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    Need Suggestions for a Data Structure or Style to Store my Data

    First if you're doing something with loosely structured data and need to quickly search it and add to it without a great deal of drama STAY AWAY FROM SQL. SQL isn't the answer for everything. It does great with highly structured data and predictable deterministic queries but other stuff not so...
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    CS major going into final year.....

    The advice on here is good but here's something from someone who hires devs: Learn how to work with a group - I don't care how good you are, if you can't work with a team you're pretty worthless to me. My employer (an insanely large and powerful software company... I'll let you guess who)...
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    IIS 7 (win2k8 serv) and caching

    If you're doing caching in IIS7 you need to sometimes turn off caching specific pages (things like sign-up forms) or file formats (like gifs if they're dynamically generated to show something like CAPTCHAs or graphs).
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    Finding files that begin with a space - Win7

    Have you tried PowerShell? It's capable of that and more (think hand of God).
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    PC Club ENP612 Laptop Evaluation @ [H] Consumer

    Though it should be said this guy used to be a manger at PC Club in Seattle and then Bellevue and I was one of their best salesguys... I can say he's TOTALLY right.
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    PC Club EN-NE8 Enpower Nitro Extreme @ [H] Consumer is also PCClub, they just tried to hide it to seem like a new competitor for newegg and company. If you look at the item numbers they're REEEEEAAALLLY similar.