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    Ryzen - SMT enabled - Problem running Ashes of Singularity - Escalation DX12 benchmark - CTD.

    Ashes of Singularity - Escalation (v2.3 latest) - when SMT mode is enabled in the BIOS, the DX12 benchmark crashes to the desktop (after running for a bit), DX11 mode is unaffected. If I disable SMT mode on the BIOS, the DX12 benchmark completes just fine without issues. System...
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    WTF? - Sapphire / RMA and handling of broken fans on Nitro+ RX470/RX480 - need to return card.

    Just a note for peeps who purchased Sapphire Nitro+ RX470's and RX480's with the much acclaimed END USER replaceable fans. One of my RX470's has bad bearings (making noises), so I contacted Sapphire Tech Support and here's the transcript. Basically, if you have one of these cards and you...
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    NVIDIA Video Cards, HDCP Repeater not being detected, Yamaha A/V Receivers

    Video Card: Nvidia GTX1070 (and also tried 750TI) OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit CPU make and model: Intel 2600K Amount of system memory: 8 GB Motherboard make and model: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H (rev 1.1) Motherboard BIOS version: F15 Monitor(s) make and model: TV - LG 60PM6700 Sound card make and model...
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    Win7 - 6950 - HDMI acting as Primary, Projector Mode

    Hello All, Video Card: Sapphire HD6950 OS: Win7 I'm trying to use the Win7 Projector Mode (Windows-P) key but when I chose projector - instead of using my TV, it uses the monitor instead. My Monitor is plugged into the Dual Link DVI Port and my TV is plugged into the HDMI Port...
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    P8P67 PRO, 2600K, 4 DIMMS, and after market HSF - what fits?

    I have a P8P67 PRO, a 2600K, and all 4 dimms slots populated (16 GB). I noticed that the stock cooler that comes doesn't cool very well. Was wondering if you guys can recommend an aftermarket HSF that cools relatively well, doesn't block the RAM, and has a good retention mechanism that doesn't...
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    Vista X64, WinXP X64 , 4+ gigs of RAM, X-Fi - don't do it.

    For those people wanting to run WinXP64, or VistaX64 and have 4+ Gigs of RAM (it doesn't make sense to run X64 when you don't have more than 3 gigs of RAM) - the X-Fi drivers are broken (years now for WinXP64, and now on Vista X64 too)...