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    Drivers Licenses are Going Digital in Louisiana

    Right, because the first thing I really want to do if stopped by a cop is show/hand them my phone. I think I will pass on this one.
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    Many Cellphones Offered by the Four Major US Carriers Have Built in Vulnerabilities

    The problem with that is that the carriers are often the bottleneck. They don't want to support phones long term because that means you might not buy a new one. I have an HTC 10 right now and it took Verizon months after HTC released Oreo for it to hit my device. My mother's Pixel 2 gets...
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    Many Cellphones Offered by the Four Major US Carriers Have Built in Vulnerabilities

    I realize that. No code is ever completely bug free. I am just wondering if the vulnerabilities that are mentioned here are the normal ones baked into the phone's software or if they were in the carrier-specific stuff.
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    Many Cellphones Offered by the Four Major US Carriers Have Built in Vulnerabilities

    My question that wasn't fully explained by the article is if these vulnerabilities are in the carrier-unlocked versions you get straight from the manufacturer or if they are added during the "add carrier drivers and bloatware" process. After dealing with Verizon's bullshit bloatware and locked...
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    Microsoft Surface Go Receives Repairability Score of 1 Out of 10

    For me the big item to repair/upgrade on both phones and devices like this would be the battery. If you can't replace the battery it will eventually be useless dead hardware no matter what your use case or needs are as all batteries eventually die.
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    Tech Giants Set to Face 3% Tax on Revenue under New EU Plan

    This may sound a little conspiracy theory-ish but that might just be their plan. Look at all the companies that are getting hit. Most, if not all, are based in the United States. They could put in the tax, rake in some cash, and kill the EU side of these businesses. Then some other company...
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    You Might Have a 50/50 Chance to get Your Data Back if You Pay That Ransom

    It is promoted like that but completely insufficient. A lot of cloud backups will automatically sync your data, replacing your backups with encrypted versions. You may have a better chance of getting it restored to a previous version with the cloud over a local online backup but the only safe...
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    Satan China and Russia Hijack Siri and Alexa

    As if I needed yet another reason to avoid using an always-on assistant.
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    People Still Aren’t Buying Smartwatches, and It’s Only Going to Get Worse

    People tend to buy a decent watch and then use it for 10+ years. Now they expect us to move to devices that will only make it 2-3 years before batteries and software get outdated AND at a price that is often more than double that of a decent watch? I have a Moto 360 2nd Gen and I do like it...
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    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    I saw it last night with my mother. She absolutely loved it. To me it wasn't bad at all but felt a bit forced and disjointed from the rest of them. Lots of things that didn't make sense based on how characters acted in the past and holes everywhere. Worth the watch and I will still get the...
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    Optimus Water Cooling V1 Intel CPU Water Block Review @ [H]

    With that kind of a performance boost I just might have to give one of these a try on my next rig, especially if those few pre-production issues are sorted out. I like simple, less-flashy, and unlit parts for the majority of my work and this certainly fits the bill.
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    White House Calls for Government IT to Adopt Cloud Services

    People never seem to understand that "The Cloud" really just means "someone else's server". It certainly has its uses but the last thing we should be doing with government data is putting it on a server that we cannot control and have no idea what else is being done on it. The government has...
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    XSPC Razor Neo GTX 1080 Ti Waterblock Review @ [H]

    Very well. Given that the channels looked to flow in a particular direction, I just wanted to be sure that it wouldn't add more strain to the pump. Hitting the die or the VRM first should have little effect given how fast the coolant flows.
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    XSPC Razor Neo GTX 1080 Ti Waterblock Review @ [H]

    In the video you said this card allows for flow in either direction. What I would like to see is if there is any difference in temps or flow restriction putting the flow in "reverse". I am waiting on the black chrome to be available and, if the ports are in the same general spot as my...
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    Phanteks Glacier G1080 Video Card Water Block Review @ [H]

    More expensive and less effective than the XSPC, with build quality issues as well? Unless the port orientation is that big of an issue, better off waiting for the Razor to be available (waiting for the black chrome to be up for sale myself).
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    The World May Be Headed For a Fragmented "Splinternet"

    The real question about where this is headed: What happens when two countries have conflicting laws? It may be impossible to follow all the laws from every country simultaneously.
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    72% of Windows 10 Users use Cortana Less than Once a Month

    Things I use voice assistants for: Hands-free dialing Setting a GPS destination/directions I do neither of these from my PC so why would I want something always listening at my computers? That adds the second issue: privacy. Why would I let even more companies spy on everything I say and do...
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    Microsoft Kills The Ability To Uninstall Stock Apps From Windows 10

    Exactly this. I am deploying new laptops and on every single one I have to remove all that nonsense and pray that it doesn't come back on any given patch. Combine that with having them remove the ability to handle things via GPO outside of the versions that they charge monthly for and I am a...
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    Piracy ‘Warnings’ Fail to Boost Box Office Revenues

    They talk about piracy killing the box office. Do you know what is depriving the theaters of my money? The fact that my home theater gives me a much better experience. Prices have dropped to the point where a largeish screen and decent surround sound is within the price range of many...
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    How 2K Killed Irrational Games

    It is simple, control. Little people decided they wanted to have control over every little thing and it killed everything the studio had going for it. Combine that with one or two lower selling titles and a short sighted "must make millions every single time" mentality, and you can see why it...
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    Computer Duster + Water = EXPLOSION!

    Yeah, I kept thinking that he was going to take some shrapnel from those containers. You know something is going to explode, so you put it in a glass container and have no shielding between it and you. This will eventually not end well.
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    You Can't Turn Off Cortana In The Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    These changes along with the ones you posted are pretty much the death knell for my Win10 deployment at a few of the sites I manage. Several are small medical facilities that cannot have any telemetry running without risking a HIPPA violation. Large enough to need a domain, not nearly big...