S12II 620W 2 weeks ago. So here's the problem:I randomly checked in Everest and it showed that the 5v line was jumping between 4.97 and 4.99v.Other lines are still above and in their limits of specification.I didn't have this problem with my old crappy PSU so i measure the...