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    Ubuntu + Win10 VM

    Hi and thanks for checking this thread! The objective I've set for myself is to try and change over completely to Ubuntu. I have several reasons, but they do not add up to this being a must. I will see if I want to continue down this path or not. I have a desktop with an i5-7600K with 16GB DDR4...
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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager Console not showing

    Hi, I've built a budget system with an Asus P8H67M-Pro motherboard. The problem is, that the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Console is not accessible at boot up. Basically I don't get the Ctrl+I screen. I've updated to the latest BIOS, set SATA to RAID. Based on Asus forums tried disabling...
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    TDRs and no SLI

    Hi, I've been trying to get my two MSI Cyclone 460GTX 768 OC cards working together, but I ran out of ideas. If I use one card in either of the PCIe x16 slots they work fine, but if there's two of them the nVidia driver has seroius issues. TDRs every now and then and besides that no SLI...
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    PSU for a Sandy Bridge build

    Hi all! I would like to get your opinion on choosing a new PSU for my new system. Specs: i5 2500k, ASUS P8P67 EVO, Corsair XMS3 4x2GB, 2x MSI Cyclone 460GTX 768MB in SLI, ASUS EHD2-100, Corsair F60, 3x Seagate ST31000528AS, Pioneer SATA DVD-RW, 4x12cm fans and 1x20cm fan with LED...
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    GTX 260 - Which brand?

    Hi! I'm going to upgrade to a GTX 260 but I don't know if I should choose one of the cheaper brands. I can choose from Zotac, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, Gainward, XFX, Leadtek. These are within $25 from each other here, but I don't know which to choose. I had a Galaxy 8600GTS, but I had...
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    Watching TV on monitor

    Hi! I've got a Pinnacle PCTV Stereo and I must say it really didn't worth buying. So, I'm looking for an external/internal solution to watch TV on my monitor. I've seen external devices that could output on VGA/DVI but they were of course a bit pricy. Another type of external devices are...